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Addiction - how best to use subutex to taper from oxycontin?

Discussion in 'Buprenorphine' started by zoe desschaneult, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. zoe desschaneult

    zoe desschaneult Newbie

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    Sep 10, 2012
    Female from U.S.A.
    Hey all.

    So over the last 5-6 months or so my cat had a gradually increasing opiate habit which peaked with a max tolerance of about 60-80 mgs oxycodone (time release flavor). 60 to feel pretty good, 80 to be num num and nodding. Over the last week my cat cut that down to about 30-40 mg a day.

    I'm looking to get my cat off the oxy and stay off for a while, and my cat got 9mg subutex total (4 tablets x 2mg, plus a small chunk of an 8mg I had).

    -Saturday 9AM was my last oxy use (30mg).
    -Sunday 4PM was first subutex dose (0,5mg)
    -followed by (1mg) Sunday 12 PM -- no problems yet, a little sweaty.
    -Monday 2PM dosed subutex (1mg) -- felt clammy and lack of appetite prior to dose.
    -and Monday 12PM dosed subutex (0,5mg) -- insurance dose.

    So now my cat is looking at a remainder of 5,5 mg subutex to finish the taper. I'm thinking that my cat may do 1mg tomorrow (or potentially 0,5mg if I am feeling that it is enough) followed by 0,5mg daily for 1 week. That would leave a little left over. Is this appropriate in anyone else's experience? Would it be better to split the 0,5mg doses and do one in the morning and one at night? All at once?

    thanks in advance. any experience is helpful, especially those who have advice with doses on the smaller side.

    zoe desschaneult added 1239 Minutes and 24 Seconds later...


    Wednesday dosed 0,5 mg at 6PM and have felt almost no WD symptoms... earlier in the day I was feeling a little sweaty and slightly fatigued, but that seems to have been alleviated since the dose. Exercise seems to be helping my cause greatly, as well as sitting in a hot bath before bed. I am feeling very sleepy now, about 2 hours before I generally turn in. I am growing a little anxious of making the jump from 0,5mg to none altogether, I don't want to do it too soon or too late... wondering what the window is on this kind of thing.

    I now have 4,5mg of subutex remaining. I am not sure how I will proceed, I imagine I will dose 0,5mg tomorrow if I have WD symptoms that persist and worsen. Perhaps I will take the day off and dose 0,5mg on Thursday depending on how my sleep pattern is affected. Will update further!

    It seems a lot of you are reading this post, but no one is responding! Oh well, I will just continue to put a journal up here in case anyone is in a similar situation and may perhaps learn from it....

    zoe desschaneult added 1192 Minutes and 48 Seconds later...

    Today I was hoping to avoid dosing the subutex at all, but that went by the wayside around 5PM when I had wasted my entire day due to an unrelenting fatigue. I find this to be my worst symptom come WDs.... sure the hot and cold flashes are unpleasant, the cold sweats can err a little on the gross side of the spectrum, but its the fatigue that really drives me to put a drug into my system. If I were to have energy I would have no problem dealing with the other symptoms.

    Constant yawning, no desire to do anything really. Lacking energy to even make a meal for myself. I decided I would dose [0,5 mg at around 5:30] or so, which seems to have helped. Granted it has been overcast and raining all day, and that usually fosters a depressed attitude and low energy day for me regardless. I have been rather constipated since I started my taper, usually 1-2 very small bowel movements per day, which can at times be frustrating. I am wondering if this is due to the subutex or the WDs, as I am the opposite when it comes to most (constipation instead of loose movements during WD). I cannot be sure. Today has me thinking that I will need to continue the SUBUTEX daily at 0,5 mg for some amount of time, I even considered taking a full 1mg. Given my desire to take steps forward to be off of opioids entirely, I figure that would be a step in the wrong direction and only prolong my current circumstances.

    I am in possession of a small amount of prescription amphetamine in a time release formula, which I have been holding onto for some time now. I am thinking I might save this for after I make the jump from 0,5mg to 0 to give my mind and body something else to focus on for a day or two while the remaining buprenorphine exits my system. I am sure the comedown would be one of the worst, but would probably put me to sleep. Amphetamine comedowns haven't ever really bothered me since I once took 75mg XR adderall amphetamine naive. I felt really geebed about an hour after taking it, which was exhilarating, but was awake for 2 straight nights and seeing little shadow devils dart about my apartment... it was rather terrifying. Although today I am wondering which I would prefer, the moderate yet seemingly unending fatigue and depression I am experiencing now -- or 2-3 days of heart racing anxiety and sleeplessness. I would say the adderall comedown, at least there was an end in sight.

    Yesterday I was feeling as if my taper may be a rather quick one and I could avoid the WDs with only minor complications... today I am thinking that this will never end and I will develop a subutex addiction in the process. I am glad I only had 8-9 mg to start with, as I do not think that is enough to develop a habit. I am weary of the consequences of my drug use, but damn, if I didn't have any buprenorphine stuck to my receptors I would be out getting my next fix.... damn it!!

    I wish I had never put myself in this mess, but I don't see how it could have ended up any other way. My life was in ruins (still is) and the feeling of getting nucked on some oxy completely takes that all away. I often think of what it would be like to live in a time or place where these drugs just do not exist, what it would be like to live my entire life accepting the pain that comes with it. Instead, here I am, knowing that out there a drug exists which is next to none. I have been in love, I have been successful, I have even seen fame for my talents..... but none of that compares to getting yummed on 60mgs of oxy and some H#4 bumps, talk about itching.
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  2. poop mayer

    poop mayer Mercury Member

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    Sep 27, 2012
    Male from U.S.A.
    Bottom line, my advice to your cat, have him take as LITTLE as possible whenever he's feeling sick, and try to put a lot of time in between doses. Also, if he's trying to conserve it, and potential the effects, snort it, but don't do enough to get high.

    This way hes weening off very efficiantly, but this will ONLY work if he is 110% ready to quit opiates