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    Apr 2, 2005
    some of swims favorite herbals that they love to mix and use. alot of energy
    drinks have these ingediants my favorite energy drinks are monster and
    sobe adrenaline and sobe no fear, very good drinks for source of energy
    ,b-vitamins, herbal content.

    taurine 1000mg (1g) seems to boost energy levels.

    l-carnitine 500mg - seems to give a boost in energy.

    ginsing 500mg-800mg - very nice stimulant. somewhat like caffeine but not as stimulating and without the shakes

    acetyl-L-carnitine 250mg - seems to give a nice boost of energy and well being. mood lift.

    Ginkgo Bioloba 250mg - supposely good for memory, a light stimulant.

    5-htp 50mg - has been used for depression and its
    benefits have been compared to prozac, for mental well being. positive
    mood lift.

    melatonin 6mg-10mg - great for sleeping, and natural and more and
    likely alot healthier to take then antihistamines used as sleeping

    yohimbe bark 750mg - nice stimulant effect, suppossely good for stamina
    and sexual performance, however swim noted that it caused some
    desensitation in the genitial area.
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    Swim like to mix kratom with phenibut, human growth hormone, and some other shit. He also likes taking b12,b6, and folic acid. Swim likes those energy drinks too, and also likes the budwieser E drink. no more than six at once though.
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