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    Ok so i have about 360 seeds or so of pearly gates and heavenly blue morning glories.
    What is the best way for tripping on them without throwing up youre guts.
    I dont have 190 proof and i have no clue where to get it either. I have 80 proof vodka.

    and i also only have a blender. could i just turn the blender for along time instead of using coffee grinder?
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    A blender may work just as well as a $20 coffee grinder but I has never tried using a blender.

    Hammering the seeds first inbetween a paper plate with ends folded in, then transferring the course powder to a coffee grinder (or blender?) to reduce to a finer powder works well. The actives are in the hard white center rubbery embryo of the seed, and needs to be ground well to get to it.

    Swim will lay out imaginary friend's favorite and simplest method here:

    Supplies needed:

    seeds, 1 glass, 20 ounces of distilled water, 1 large (family size) empty tea bag or 2-3 smaller ones, Coffee grinder, spoon, bowl, a sifter or splatter screen or something similar, paper towels, stapler, a touch of liquid hand soap.


    1. Remove seeds from bags and count the number you would like to use (Swim recommends at least 400, and at most 600 for the first time)

    2. Wash whole seeds briefly to remove any fungicides or other seed coatings. Do this by putting the seeds into a bowl and covering with some cold water. Put just a touch of hand soap in the water. Work the seeds around in the bowl with your fingers for about 10-20 seconds.

    3. Rinse seeds. Put them in the sifter or on the splatter screen and rinse with cold tap water until all the soap is gone. (It is probably a good idea not to have them in the water too long, as the water might get into the seeds and remove a little of the alkaloids.)

    4. Dry seeds. Do NOT use a blowdryer! Dry them well with paper towels.

    5. Once they are dry, grind them pretty thoroughly in a coffee grinder, but not to the point of a fine powder. You want the black seed hulls to remain a little coarse.

    6. Put the grounds into the empty tea bags and then staple the tea bags shut. Leave some breathing room in each bag since, when wet, the seed mush will expand and might break the bag if it is too full.

    7. Put the tea bags into the glass which you have filled with cold distilled water.

    8. Aid the extraction by getting the water into the mush. Some will tend to clump and remain in an air pocket. Use the spoon to submerge the bags and to squeeze them gently against the side of the glass. Also, you can lift and Dunk the bags repeatedly to help extract the LSA.

    9. Leave glass to sit in a cool dark place for ten minutes with spoon on top of bags to keep them submerged if they are trying to float.

    10. Go back and work on the bags some more with the spoon. Be careful not to tear the bag. If you do tear it and mush leaks out, you will have to filter the water.

    11. Leave glass to sit for another ten minutes.

    12. Work with spoon some more and then remove the bags and squeeze most of the water that remains in them into the glass.


    14. Drink water.

    "I am not too sure if it helps or not, but on some occasions swim put a few squirts of lemon juice into the water to acidify it, possibly aiding alkaloid solubility.

    A note on seeds:

    You want plenty of seeds. You also want the black ones, like the Heavenly Blue variety. (the Flying Saucers and other light-colored ones are weak) You want fresh seeds. Last year's batch will be weaker. You also want seeds that are not stored in a hot place.

    You might experience a little nausea, but nothing too difficult. And if you did everything right and had good seeds, you can expect to feel effects within an hour or an hour and a half.

    Swim usually fast for at least 8 hours before consuming. Swim don't know what difference it makes.

    Always be sure that you are in the proper setting and have the right mindset. Ignore these at your own risk. You could have a very unpleasant experience.

    Chances are that you will feel quite different, having a dramatically altered mind. You will also have perceptual changes, like increased pattern recognition in things like the carpet, the walls, or anything really. You will have closed eye visuals, which are enhanced by good music. You might have mild open eye visuals if you consumed a high dose. Usually, even at lower doses, colors will look more vibrant, smells will seem more powerful, slight halos will appear around light sources, everything will seem crisper and brighter. Your pupils will dilate. You might feel some strange body sensations, like mildly achy joints in the knees, a funny feeling in the lower spine, tingling teeth, etc. Your hands will probably feel clumsy and clammy at first.

