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Drug info - Help salvage some (almost?) ruined Xanax (Alprazolam)!

Discussion in 'Benzodiazepines' started by Beltane, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Beltane

    Beltane Palladium Member

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    Jan 28, 2005
    from California, U.S.A.
    Had about 30 2mg. Xanax w/ me in my backpack yesterday. Packed a
    bunch of stuff in the backpack, came home and unpacked sleepily, and
    now this morning I find the Xanax bottle is 1/3 full of something that
    smells like rubbing alcohol (I had none in the bag.)
    ANYTHING could have happened in that backpack, maybe even sabotaged by
    someone. Question is whether the sediment is salvagaeable or
    not. I don't get another prescription for 3 weeks.

    So there's a thick layer or yellowish (Xanax were white but there were
    also about 5 yellow valium in there as well as 2 Oxycotins.) I've
    been letting it air dry, which seems to be working a bit. But is
    the stuff ruined or even dangerous now? Any thoughts appreciated.

    - B
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  2. quinone

    quinone Newbie

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    Jun 24, 2005
    Take the bottle back to your doctor and show him your script was
    destroyed, he will give you a new one. The pharmacy might even
    fill your script for free if you show them ... (not likely though :( ).
  3. DirtRacer

    DirtRacer Newbie

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    May 10, 2009
    Sounds like either somebody tampered with it or somehow they got wet. If you left your bag along at any time when this happened, I wouldn't consume them. If they had gotten wet, the yellow from the vailum could have came off and spread onto the bars. Maybe you took the xanax or vailum and don't remember what happened? I'm on the same thing (xanax) and I know that if you take too much, you can wake up one morning, and have no idea what happened the night before. The smell of rubbing alcohol is strange though, if you say you didn't have any, and makes me think that somebody tampered with them. If I were you, I would call my doctor and see what he says. Most likely a pharmacy is not going to give you a replacement escpecially for controlled substances which all 3 of them are. Be careful! Especially with them oxyz, those are nothing to get hooked on. Be safe. (< + :snort: = :rolleyes: