Hiccups from white methadone?

Discussion in 'Methadone' started by Blue.. Like Water, Apr 5, 2007.

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    Mar 28, 2007
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    I searched but couldn't find anything on the matter. I am a big methadone lover and has been doing it infrequently and in low levels on and off ever since late 2004. He has had peach wafers (40 mg) and the small round white pills (5-10mg.) Wafers never gave SWIM this problem, but the white pills give him horrible cases of the hiccups. A dose of white methadone even as low as 20 mg will have SWIM in bliss but the hiccups they give him are so bad that they are painful. They're extremely hard to get rid of and after being on the drug for several days straight the hiccups get so frustrating that I had aslight freakout in public once. The kicker is that once the hiccups go away and I have forgotten about them and gone about his business, they will come back full force the second I even thinks about them. Has anyone else ever had this experience? Or is SWIM just unlucky?
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    Yeah swim definitely gets the hiccups with higher doses of methadone. The pills used are white 10 mg wafer-like. Swim also knows others that experience the same. What really bothers I am the duration of the hiccups. They often last 4+ hours. Sometimes holding swim's breath seems to help a little.