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Dose - Help with Truffles

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe & Amanita)' started by nuke, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. nuke

    nuke Silver Member

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    Dec 24, 2013
    25 y/o from U.K.
    A few years back in Amsterdam I had 15g (one pack) of Truffles. The seller of said truffles had around 5 different 'strains', all of which were listed in terms of strength. He recommended that I ate a whole pack.

    I have come across some subsequent literature which suggests that this was probably quite a high dose, but that is contrary to what he said, he implied I would "giggle". I was tripping my nuts off, but presumed I just was sensitive to it at the time.

    I have done other psychedelics since but not truffles.

    Can anyone help me with the following questions:
    1) How much do the truffle packets in Amsterdam vary by strength? E.g. if there were 5 packets, all of 15 grams, and all described differently, would it be likely the strongest contained 2 times the amount of psilocybin in as the weakest? Or are they all pretty similar and it's more marketing?
    2) Can anyone advice me on - or point me to literature - as to the relative strength of 15g of truffles. Is that a high dose as I suspect? If so, how high? Is there are a likely psilocybin content of 15g of truffles?

    The reason for this is I've been doing some research on psilocybin and the research authors at John Hopkins are talking about doses of 20mg/70kg I.V. psilocybin producing positive effects and few negatives and doses of 30mg/70kg I.V. psilocybin creating positive effects but with higher incidents of anxiety. I want to try and get a sense of where in the literature my psilocybin dose would compare to so I have a reference point of subjective feeling.

  2. pseudoscience

    pseudoscience Silver Member

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    Jun 8, 2015
    from earth
    I won't help with comparing the IV dose in some research to the one consumed in truffles.

    First, oral ROA may mean a less effective (some amount of tryptamines likely gets lost while material is metabolised in stomach) and more gradual absorption of psilocybin & co. (not as instant as when injected, which may also influence the effects).
    Second, I haven't seen any potency chart for truffles, and there are more than quite a few types available.
    Finally, psilocybin is one amongst other tryptamines present in magic mushrooms/truffles. It may work like various cannabinoids in weed, who knows. Anyway I haven't seen any research like "how norbaeocystin affects the trip".

    I can only stick to some personal experience, which is subjective and limited - 10 trips on 7 types of truffles and 4 trips on 2 types of p.cubensis. The subject is male ~75 kg.

    The truffles marketed as twice stronger tend to be actually stronger than the others. It was observed on 2 of 3 trips.
    Comparing highest dose of those strong truffles (~12 g fresh) to p.cubensis (1,5 g dried), shrooms were significantly stronger.

    Overall experience was every time positive - profound, beautiful, inspiring and worth remembering, altough 4 trips had psychologically challenging moments. The most probable reasons were in: setting (1), set (2), too much alcohol plus set (1). 1 trip was particulary weak because of vomiting on the come up, mostly caused by alcohol abuse the day before.

    I'd say recommending 15 g truffles to someone new to psychedelics is kinda reckless. That's different to what other vendors advice. But if you enjoyed the trip maybe the dude wasn't wrong.
    The trips I know were succesful (insightful or simply fun) on such small doses like 5 g fresh truffles or 1 g dried cubes. People tend to react different on drugs. That all make me wonder if you ever get a satisfactory answer to your question.
  3. Lodewijkp

    Lodewijkp Silver Member

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    Mar 3, 2011
    from The Netherlands
    The strength is different in each cultivar or strain and still then the alkaloids usually vary because its a natural product

    For example ( commerical ) ''Atlantis'' is considered a medium type while ''Dragon Dynamite'' and ''Hawaian'' are considered very strong strains. For people who are experienced with psychedelics or drugs but never took mushrooms i usually recommend taking 10 grams of fresh truffle from a medium strength strain.

    15 grams is too much for a beginner ( especially considering the above ) . I took 15 grams when i started out but i did have some difficult times during the trip because so many emotions came out ( 18 years worth of emotions i never knew ). Its better to toe dip into the water and get a feel for it before jumping in like a crazy bastard. Jumping in like a crazy bastard is fun but there is a good chance you will get your ass kicked. Also the pharmacological dosages are very very widespread. If i take low dosages i usually get worse anxiety than a larger dose while other people have the exact opposite. No matter what study you read you cannot predict your own biological response to a substance unless you try it out.

    For example there are dozens if not hundreds of studies concluding that cannabinoids are very good for treating mental and physical disorders or diseases yet many people have negative reactions on cannabinoids.

    I do recommend you getting a reputable brand of st.johnswort it reduces anxiety and pscyhoactive effects ( just like anti-depressants ) if you need to reduce the mushrooms effects. do some googling if you need to.

    Also don't drink caffeine on that day and don't take any stimulating drinks or substances. Make sure you have slept well before deciding to trip on that certain day. Above all don't combine cannabis with mushrooms.
  4. Alfa

    Alfa Productive Insomniac Staff Member Administrator

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    Jan 14, 2003
    117 y/o from The Netherlands
    The problem with this is that there are no Psilocybe strains with those names. These are just fantasy names and what one shops sells under that name can be something different as what another shop sells under the same name.

    I think its best to buy from vendors who use real names, so that you know what strain of psilocybe truffle you are getting. These are the names of psilocybe strains that form sclerotia (truffles):

    Psilocybe Mexicana A
    Psilocybe Mexicana var Pajaritos
    Psilocybe Tampenensis
    Psilocybe Tampenensis var Dragon
    Psilocybe Galindoi
    Psilocybe Atlantis