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    Jan 14, 2003
    117 y/o from The Netherlands
    Please post your Hawaiian baby woodrose experiences here. Please add dose, onset, peak and duration if possible.
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    Jun 30, 2005
    Experiences have been had at 2 seperate times with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. The first was 6 seeds. The seeds were first pulverized as finely as possible and then put into a small glass of water, stirred up, and let sit. After a bit (20-30 minutes?) the concoction was imbibed. The same dosage chart as posted above was used as reference, and I too would also have to say it is conservative. The second time was with 8 seeds, prepared in the same fashion. Generally the peak is somewhere in the middle of the experience, perhaps between the 3-4 hours mark. Extreme mental clarity and calmness is experienced. It is very difficult and/or you don't want to go to sleep for quite some time afterwards, as the mind is acute. There is a sense of body euphoria, and tactile senation feels incredible. Riding a bicycle, preferably in as little clothing as possible, is great, the wind feels soooooo good. There is a certain subtle visual aspect as well. I've never heard personal accounts of friends actually hallucinating (then again we aren't talking about very high doses), however there is something that does seem like a subtle alteration. The mind around and during the peak of the experience, depending on dosage, can be similar to the mind and thought patterns on lower doses ofmushrooms. Of course every person will have different experiences, but I think I'd reccomend a larger dose than just 8 seeds. I think that 10-12 is worth a try. If you have never tried them and feel hesitant to trip, just go for 8 or so.
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    Jun 30, 2005
    I left a few things out. :)

    When the experiences were had a journal was casually kept. Here are some excerpts:

    "Strong naseau just hit, it's 3:42pm and time for some pot. Wow! the pot completely handles the naseau!." Note that this was approx. 20 minutes after dosing.

    "I changed the music to Paul Oakenfold: Perfecto Chills. I feel fanfuckingtastic!!! haha this song is hilarious, perfect. Tremendous! Just Beautiful!"

    "This feel like really good pot mixed with just a little something extra to push it a bit farther." This was with 45 minutes after dosing.

    "6:34pm I feel goofily completely euphoric. It's hard to move and coordinate my motor skills ha! Feeling good, but weird. No astounding hallucinations or anything, just general feeling of peculiarity, mental clarity, and alertness, with a sense of body euphoria, but difficulty moving. I feel very happy. Equilibrium off. Felt fantastic riding bike. Wind on skin and in hair amazing. Pupils dilated. Increased auditory sensitivity." at 6:34 this must have been 3 hours after dosing.

    Take note that the next thingwritten greatly indicates what was happening in the head. Also take note that 3 hours is about the time it takes to peak.

    "If we couldn't bind time we wouldn't exist!

    does that mean that binding time is a property of consciousness?

    Can consciousness have properties?.....

    .....Food tastes great. A++ for taste."
    " Form A2469
    Symptoms of Existence

    1. Do you* bind time?? Y N

    *??????????????????????????????????? "
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    Jun 8, 2005

    SWIM and husband:

    Dose her: 9 seeds, Dose Him: 12 or 13 seeds

    Onset: 3-4 hours after ingestion

    Peak: 6-8 hours after ingestion

    Duration: 12-16 hours including comedown

    Overall: SWIM and husband found the seeds that were purchased at their local friendly ethnobotanical store rather ineffective. After hearing of others' experiences, they were fairly disappointed, as the effects were mild, especially compared to a first experience with Morning Glory seeds (200/300 respectively), from their local Agent Orange home improvement store. Nausea for her but not for him for 2-6 hours, peak with little to no discomfort, some melting and shifting visuals, intensified sense of touch and heightened interest and less inhibition with sex, no major thought patterns,comedown gentle, no cracked out feeling.
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    Jul 3, 2005
    well I have tried Hawaiian Baby Woodrose around 6 times my journal where SWIM also records his lifeis back in arizona so I will justhave toremember.