    The experiences induced by Morning Glories can be quite intense, and are nothing to sneeze at. Be sure you are prepared and are psychologically healthy. If you are borderline psychotic, depressed, or manic, stay away!

    Avoid really high doses of LSA. LSA causes vasoconstriction, which means that your blood vessels get smaller. This results in lower blood circulation to your extremities, like toes and fingers. If the dose is too high, or it is taken too often, this can have a cumulative effect, and your extremities can go numb and even become gangrenous. With reasonable doses spaced apart at least two weeks, this shouldn't be a problem. But this is one reason that it is a good idea to start with a small dose, to make sure that the vasoconstriction isn't bad. If you have high blood pressure, LSA might not be a good idea. And do not take it in combination with other vasoconstrictive compounds like ephedrine and caffeine. I think that nicotine might be vasoconstrictive as well, but I am not sure about this.

    Be safe. And don't do it just to "get f#@ked up." Take a spiritual journey. Learn from it. Explore yourself.

    Swim's favorite thing to do while on LSA is to play a musical instrument (guitar, didgeridoo, drums) or paint or do something meditative like that while I am coming up. Don't watch TV. It puts the wrong kinds of thoughts in your head and can result in a bad trip. When I am getting into it pretty well, Swim retires to the bedroom and turn off the lights and put on some good quality headphones with good music. This results in fantastic visuals unlike anything you have ever imagined if you have never used a good psychedelic before. Swim will see amazing three and seemingly four-dimensional shapes morphing and bifurcating. Often swim gets religious and esoteric themed visuals, like fractal cherub wings and winged eyes like those in some of Alex Grey's work. Eyes are all over everything! Swim see pyramids and sphinxes and Gigeresque biomechanical forms. Swim see amazing geometric lattice structures. Swim watches mathematical space-filling algorithms doing their thing. Swim also find that swim can control the imagery by an act of will. Anything swim intends to visualize comes forth and then goes beyond what I had imagined and then transforms into something else. This is great for artists! I could swear that on one occasion while listening to Mozart's Requiem, Heaven itself opened up inside my skull! It was incredible! OH, THE BEAUTY! Swim saw glorious celestial architecture and there were seraphs singing along with the chorus in the music. Swim just can't even begin to describe what this was like. I had tears streaming down my face. I was in the highest ecstacy I has ever known. And all of this with a nothing more than a good mindset, good music, and only about 500 seeds. Swim will never forget it. It was probably all in my imagination, programmed by my Catholic upbringing. I do not know and don't really care where it came from. It was the most beautiful thing I has ever experienced, and swim still feels great joy when I think of it. I feltso whole!

    On other occasions with LSA (I took it while in a less than ideal mind state), I feltlike I went to Hell. Everything was empty and awful and terrifying and lonely. I felt like there were worms boring through my brain, eating it. I was a hole. That is the only way to describe it. I feltvacuous. Swim trembled with horror. Everything felt so incredibly meaningless.

    Swim hopes your experiences will take you to nice places. Be careful. Your brain is not a toy. Consider yourself warned.

    If your seeds are genetically weak, old or have been kept in hot conditions you may not have visuals or other psychedelic effects. Extract in cold distilled water for 20 to 30 minutes or slightly longer...if the water turns brown you have gone too long. Deep brown water may cause nausea, dark tan water does not cause nausea. The good stuff in the seeds is polar, is milky white and cream colored, and will easily dissolve into the water, as water is also polar. The bad toxic waxes, oils, etc. will stay in the tea bag and will not dissolve into the water since they are non-polar. They will not start to dissolve as long as your extraction does not run too long.

    How not to do it (scroll down to show #5):
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