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half-ass crank

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine' started by blah102, May 22, 2004.

  1. blah102

    blah102 Newbie

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    May 19, 2004
    If any of you have done this.....does it work like real meth at all? If so how much did you take?
  2. Alfa

    Alfa Productive Insomniac Staff Member Administrator

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    Jan 14, 2003
    117 y/o from The Netherlands
    Here is the text:


    Having read over the posting “How To Make Meth The Nazi Way,” a few specific comments come to mind that I think might benefit any would-be chemical chefs, as well as a few more general comments that apply to “How To Make Meth The Nazi Way,” and other postings of a similar nature. Usually, these postings include no explanation- not even a vague one- of exactly how this mess is supposed to react and yield an amphetamine analog, PCP, Big John’s Barbecue Sauce, or what have you. So you say, “Hey, we’re not chemistry professors, and who wants to read pages of equations only an Einstein could figure out?” I say “Baloney.” Most of these “recipes” could be described in a couple of short formulae- and with a paragraph or two of explanation, they’re nothing the average guy- who took high school chemistry, maybe- couldn’t comprehend with a little effort (provided there’s anything to comprehend- that is, meaning the recipe’s not a crock, or perhaps it’d be more accurate to say, “a beaker” of bull.)

    I’m not a chemist- I have a science education, with some background in chemistry. Yet I’ve read numerous postings of this kind in the past, and even when the relevant formulae are included, amazingly often I’ve said to myself, “Gee, this doesn’t seem to make sense,” or “Even if these reagents could react in such a way, the conditions described are so sloppy that it would seem the blindest of luck if this worked,” or “I don’t understand how adding this alcohol could speed evaporation.” And all too often, somebody with more depth of chemistry background than I have would thereafter post a verification of what I suspected, or they’d otherwise say, “This won’t work.” I’m sure many of the rest of such recipes posted are flawed, as well. The shear proportion of misinformation on the Internet, along the lines of such “recipes,” amazed me- I wondered whether law enforcement does some of this to sabotage the stew of information for would-be chemical chefs (not a bad tactic.) Or on the facetious side, whether there are gullible people out there who blend together these potions (along with an “Eye of Newt” for cosmic effect, maybe) and imagine that they “get high.”

    The posting “How To Make Meth The Nazi Way” meets the criteria I mentioned of a recipe that’s awfully suspect, at best. No formulae describing how this is supposed to work. No readily apparent mode of synthesis that seems at all likely. Things thrown together so sloppily it borders on comical. A technique so simple and fast anyone could do it; no skill whatsoever- not even in accurate measuring, or solvent washing- required (I think the cliche “If it seems too good to be true..” probably applies here) If you really want to try this (or any other such recipes... frankly, I wouldn’t bother) common sense dictates that you first try it with maybe 50 ephedrine pills (rather than a truckload of 5000, as is suggested) and other ingredients likewise downscaled by a factor of 100. I really doubt that you’ll end up with anything other than a glob of gunk. If you manage to dry this stuff out and snort some, you might experience a mild stimulant effect from the ephedrine that remains after whatever decomposition takes place, along with possibly small amounts of a few assorted ephedrine analogs that result. Whatever this concoction produces, I doubt it will be meth. As with most such questionable recipes, it’s unlikely that you’d poison yourself by snorting a little of whatever results, although a nosebleed and a nasty case of sinusitis is a more probable outcome than an “altered state of consciousness.” Evil and reprehensible as the Nazis were, they weren’t incompetent or otherwise inept.

    I’m probably equally greedy as the next person, and far from being a candidate for sainthood, yet I wouldn’t engage in activities like this myself, as I consider the potential legal consequences far too great relative to the risk (I’ve heard this from a few who’ve been through it.) One probably doesn’t have much to worry about with the “How To Make Meth The Nazi Way” recipe, though, since I doubt it’s illegal to manufacture (sell?) worthless gunk, although the judge might see it otherwise (e .g. “Incompetence is no excuse. Anyway, unless you can afford to hire an ambulance-chaser to explain to a leery court that the cryptic and suspicious-sounding assay results from the State Crime Lab aren’t describing some bizarre and deadly new designer drug, or you can buffalo the judge into thinking you’re a great guy/model citizen who was slightly misguided, you’ll probably be on your way up the river via some obscure nuance of the law.

