Opinions - Herbal sexual stimulants and aphrodisiac comparison.

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    Here is a description of Librex from the manufacturer:

    Ingredients: Labisia pumila, Dong guai, Gingko biloba, Muira puama, Avena sativa, Schizandra and Damiana.

    Review: 3.5/5. My puppy took 2 on an empty stomach and within 30mins her libido was through the roof. Slight energy increase and increased sensitivity was apparent, and lasted a good few hours.
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    Keep in mind many herbal sex formulas are now days laced with either Viagra, cialis or analogues there of. A tell tale sign is a blue tint in the corner of ones vision, with possible headache and dehydration.

    Tongkat Ali is great, especially if combined with Smilax.

    L-arginine gets the blood flow going down below.

    Yohimbe works but can be dangerous as stated above.

    Most of the other aphrodisiacs herbs seem to work best as tonics, ie: take them daily to expect to see results after several days. Maca is a good example of this.
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    Mojo Girl:

    According to the packages, Mojo girl contains the same ingredients in the same amounts as Librex Women.

    Ingredients: Labisia pumila (150mg); Avena sativa (49mg); Damiana (42,5mg); Schizandra (30mg); Dong quai (28,5mg).

    Description from the manufacturer:

    Benefits for Women:

    • Increases sexual desire
    • Intensifies sexual sensitivity and arousal
    • Intense Orgasms!
    • Enhances libido & sexual Desire
    • Increases sexual energy

    Subject: female, 56kg. Age: second half of her twenties.
    Setting: At home with aroused and impatient significant other :)

    Before hand, my griffin wasn't really interested in sex that day. Her partner however had some great ideas for quality time :) So she decided to take some Mojo Girl and see what happens. My griffin took 2 caps on an empty stomach and.... nada. She didn't feel aroused and wasn't more interested in sex. She didn't feel any effect at all. After 2 1/2 hours she drank a glass of wine, hoping it would trigger some effect, but again nothing. After 3 1/2 hours she had sex with her lover, which was great as usual, but nothing extra, no enhanced sensations etc.

    Verdict: 0/5; didn't do anything for me.

    Redd Hearts

    This product is marketed as an euphoric stimulant, but for my griffin this gave her the strongest physical erotic stimulation she ever felt from a herbal. A more elaborate report can be found in the thread on this product. My griffins verdict on it's erotic properties: 5/5.

    Nxt Phase Red
    Although this herbal doesn't do much on it's own for my griffin, when she combines 4-6 caps with 1-2 units of alchol (taken +1h) and a little bit of a nice haze (weed, smoked pure)* it's absolute heaven. It gives my griffin an intense erotic high that lasts for a few hours. The effect is certainly different when she uses each ingredient separate, of when she combines alcohol and weed. Why this combo works so well, my griffin hasn't got a clue. Same goes for her male companion.
    Verdict: on it's own: 1/5 effect are very mild. In the combo mentioned above: 4/5.
    *My griffin actually found this 'recipe' on this forum, so the combo seems to work for several people.

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    I am looks for the best full on sexual enhancer for women. I do not drink or smoke, and has a low libido. Really need something to get her MoJo back.

    I have been using Red Dawn Vector shots, but would like something stronger.

    Any ideas for the ladies?
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    Just as well I don't give monkey nuts for Chinese medicine - the other weekend he came five times a day for two days running, thanks to his enthusiastic playmate and a good helping of vitamin Y.

    God, SWIM loves yohimbe...can't help but feel you're probably going to be ripped off by some fancy 'sexual performance enhancer' blend, better off just getting some concentrated (but otherwise plain) powdered bark.

    Any women here tried it? SWIM's girlfriend loves it as much as he does (and not just for its effects on SWIM!).
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