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    DOSAGE: 10 - 18 mg.

    DURATION: 6 - 10 h.

    QUALITATIVE COMMENTS: (with 12 mg) Tastes OK. Some activity noticed in 30 minutes. Very smooth rise with no body load for next two hours. At that time I noted some visuals. Very pleasant. The bright spots in the painting over the fireplace seemed to be moving backwards (as if the clouds were moving in the painting). Upon concentrating on any item, there was perceptual movement with a little flowing aspect. The visuals were never all that strong, but could not be turned off during the peak. At hour three there was still some shimmering, and it was hard to focus when reading. Additionally, there was difficulty concentrating (some mental confusion). The material seemed to allow erotic actions; there was no problem about obtaining an erection. I ate very well, some crazy dips, as well as a fabulous cake. A very gentle down trend and I became close to baseline by 6 or 7 PM. I had no trouble driving. The dosage was good for me. I did not want more or less.

    (with 12 mg) Comes on smoothly, nicely. In 40 minutes I feel nice euphoria, feel home again. Then I begin to get uncomfortable feelings. Gets more and more uncomfortable, feel I am sitting on a big problem. Blood pressure, pulse, go up considerably. Have hard time communicating, lie down for a while, get insight that most important thing for me to do is learn to listen, pay attention to what is going on. I do this the rest of the day, at first with considerable difficulty, then easier and easier. Discomfort stays with me for several hours, and although I get more comfortable towards the end of the day, I am never animated or euphoric. I feel very humbled, that I have a great deal to work out in my life. The next day I find myself very strong and empowered. I see that all I have to do is let things be as they are! This feels marvelous, and a whole new way to be--much more relaxed, accepting, being in the moment. No more axes to grind. I can be free.

    (with 18 mg) I found myself with complete energy. I was completely centered with an absolute minimum of the dark edges that so often appear as components of these experiences. The ease of talking was remarkable. There was some blood-pressure run-up in the early part of the day, but that quickly returned to normal. I would repeat without hesitation.

    EXTENSIONS AND COMMENTARY: Again, a case of where the potency range of the "hot," or hydroxylated compound (HOT-2, 10 to 18 milligrams) is very similar to that of the non-hydroxylated prototype (2C-T-2, 12-25 milligrams). It seems to be a well tolerated, and generally pleasant material, with a mixture of sensory as well as insightful aspects. Something for everyone.