Setting - How do people "prepare" for taking coke?

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    Apr 11, 2005

    I was wondering if anyone here "prepares" themselves for doing cocaine.

    For example,I takes 2 aspirins and about 3 glasses of water (big ones). This is to dilutethe blood a bit (aspirin is a blood-thinner) and water since cocaine is water-soluble, that way, coke won't be so hard onSWIM's heart. He also takes a 2mg pill of RIVOTRIL which is Clonazepam.

    Now, usually SWIM can't actually tell how much coke he takes. He uses an acrylyc bullet snorter. U know the classic transparent snorters with the glass container. I dunno how much can those containers fit, my guess is about 2 grams? Anyone can please tell me? it's the "standard" sized one.

    I takes 1/8th of the container per "coke night" which is every once in a while. So, if it holds 2 grams (I need that info please!) it would be... 250mg?

    I need to know if that's a lot, if it's dangerous or if it's the normal dosage. I am 6 feet tall and he is 330 pounds (133 kg, dunno the exact conversion in pounds, help me there too).Edited by: DURBANS
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    Jan 23, 2005
    First off, you'll know when you've done too much, in general, or too much
    in too short a time. It's not fun - just like drinking too much, smoking
    too much, etc. Coke seems to be harder to do "too much of" than other
    drugs, simply because the effect is so do enough to feel
    good, and do the same amount when it starts to wear off. So I wouldn't
    worry about your height, weight, and how much your snorter holds, etc.,
    but obviously if you're at all worried about going overboard, just bump
    less. Typically snorters, since they hold about the size of a bump, will
    keep you well into the safe zone, just because it limits the amount you
    take. I've never owned a snorter, but I can tell you that I've had those
    days where it's a massive line every 30 minutes, and I've lived to tell the

    As for what I take "in preparation," I also typically take an aspirin
    (ibuprofin) either before or during, because, as you said, it seems to
    make things easier on your heart (not to mention you'll never have any
    light-headedness, etc.). Water I also drink a lot of....
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    Jan 11, 2005
    aspirin is a must to keep the blood thin, and water helps somewhat in that aspect too, as well as keeping you from becoming dehydrated. and klons are excellent for afterwards...
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    Aug 12, 2005
    Aspirin may be good for the heart, but it will certainly affect your high. Cocaine is vasoconstrictor which means it decreases blood flow to the brain. It is delivered to the bloodstream via absorption through mucous membranes in the nose and lungs then metabolised in the liver. By taking aspirin, a vasodialator (increases blood flow to the brain), the cocaine will be distributed more evenly throughout the body due to increased bloodflow causing a less intense high. However, aspirin will help defeat the later stages of the comedown.