Experiences - High doses of nitrous oxide?

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    Apr 27, 2007
    Swim used to inhale nitrous out of baloons, but then bought a whiped cream maker with a 1 liter tank. Swim then was able to break the nitrous canisters open and store the nitrous in the tank and inhale directly from the outlet nozzle on the tank (which had a controllable exhaust valve). Anyways, I got to where he'd empty 96 canisters in only 15 minutes. The high during this ongoing non-stop inhalation was extreemly intence. I feltas if he was in heaven, and any and all questions about anything were answered, all of the universes truths sat out in plain view. 1-5 canisters of nitrous oxide honestly dont produce hardly any high at all compared to massive ammounts. Swim's friends are 1-2 canister at a time people and haven't experinced what I has. I am just wondering if anyone else has thrown out the baloon and tried high doses of nitrous?
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    Feb 16, 2007
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    although I have never had as much as you did, SWIM, with the assistance of friends, has gone though a couple of whippits non stop to the point where I was completely dissasociated and had an OBE.
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    SWIM's done 600 canisters in a sitting, but did them by hand so the high was pretty standard and constant.

    SWIM's also convinced that the level of a nitrous high depends very heavily on oxygen deprivation, which would seem to be more of a present risk doing so many so quickly from a canister. Maybe that might account for the intensity.

    - Beltane
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    May 12, 2006
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    SWIM & co now valve balloons either with empty whippets or special balloon valves, the valved up nearly 50, and began. I do not see how You was getting more nitrous by using a 1 liter cream maker, If You was going directly from the cracker, then SWIM assumes no recycling of the gas was done...
    LOL I am much happier, sticking with 1 balloon for 20 or so full breaths in and out than just getting one breath per cap, before moving to the next.... though can see that yous method may have given a clearer high.. SWIM once while on an affecting dose of K went to his friends kitchen with about 60 caps, he passed out numerously, went all over the universe, didn't stop, as soon as he could move he was cracking another cap...... when they were gone he rejoined his E'd and K'd friends and was physically unable to stay sat up, had no control, could not stop himself falling backwards, and couldn't input into the convo in any way.

    I have done 240 in a sitting, but not yet 600 *doffs hat to beltane*.... getting a 11lb tank before Christmas though:D my room will be a ball pool of balloons, window and door open of course:D

    EDIT - almost 4 years later SWIM still uses balloons, and still recycles the gas via balloon use, however he now finds he struggles to get as far on nitrous and has experienced the benefit of limited recycling providing a cleaner and clearer experience.The experience he noted "going through 60 whippets" was amazing.. he still remembers it, however he now knows this was very much due to the ketamine and ecstacy in combination with the nitrous rather than nitrous itself.
    where he noted re-joining his freinds, he was in a very unpleasent state, he litterally could not remain upright when sat cross legged, had lips like rubber, felt nauseaus every few minutes, and couldnt maintain a line of thought at all. This state was highly unpleasent, and he suspects due to the combined action of the ketamine and nitrous.

    Snuffkin has still not achieved a 600 whippit sitting, although did succeed in a 11lb cylinder
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