Side effects - high blood pressure spike with kratom

Discussion in 'Kratom' started by hdth, Aug 17, 2014.

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    I bought some kratom black label from a head shop and have been using it quite a bit for the past week. Iv been feeling like shit more and more lately and I thought it was because I havent been working out but I had my mom check my blood pressure and it was 150/110 which is the highest iv ever had my blood pressure be. A little backstory, I had just come out of marine corps boot camp and have been using kratom on my 10 day leave so my blood pressure should not be that high for being in the best shape of my life. Iv done some research with little results, it seems only a few out there have had blood pressure spikes from kratom. Once I stopped using it I felt better but i also stopped using my allergy medication which might have also caused it. But iv only used kratom once before and iv used Allegra hundreds of times before. It sucks because I would really like to use kratom again. Maybe I just overdid it? Black label is quite strong and iv been using 3g a day of either black label or like 6g of maeng da for 4-5 days. Maybe they put other shit in the black label as it comes in a plastic zip lock baggie with a sticker on it. Yet it looks, feels and tastes like kratom it just doesnt look like its a retail item. Should i risk using another 3grams of it today perhaps just to see if I get the reaction again?
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    I can't answer the question of whether you should try to get the reaction again, but quite a few years ago I suspected for a while that kratom (~7g, 3-4 times per week for 3-4 months) was involved with raising my BP. I searched the Internet for months trying to find info on kratom's cardiovascular effects and other properties beyond sales claims and media scares, but found nothing. I think studies may actually be coming out now [Note to self -- check up on this].

    At the time my 120/80 soon turned into 145/95 but would drop to around 130/85 on days I wasn't using. Confounding the issue is that I generally drank a 6-pack or so of Coors Light to potentiate the effects and alcohol is notorious for raising BP. So take that as you may -- totally anecdotal, but during that time period I was regularly monitoring my habits and my BP. Please get back to us with the results if you decide to try again. Even though it's not an immediately life-threatening issue, some people build longterm relationships with kratom, and BP may be something to keep an eye on.
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    You might want to consider stopping using head shop kratom products.
    They are not only grossly overpriced but they tend not to be as good as plain leaf in many instances.
    Ive used this product, several years ago and though it was ok, but not worth the cost.
    For the same price you are paying to take 3 grams a day you could have a few hundred grams of fresh, quality kratom from one of the many online vendors who specialise in kratom.

    Avoid extracts and enhanced kratom products and stick to plain leaf.
    There is always the fear that they are adding something to the kratom/extract to make it more potent.