    But, do as you must... keep a roll of toilet paper handy for your nosebleed, and put a few ephedrine aside to help with your sinusitis.

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  3. Tumlock

    Tumlock Newbie

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    Jan 4, 2009
    42 y/o
    Egyptian Meth

    (I had a friend that talked to much and told him about how he could make Dextropolamine in about an hour, Swim dreamed it and found out it was a true recipe)

    Get a Bag of Fresh Step Kitty Litter (pick out all little blue pellets) = Sodium Silicate get a 2 gallon tub (like a foot bath tub) put in 3 cups of Epson Salt (magnesium Sulfate) and about a bag of ice, let this set and be getting cold, now use 1 Full bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and pour it into a empty 2 litter bottle with 25 drops from a 2 oz. bottle of Iodine Tincture into the 2 litter then apply a 3' long rubber tube all the way in to about 1/2" from bottom of 2 litter and tape around top of 2 litter and tube going in now crimp the tube and place about a 1/2 cup or so of them little blue pellets from kitty litter inside the middle of the tube on the other end of tube put a balloon, release the crimp and let the pellets fall down into the 2 litter the reaction will be a dark green color with the gas (NAoH5) filling the balloon,
    now crimp the tube again once balloon is filled up and pull from 2 litter and place down into the 2 gallon container with the Epsom salt and ice and slowly uncrimp releasing the gas, then just pour threw a coffee filter, and whats in the coffee filter is pure Dextropolamine or "aka" "Egyptian Meth" about 3 grams of it "rock out loud" (Swim ponders to himself and throws his head back and cackles with insane glee.)

    Tumlock added 286 Minutes and 29 Seconds later...

    (Yes I noticed that wacked video and figured out the deal on Egyptian meth on the last part of the process I dreamed of skimming off the gallon of water and whats left of your ice into another container after its been gassed, then poor whats left of the Epsom salt in the coffee pot holder, then fill up the coffee maker with the water that you just removed, takes about 5 brews the hot water thats been gassed disolves about all the epson except for about 3 grams and its brown)

    As a dreamer and a fan of star gate SG1, I believe nothen I hear and only HALF of what I see.

    Tumlock added 1198 Minutes and 43 Seconds later...

    Ok after dreaming several attempts I just end up with freebase form of Magnesium sulfate that,, giving up.. blah
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  4. shroomeryguy

    shroomeryguy Silver Member

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    Dec 12, 2008
    from Germany
    that is a stupid video called how to make meth it was a joke that doesn't make shit.
  5. ants669

    ants669 Newbie

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    Jan 17, 2012
    from Australia
    so there is no such thing a egyptian meth?
  6. abuseforapie

    abuseforapie Palladium Member

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    Jun 13, 2010
    from Canada
    Wow, strong 3 year bump.

    The music video referring to Egyptian Meth is on metacafe /watch/3253811/how_to_make_meth/

    The music video is nothing more than satire. There is NO such thing as Egyptian Meth, there is only methamphetamine, which is nothing more than a methyl group attached to the amphetamine molecule. The lyrics of the song just give the whole thing away "I hope you are easily amused, easily confused". Just some band making a controversial vid trying to get in the spotlight. They had their fifteen minutes bro.

    I know, I wish it was as easy as the video makes it too; wouldn't we all? Sympathies to whoever went out of their to way to try and make such a product - maybe they ended up blowing themselves up? Lord only knows.......
  7. necromonster

    necromonster Newbie

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    Dec 6, 2008
    from Indiana, U.S.A.
    this is comical to a guy who has cosumed a fukton of homee brew hootch aka "egyptian grape meth" LOL ROTFL\\

    ya im drunk... but still funny
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2013