hit size and intervals.

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    Mar 13, 2005
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    Lately I've been wondering about the size of my hits, and how long I
    wait to take another one. My bong gives me nice big hits, but depletes
    my weed faster. I've noticed I get much higher if I take smaller hits
    from a bowl, with more time in between each hit. It just seems to not
    be as efficient if I try to huff it all down real fast.

    So I'm just wondering if there is any science to this theory. My guess
    is that maybe your body can only process so much THC as a time...
    although it doesn't make sense (what about the rest of the THC, etc...)

    Anyway, any insight on the size of your hit and the length between each would be cool. Thanks.
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    May 3, 2005
    Hit ... Hold ... Huff the longer, the better.

    I have thought about this Economy-of-Pot-Usage issue, and how to get the most THC into my bloodstream. I tested this Theory out a couple weeks ago. I will share my Informal results.

    There are 3 different Steps to taking a Hit, and each one is important ... each one varies the amount of THC which makes its way into my bloodstream.

    First, and foremost, Step One is sucking smoke-filled THC into my lungs. The more THC which makes its way into my lungs, the more THC (from that Hit) that has a chance to get into my bloodstream.

    Second, and pretty important, Step Two is holding that smoke inside for long-enough to extract-out as much of the THC as possible. (There is another Thread, called the "6-second Hit" where the benefit of holding a Hit in for a long time, is discussed). So, if I only hold the Bong Hit for half-a-second before I cough, I will lose a substantial amount of the THC.

    Third is the least important. Step Three is blowing all of the smoke (and stale air) out of my lungs. Some people blow Most of the smoke out on the first breath, and the rest out on the second breath. But, atany rate, getting a lot of fresh oxygen is a good way of helping to disperse the THC into my bloodstream.

    Most of my "smoking" is Vaporizing, so I see the smoking cycle from a different perspective. I fill-up a 3-foot-long (one-foot-wide) bag with vaporized THC resins. This FILLED bag is my measuring cup; I can tell exactly how much THC-Smoke I am inhaling.

    On my TEST day, I set-up Ground Rules, so as to make the Test as fair as possible. First, the HIT rule. Thefirst day, I took only small Hits (the second day, I only took Large Hits), and the third day, I took small Hits for a while, then Large Hits for a while.

    The main HOLD rule was to hold each Hit for 20 seconds. This would (hopefully) eliminate any problems, and make the experiment valid.

    My HUFF rule was to fully blow-out ALL of the air in my lungs in one breath.

    My results support NHansen's thought. When I took MORE small Hits, I got Higher than when I took fewer LARGE Hits. So, the old adage is True: LESS is MORE.

    The relative size of each Hit was: A Small hit was HALF the size of a Large Hit. With the Bag, I could tell pretty close. And, to keep the results clear, I used the same Strain (White Widow) all 3 Test days.

    One thing that (may) throw-off my results is, actually smoking on a Bong (and breathing in Smoke, along with the THC resins), may be different than Hitting on a Vaporizer. Also, just smoking a Joint may change the amount of THC going in.Edited by: Solidly-here
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    Apr 23, 2004
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    Sometimes I like to take a hit into the mouth (not the lungs) and then let the cloud out (just a little) then breath the cloud back in. Cools the smoke and mixes it with air (carbourize).

    size of hit is this big : [---------------------]
    or if I am really feeling good, this big :

    Swim holds it for up to 20 seconds.
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    Mar 19, 2005
    I find g bongs suprisingly efficient and does 3.78 liter bottle (gatorade)once every 15 minutes for an hour or two.