    It was daytime around 1:00 PM I would say. he plainly ate the seeds, 8 of them. He chewed them up and passed them down with water. Being his first time trying he didn't get a gag relflex or anything. He went into his room and started watching Backto The Future 2 and just laid there. No nausea or anything occured. He began to doubt the power of the seeds and went outside with his mom. He laid on the hood of his parents car and stared at the roof. He recalls around 2 hours passing before anything happened. He got down unsatisfied and sue that these seeds were fake. He was 16 years old at the time. Little did know what was to come. He back to his room to watch more TV when all of a sudden he started feeling sort of like when would take LSD. He felt very light and things became colorful. He giggled for no reason then as if he had forgotten about the seeds realized he was under the influence of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. Immediately he went to phone and called three friends. As they reached the house he exploded out the door, as he had been waiting for them, and started rambling about the effects and how they had to try them and that it was the best experience he had ever felt or course in that moment he still under the effects. His friends seemed excited but not the way he wanted them to be so he felt anxious trying to explain as if they could understand without being with him in the voyage. He asked his friend Erick to take him to the desert because in those days they would gather up to go trip in the desert together. His friend agreed and they were off. The experience was a one in a life time thing. Never had he felt this way before. It was such an emotional and spiritual time in his life that he'll never forget it. He talked and talked and his friends just listened with complete attention as he gave his theories on life, space, god, time, society, evil, love and just about everything that passes your mind on a daily basis without ever paying attention. I got dark and they dropped him off. Well it didn't end there he went to parents room to go sleep next to them and at that moment he felt a bond with his mom and dad that he had never felt before he looked at his mother as she passed in front of him and was able to look deep within her. He finally understood the little things in life that he nover paid attention to like the fact that he never had bought his mother roses or how often didhe tell her how much he really loved the both of them. He watched the TV next to them and felt the struggle that is parents went through on a daily basis trying to make each day a good one for him and his brothers. He saw his parents age and realized how little of time they actually would be there for him. He made the decision that night to pay more attention to them and really see what they feel and give them the best a son could offer. He had a lump in his throat but couldn't cry because there would be no way of explaining why he felt this way. Each time he saw his mom or dad pass by followed by a tracer of their complete body he had to hold back from bursting into tears. The night went on and he fell asleep watching TV next to them. The last thing he remembers is how TV seemed so fake like a way of controlling people to make them forget about what really matters in life. That material belongings don't matter. Why build upso much just to die and not be able to do anything with it. He realized that true happiness was right next to him. He then knew that life as he had lived it before would be changed forever and so it did.

    8 seeds 12 hours and a infinite time of thoughts and realizations that will haunt his life for eternity. there is no time or space its an illusion put here by us. We occupy our minds with valueless things when in reality the only thing that matters is love and the memories it leaves behind because when why die all that is left is thoughts and relfections of how we lived our life, and the happiness we did or didn't make.

    I have a seven year old Hawaiian Baby Woodrose in his back yard that he planted when he was 15 years old. He promised his friends one day he'd make a shade with it on a trellisis. 7 years have passed and a shade is a little bit to shaby to call it that. This plant has grown so much that it invaded the neighbors who also made a shade and even has crawled on the roof. Every now and then someone will stop to admre the plant and its beauty. Even nock on the door to ask where it comes from and how to get it. Problem is that its imported not a Wal-Mart plant so people just say "ohhh OK" and don't bother to get one. Its the only Hawaiian Baby Woodrose in the city that is my hometown. I'll send pictures in soon so you can admire it also.Edited by: gandhi
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    Apr 18, 2005
    I ate 8 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds on Sunday, and although he cannot compare it to LSD for lack of experience, he did have quite a time. After a very interesting afternoon in the bottom bunk bed in a dark room listening to Shpongle, he smoked a bowl of dank at about T + 7 which almost put him through. He thought he was coming down, but after smoking the bud, which normally puts him "in touch with social interactions", he was able to visualize how each person was affecting the other's egos with
    their words and behavior. It was quite an experience of its own.
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    Nov 4, 2005
    I haveused Hawaiian Baby WoodroseS about 4 times. Each of them with between 8-12 seeds. The first two times the trips were INCREDIBLY HAPPY. Captain smilesalot. Very good time, very very similar to LSD in terms of onset, peak and duration. Expected disgusto taste (but muuuuch better than morning glory seeds.) Two of the best trips ever.

