Drug info - Hbwr review - reducing nausea, combinations and (side-)effects

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    Hi everybody,

    I've been experimenting with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds in the past few months quite a few times, and I'd like to present my opinion to anyone using / interested in that substance.

    Side Effects
    I believe you would agree that nausea is one of the main side effects, along with vasoconstriction. Everyone and their mother knows that marijuana will help with both. There's also talk about taking something like Diphenhydramine or Dimenhydrinate, but beware, as both are raising blood pressure.
    What I have to add is that eating a tiny bit alongside the seeds actually helps combating the nausea. Many propose ingesting HBWR on an entirely empty stomach, but personally, I've found that as little as a slice of bread will make you feel better. Also, stay hydrated! Just make sure you don't eat or drink too much during the come-up, or you may vomit.

    Positive side effects would be pain reduction, especially for headaches and legs / feet.

    Main Effects
    Here's a problem, as HBWR seems to affect certain people very differently. Some eat a few seeds and notice no to barely any effects, while others say it's basically like LSD except much less visuals. For instance, even mere 4 seeds can cause some very light visuals for me. Either way, LSA for me simply is a real psychedelic and on par with LSD, given the right dosage. The only real downside is the negative side effects, which limit your HBWR intake that is enjoyable / safe.

    For those that believe the psychedelic effects are inferior, I think you could mix it with another substance that potentiates the seeds. While I'm usually content with the seeds alone, combinations truly uncover their power. A safe, obvious choice is THC. Less safe would be MDMA or Ketamine due to blood pressure / vasoconstriction. But even at lower doses of both, HBWR seemed to be potentiated greatly, which means you need less of either substance. I do not encourage combining those drugs. I just want people to know what to expect in case they decide to do so...

    Stay safe!
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