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    Jan 13, 2006
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    In my dream last night, my brother bought a bag of of plant hash(?), and said we were going to smoke it, then he showed it to me and it looked alot like weed, but it didn't look exactly like it.What are the effects of Hash compared to Weed?
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    Jun 2, 2005
    High quality hash depending on how it's smoked can be much stronger than marijuana, other than that the effects are mabey a little different but not alot. Hash does not look like weed though, it could be crystal or keif. Hash can vary from a yellowish-brown sticky substance to a dark brown crumbly substance.
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    May 3, 2005
    Hotboxed asks: "What are the effects of Hash compared to Weed?"

    The quick-and-easy answer is: Maybe the effects are exactly the same.

    Hash and Pot-flowertops both have the exact SAME Active ingredients: A couple of THCs (including Delta-9), and a few Cannabinoids.

    Hash, though, has "filler" in it. Other Threads have discussed just what some of those in-active ingredients are.

    Hash Oil, on the other hand, is basically PURE Active ingredients.

    Even though all of these forms of Pot have the same THC, for some reason, they have slightly differing effects. But, each person has his own metabolism, and so, each person has his own personal High.

    This goes the same for 10 people smoking the exact same Strain of Pot. One person will say that it's the best he's ever had, some will say it was pretty good, and one guy (invariably) will say he didn't really get-off on it.

    I have known one girl who could smoke a BUNCH of Hash, but never really get off on it. Yet, just let her smoke some good mid-range, and she gets blitzed.

    So, buy some Hash, and test it yourself. Then you will know the correct answer (for you, anyway).
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    you sure it wasn't Hash Plant weed? 'hash plant' a strain of good quality very resinous weed. else, hash doesn't look like a plant at all, it's a ball/brick/peice/chunk of something.