    Strangely, the latter two times they were used, they would qualify as bad trips. The mental carnival was going on, but none of the "I'm enjoying this!" was happening. Two of the worst trips ever.

    Not sure what the difference was.
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    Oct 12, 2005
    This is a trip report from last night, i reccomend you take this on your own as solitude seems to allow your mind to wonder more.

    Dosage:15-20 seeds

    Onset: took a good 2-3 hrs to full kick in

    Well swim's hbws arrived in the morning, I had heard very mixed reviews on these & in fact was planning to do them that evening. But after afew mid-afternoon drinks in the student union & boredom in his flat swim's mind soon changed. he just started off about 6ish by washing them & chewing them till they split & washing them down with water, this qiuckly changed to peach schnapps.

    I had about 4-5 like this then read on the net somebody placing them in hot water, so he tipped the whole bag in some water about 35 seeds in total....but after realising this was way to much he siv'ed about half to save for another day,at about 7 after half hour of stewingidecided to startpickin out the seeds with a spoon after a while in the water(which had turned an almost yellow'y colour). I was pretty much using the same chew & swallow method as before but rinsing down with the now warm yellowy water, I had noticable nausea & his stomach didnt feel pleasant. So he placed his laptop on his bed & piss'd around on the net for a while, by about 8-8.30 I had noticed minor visuals, mainly blurring of colours etc. One of swim's flat mates came in to his room & said swim looked out of it, he didnt really feel much except for a slowly creeping euphoria, but literally as soon as the flat mate left I noticed the corner of a poster moving, just like by the wind but more snake-like then I started getting electric shock type sensations shooting up his body avery few minutes, swim stared at the poster for bout 20 minutes starting to really enjoy the shocks.

    Swim forgot to mention the abdominal pain he kept gettin in his right side, this was qiute uncomfortable but bearableand by 9.30 this had gone. The nausea was still their, but not overpowering. i have tostress how important comfort& relaxation are important on this trip. I decided to turn off the light & my god he was buzzin, he was havin mild hallucinations, streetlight from my window creating patterns & a small green dot that floated around my room & felt as if he were interacting with it. By about ten I was gone, after a trip to the toilet he noticed my pupils were like saucers & when he stared at the mirror his face seemed to warp & deform!! I was lovin it depsite the mild (but controllable) nausea. after another half hour of staring at the cieling I got a text off a mate sayin he would pop round bout 11-11.30. so swo, went into a flat mates room & started chatting to him for a while, & he had a map of america that kept morphing with coulours darkening & changing immensely, infact swim offer'd him £30 for it, which he honourably declined due to my mental state. Swim's mate arrived with sum shots which swim drank but found qiute difficult to kneck down as the nausea had given him an almost a gag reflex he had to ignore when drinking these. he was fuk'd chattin to his m8 till bout 1 when he decided to take some ecstasy this didnt stop the hawaiin baby woodrose but bought swim more down to earth, the euphoria was immense. The ecstasy seem'd to take control then but I was HIGHLY impressed by these little seeds, I could liken his trip to a mild visual shroom trip but qiute intense on the old mind.

    to conclude these do cause discomfort but then i had one of the best trip of my life on these bad boys & could deffo reccomend it to anyone who wants good trip. & get them from a good ethobotanicals shop as these will be washed & pretty much made eating.Edited by: wovotom
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    Aug 3, 2005
    Yeah HBRW can be quite rewarding if done correctly. Not to be a
    stickler, but you're going to have to edit out that website in your
    post. Sources aren't allowed. [​IMG]
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    Apr 18, 2005
    man, 35 seeds... wow that would have been a little intense ;)
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    Sep 30, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    I did not like Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. doses ranging from 6-12 seeds, with coats
    sanded off and ground to a powder provided relatively sedating effect
    with big dilated pupils, some mild nausea, and incredible pain in the
    thighs, probably associated with vasoconstriction. No visuals or
    interesting mental effects, though quite altered. The leg pain lasted the
    whole experience and pretty much ruined it and happened all three times
    - worse with increasing dose. Lask experience, I had trouble walking.

