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  1. JimtheCactus

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    Oct 21, 2004
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    I recently saw a person (on the news) using a heatgun on their bong
    to heat the weed. I was wondering what this was for exactly...if it
    would produce somthing like a vaporizer or just would be a waste.
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  2. grecian

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    Nov 28, 2004
    from aruba
    i believe the advantage of heatguns is that u can select a specific temperature for the heat. therefore in a bong you could burn the weed at the ideal temperature to get the maximum effect from your smoke. i doubt the effect would be much like a vapouriser and as long as the temperature setting was carefully selected i cant see it being a waste.

    this is just my theory please correct me if im wrong
  3. Nahbus

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    Mar 13, 2005
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    You can use heat guns as vaporizers. There are many demos online, as a
    lot of heatguns are already set at a good temperature for vaporizing.

    Hell, even if he's using it to burn the weed it's better, less THC is destroyed by the intense heat of open flame.
  4. Solidly-here

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    May 3, 2005
    The HeatGun as the heat source MAKES it a vaporizer.

    If you want to smoke marijuana, there are 2 basic ways: (1) Light it on fire, and (2) Do not light it on fire.

    If you do not ignite the bud, it is vaporizing.

    Isaw a person vaporizing on a HeatGun Bong (at a Cannabis Buyers Club in San Francisco); I tried it, with his kind permission. It was custom-sized to fit the Exhaust of a standard HeatGun (which is just a Blow-Dryer with a variable heat setting). This is how it works:

    I place some bud in the Bong (which fits deeply inside, under the special slot which holds the HeatGun, sort of like a 2-inch bowl). Turn on the HeatGun. Place it inside the special slot; it seals the air from leaking out.

    Over the next few seconds, smoke (actually THC vapor) begins passing through the Bong (sort of like what happens in a regular Bong, except there the smoke moves through it because of the suction provided by the user). As the smoke gets pretty thick, inhale it. The smoke builds up again, HIT it again, and again.

    This variation of using a Bong is good for those people who have trouble handling a real Bong-hit (without coughing up a lung). The THC Vapor is a lot less thick than a usual Bong-hit (and it does not contain burning smoke, a small irritant to the lungs).

    To my taste, I prefer using aVaporizer which stores the THC Vapor(mine is the Valve-Set of the Volcano vaporizer, I've discussed it in other threads). It works thesame way as the Bong version, except that the THC Vapor collects in a clear bag. This is a wonderful storage medium. I call it my One-Hour Joint. When I vaporize this way, I can take a hit whenever I feel like it.

    If I want to blast on, I can take ahuge hit, hold it two seconds, blow it out, and re-fill with another bomber ... and another.

    If I want to move along slowly, I can take a dozen mini-hits, hold each one for as long as I want, and NOT lose any of the THC Vapor (it just waits for me in the bag, until I am ready for it).