Injecting - How do heroin users blow veins?

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by Beltane, Jun 1, 2006.

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    Jan 28, 2005
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    Before any flames, this is an honest questions.

    I have been in a wierd phase in his life where he's been IV'ing cola about 3 days out of 4 for 6 months. As an estimate for injection frequency, he exchanges an average of 100 points at the needle exchange ususally twice and at least one per week. He doesn't change points if he misses (unless he misses 3 or 4 times or gets clogged.)

    At the beginning of this 6 months he had perfect veins and he missed A LOT, say a hit once in 5 to 7 tries. He's rotating injection sites the whole time and gotten better at IV (hits 3/4 now.) Anyway, he's blows some veins and a lot of them have come back when he just left them alone for a month or so.

    So to the question: It's SWIM's understanding that H users boot up 1 to 3 times per day and usually (from what SWIM hears) don't miss much. So how does one person booting up 20 times/week estimating highly blow out a vein when I am booting about 150 times per week and, tho there's some damage, it seems to mostly be the type that'll go away when he quites for a few months or so.

    Just a thought that occurred to me, any answers appreciated.

    - Beltane
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    swia not sure if she can help u on this one, So will tell u her usage,

    Swia has been addicted to h via I.V route before and used to shoot up 2 times a day, now its more when swim jus wanna feel warm, and at peace, more in case of points when swia feels she is losing it. as well as for enjoyment. Swia never had arms issue think she missed once, but that healed up by itself. She always uses really small needles,also as i think with veins being damaged also applies to whether there cuts and contaminates in whats about to go into yer arms. Swia never had that prob thou
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    The worst veins SWIE ever saw were on a guy who had been a barbiturate addict. Nearly all his veins had collapsed, due to the damage that barbiturates cause. Heroin addicts and coke fiends shouldn't have the same problem unless injecting something with a harmful pollutant or using very blunt needles.
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    From shooting up like You is speaking of for months to years on end, veins start to get weak.. Add that to impure drugs, cuts, and what not, and one can begin to do some damage, not to mention the practice of breaking down some drugs with acids, etc.. Also, coupled with less than optimal hygiene, it can happen in a matter of a few years, easily.. And sometimes even less for those with smaller or underdeveloped veins and improper injection technique.. Keep doing what You is, and you'll probably see.. Actually, swim lost some of his veins from coke, more so than heroin (or probably the speed-balls were the worst), but he can see it happening for heroin users, too.. Certainly, less frequent injections, with fresh needles, proper excercise, and vein care, will make this occurrence much less likely...
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    May 10, 2005
    I always had trouble with cola, he quesses the numbing effect of the drug made everything worst, couldn't feel the misses, and constantly chasing the rush. Quit that way years ago, but, it took months for the veins to heal. To this day, blood cannot be drawn out of those veins.
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    This is such a difficult question to answer it depends on:

    1) The person and their veins along with their general health
    2) the needles used both size and type and sharpness
    3) the persons skill at injecting
    4) The frequency of injections
    5) the purity of the substance

    I have seen major damage to his friends veins within 6 months of using Heroin every day, but at the same time I have seen other friends use Cocaine frequently for a period of years. There are too many variables to calculate something as precise as that.

    I would normally say that vein damage can be spotted and as it gets worse should be stopped. Do not inject into inflamed or infected veins as if they are not allowed to recover major damage can be done. More information on injecting safely and on damage to veins can be found here.

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    Jun 29, 2006
    in my experience,(ms contin, oxycontin) Only thing that would mess me up was missed injections, old rigs. I booted daily for periods up to three years w/out hardly a scar. Keep in mind i only used pharmaceutical dope no street junk.
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    Jan 9, 2006
    The terms and phrases used can have different connotations. To "blow a vein" can mean different things. Nurses (and other medical professionals) who administer shots and IV's often refer to misses and mistakes as "blown". ("I blew his vein" = "I really blew it this time.") A "blown" vein doesn't necessarily mean the vein is collapsed.

    It may simply mean he missed the shot, or that the vein needs time to heal. In SWIX's experience, regular Cola IV users are more likely to have collapsed veins than H-sole users due to the rate of injections and the unsteadiness of the insertion and handling of the needle.
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