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    May 24, 2006
    32 y/o
    Safe and Sound Trip

    I first did HBR seeds about 3 months ago, and they, akin to most other drugs offer a very one-of-a-kind trip.
    I had never tried LSA before but found the trip to be very pleasent with no loss of the feeling of control.
    I must also take into account the fact i had been drinking and toking but since i mix drink and weed with any drug i think i was able to tell which affects belonged to the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds and which to the drink and weed.
    After about an hour or so of boredom waiting for them to kick in, i began to chat some philosophy with my friends, this being a usuall group activity since i study philosophy at university.
    Over the period of about half an hour i began to feel an intense 'profoundness' with the existential topics we were raising, not only was i able to articulate my exact feelings and opinions on the matter to a much higher degree than normal, but was overwhelmed with a feeling of comfort in what i was saying. This is consistent which many other peoples experience of HBR most people report some higher brain functioning.
    Although i had no nausea and no visuals - which i was expecting, having read up on them, i think this was probably because i have a high natural tolerance to trips anyway.
    That night was, and still is to this day, the most profound and meaningfull philosophical discussion i have ever had, and i think the HBR seeds were solely responcible.
    I would recommend them to anyone who is just starting out with trips, they are pretty weak compared to many other trips and perhaps the weakest i have had, but this does not stop them from being totally enjoyable and instill the user with a feeling of at-one-ness with the surrounding environment.
    Furthermore there was absolutley NO come-down what-so-ever :)
    So in conclusion - an awsome drug which comes with my full recommendation not only for people that are just starting tripping, but also for the more hardend drug users out there who dont wanna go off the rails.
    Finally many people enjoy tripping but what makes them have a bad trip is the feeling that they are not in control of thier actions and perceptions, but with HBR seeds i was in total control for the whole trip, so if your of that disposition i further recomend these lil seeds of joy.

    thanks for reading and have a nice trip :)

    Loz x
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    Oct 23, 2005
    from earth
    I took 3 Ourple Ohms containing Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and felt no effects until around the 2 hours mark, after this he noticed colours a little more vivid but not much change in vision and felt a very high body load including muscles tense and release, especially in feet and arms. Restless, not able to sleep easily, dissapointed that there was no OEVs or CEVs. Next morning felt kinda dirty.

    At a last time I took a PEP twisted with a Silver Bullet and after about 4 hours took 1 Purple Ohm, this provided nothing but the body load that he had previously with the first trip, but maybe to a lesser extent.

    Doubt I would use again unless free. It seems it is a love it or hate it type of drug.
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    Jun 13, 2006
    from U.S.A.
    SWIM and SWIF (SWIM's Friend) recivied 50 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Hawaiian type seed in the mail today from a online supplier.

    Lab Rats: I am a 19 year old male about 230 pounds. SWIF was a 22 year old male about 185 pounds.

    Dose: 10 seeds each (the darker ones).

    Method of Consumption: Hole seeds in mouth then chew and swallow.

    Taste: Bad but nothing to terrible.

    Other substances: Cannabis.

    Experience: (NOTE: This was my and SWIFs first time consuming HBW. The time is a very close estimate.)

    7:00pm - Seeds where consumed.
    7:10pm - Ate some pita bread.
    7:20pm - Smoked some Cannabis and ate some fruit, SMIF didn't eat.
    7:40pm - Time seems to be flying and we dont even know where its going. Its hard to type have to do it half a sentence at a time. Effects seems to be kicking in like somewhat of a beer buzz. Hard to cordinate movements and feeling a bit lazy.
    8:20pm - Feel the effect really has kicked in, euphoria, dizzyness (kinda like being EXTREMLY drunk), and nausea, some mild CEV mostly like I would see what I imagined. Time seemed almost to have stopped, seconds where like minutes.
    9:00pm - SWIM through up but SWIF didn't. I felt great after throughing up. Intense euphoria and seeing things (not visually but mentally) clear. Music was great (Radiohead, Oasis, Teamsleep, etc...) and so was life it self. Eating a mint was wonderfull.
    10:00pm - Ate some chiken soup thinking it would calm SWIM stomach, SMIF tried it.
    10:20pm - The intense euphoria was gone and so was the mental clearity I was back at the dizzyness and nausea.
    10:45pm - SWIF through up.
    11:00pm - SWIM Through up again.
    11:10pm - Very relaxed state. I felt asleep but did not fall a sleep. I would come in and out of this state of dreaming awake, and so would SWIF.
    12:00pm - SWIM fell asleep. Nice rest actually.


    Do not eat while on HBW, not even liquids unless its in small amounts, atleast not for the first 5 hours or so.

    Smoking a little of Cannabis really helps the Euphoria.

    Being with a love partener would be great in SWIM's opinion since he just wanted to see his partner and be touched.

    Also trying one of the methods where the bad chemicals are removed is what SWIM and SWIF will try next time. His stomach was in REAL discomfort.
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    Oct 26, 2006
    About 2 years ago I tried Hawaiian Baby Woodrose for the first time, and has used them about a dozen times since. With the exception of a few extractions most of my trips are about as follows, more or less;

    20-25 seeds chewed and swallowed.
    Mild nausea for the first few hours giving way to mild euphoria and slight perceptual changes, usually tracers and sometime very mild patterning. (But not often)
    Effects become quite noticable at the 2 to 3 hour, peaking at about the 2.5 hour mark, intense euphoria and perceptual changes similar to a low-moderate dose shroom trip.
    A slight drunk feeling is ofter persistent, similar to the effects of 3 or 4 beers, but also a bit like a diphenhydramine trip without the dry mouth or delirium.
    The peak usually plateaus for a good 2 or 3 hours, and at around 7 or 8 hours after initial ingestion sleep becomes possible.
    Usually no hangover or afterglow is present the following day.
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    Oct 10, 2006
    Woodrose Experience
    Date: Sat 28th October 2006
    Method used: Ingestion by chewing of seeds.
    Amount: 5 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds.
    Trip Peak: Approx 1 and a half hours after taking.
    Best Music listened to: Fischerspoon and other similar groups.
    After comments: The vomiting/nausea wasn’t nice, particularly because I was gagging due to no food that day, however it soon disappears and at first SWIM fought the puking, but once letting it go I felt relieved. The beginning of the trip was a bit worrying at first, because my heart beat was increasing, I felt the nausea and felt a little irritable, but this soon disappeared and by the time 30 minutes were over, I felt awesome and then for the rest of the time I had agrin on his face :) I would really recommend this, and SWIM may try up to 8 seeds if he is to do this again.

    14:50 Approx. SWIM scraped off the fungus and flamed the seeds and ingested 5 seeds at the same time, chewing until the seeds broke up in his mouth and constanly swallowing the saliva. Then swallowed the seeds when he couldn’t chew anymore. SWIM lit up a cigarette and sat by the window, and felt his heart beat rising slightly and a slightly different feeling, which eventually became nausea.

    15:12 Just puked a few times out of SWIMF's window, havent eaten anything all day so it was only liquid, the gagging was horrible but the nausea I was feeling now feels a lot better, he's going to lie down under a blanket and listen to some tunes.

    18:00 All I can say is brilliant, fucking awesome experience thus far. Hard to describe the past few hours. After puking things felt much better, went to lie down with a blanket and SWIMF put some music on.
    He then went to McDonald’s to pick up some food (around 15:30 and got back around 15:50 or something) and SWIM stayed at his place in the same position just listening to tunes and lying down.
    The trip then began to hit slightly, music became much nicer to listen to, taking in every word and beat. Closing his eyes allowed SWIM to think of things more clearly and several different thoughts ran through my head. SWIM cant really remember exactly what he was thinking, only a few things.

    SWIMF then arrived with McDonalds around 15:50 and so I got up and felt very dizzy but managed to eat, by the time he'd finished eating he felt much better, the stomach acid feeling had disappeared.
    SWIM then lay down again for the following hours. This was the main part of the trip, he experienced thoughts and closed eye visuals in the form patterns and colours merging together, like a equalizer on winamp and windows media player etc, only in his head. This was whilst listening music that SWIM considers to be the best type to listen to – a form of club/trance type music and I felt incredibly good, constantly smiling and kept getting impulses of happiness.

    SWIM kept getting muscle twitches, and these constant buzzes and rushes of this happiness, he also thinks it was also adrenaline. Whilst listening to the music, the equalizer in his head changed exactly to the beats, some of the songs had an up and down feeling and he felt like he was flowing with the music, and SWIM remember s thinking to himself “these guys made this music for drugs!!” Also during this main part, SWIM kept dancing with his feet to the music, and after a long time of lying down he had a real feeling that he wanted to go clubbing (most likely the music we were listening to), but I wouldn’t have been able to go and it was daytime anyway. His Body felt lighter most of the time, or generally just different in a nice way.

    19:00 Onwards – The main part was over, SWIM just had a nice feeling of happiness and a kind of “high” feeling from there on, this must have lasted for several hours without SWIM really thinking about it, and he slowly became back to a “normal” state (feeling wise), so the trip clearly had a slow rising stage, then a peak for about an hour or so, then a lowering stage, all where he felt different and generally more alert to the music and very happy.

    I will definately try this again, with 8-10 seeds this time.
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    Oct 27, 2006
    I had there first experience with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds last week.Swim purchased the seeds from there local head shop(received 8 seeds and two capsule pills with grey powder substance).Swim put seeds into cup of cold water covered and put in fridge as I was instructed by leaflet he received from head shop.Swim planned to take mixture next day but for time being swim and friend decided to partake in a smoke of some fine pollen and a few beverages.At around 23:00 I decided swim and friend should gum the powder they got from pills,I was very unsure to what powder was as it looked nothing like crushed Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds but felt safe enough that they couldnt be very harmful.30-40 mins later swim and friend definitely were beginning to feel something,slight nausea with definite euphoric feelings.Swim and friend proceeded to have very deep conversations about human nature,what makes people do the things they do,what makes there friends tick and all sorts of other things.I found it to be an extremely lucid and intelectual high and they stayed up till 7:00 talkin and then proceeded to have a very pleaseant sleep.Friend found experience similar to X while swim found it almost like LSD but with the ability to hold an intelligent conversation intact.All in all a very pleasant and positive experience.Next day I took mixture from fridge and poured through coffee filter and drank.I did not notice any effects though friends commented he was acting very strange walking in circles and muttering to himself,all in all a let down compared to previous night.My conclusion is that CWE dont do shit but definitely would try again using another method such as sucking on seeds for 30-40 mins until effects kick in and then swallowing,probably not best method if you wish to avoid nausea but will get most benefit from seeds.
  18. Abrad

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    Dec 10, 2005
    You shouldn't discount the extraction method. I would think tolerance from the previous night is a much more likely reason for the lack of effects from the extraction. Wait a week or so and try again.
  19. Misha

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    Nov 28, 2006
    Dose:40 seeds(little too much,but no overdose)
    10pm:took 20 seeds whit cold water
    10:30pm:Swim feel some desoritation,and body temperature raise up a little
    11pm:I took another 20 seeds,felt some pain i stomach but suppotably
    12:really nice sensation in body,with strange fillings.
    01:Swim go to festival ground.had some problems with movement
    after that I had a rush od wonderful visuals.
    about 3 hour later it began to clear away whit effects.
    after effects:4 hour
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    Jan 23, 2007
    38 y/o from Canada
    Strange, I seem to have gotten lucky with my seeds, my pet taste testing monkey says they tasted a little like crunchy nuts of the foodstuffs variety, not icky at all, tastey in fact. The monkey also informs me that he can eat two of them and feel it quite noticably, and, having eaten 8(4+2+2) on saturday, had a WONDERFULL time, not having been that high since the syrian rue+shrooms+lsd experiment(that was a fun one too...) the high lasted nowhere near as long as a s.rue potentiated journey, but had the intensity of one. The aforementioned monkey spent the night writhing on the floor in ecstacy as pure white light flowed thru its body, occasionaly muttering words of praise to the god who made the seeds, he spent all night going thru each muscle group that was tight, analizing the source of the reaction, and letting it go, he managed to permanently(so far) remove knotts in his back that had been there since he was a young'in. In his experiance, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose could only be compared to lsd, and was extremly similar, if a little less visual. But thanks to some wonderfull canadians who apparently sell amazing seeds, 8 was a bit much, would try 6 next time... Also gonna grab a whack of these in case the supplier gets a new strain next time.
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