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Injecting - How do you all cook up your brown (#3 heroin)?

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by bandito, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. bandito

    bandito Silver Member

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    Apr 1, 2005
    from U.K.
    Ok, so i know it's a pretty straight forward process for cookin up #3 brown gear, but i'm just wonderin how individuals might do some parts different...
    There's been a few threads that i could find about how ppl cook up #4 stuff, mostly from the USA guys, but i'm from the UK and we generally see brown #3 H' which needs acid when cookin up, and havnt been able to find anything on UK guys methods. So please share your methods or any tips you might have.

    How much citric acid do you use? (roughly in mg)

    Do you let it boil when heating? (this is a big question for SWIM, because everyone he knows locally who IV's brown says to boil, and I do to, but he's noticed that everything is dissolved BEFORE it starts to even simmer...?! Is SWIM destroyin sum of the good stuff or is it needed for the chemical bond of the acid)

    And a little personal question from SWIM... Alcohol wipes for cleanin the site before the dig. \I haven't got any, but he does have some 'alcohol free wipes' from a first aid kit containing Cetrimide B.P. Are these cool to use instead of alcohol wipes? Please let SWIM know...

    So everyone, please share your knowledge and experience! :)
  2. Helene

    Helene Gold Member

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    Jul 27, 2009
    from U.K.
    There's a very good thread in this forum which details the pros and cons of using citric, vitamin c and other acids, such as vinegar and lemon juice. A lot more information can be found on the subject by clicking here:
    Injecting - Citric acid vs Vitamin C

    Included within the DF file archives is a video made by Exchange Supplies, which demonstrates just how little citric acid is actually needed to dissolve brown heroin base (H3). Here is the link:
    Citric/Heroin Reaction Video

    Additionally, this article on the injecting processes used by heroin and crack injectors in the UK might be of interest. It focuses in particular on the different acids and different methods used to convert insoluble base drugs into soluble forms:
    Injection preparation processes used by heroin and crack cocaine injectors (2004)

    Regarding your question about alcohol-free wipes - any disinfectant used prior to hitting up is gonna be better than none. But it must be noted that alcohol wipes should not be used to clean the IV site after having a dig, as the alcohol can actually impede your body's natural healing process. Best to clean post-IV with clean water and then dry with some clean tissue.

    Isopropyl alcohol wipes, along with stericups, syringes, sachets of citric and/or vitamin c powder, filters and a sharps bin are available for free, in the ready-made exchange packs supplied by many high street chemists (including Boots) across the UK. You don't need to register, give your name or any personal details, all you need to do is ask. You don't even need to bring any returns, although a reduced pack size is often offered if no returns are provided. In fact, these exchange packs are so easily obtained there really is no reason not to use them. A larger selection of IV equipment may be on offer at your local specialised drug service or needle exchange, but I has not found these packs to be lacking in terms of quality - they provide everything necessary to inject as safely as one can.

    Above left: Contents of an exchange pack. Above right: NXE sign displayed wherever needle exchange facilities are available (in the UK).

    As to swims own cooking up practices, she tends to do it in much the same way as everybody else she knows: puts her gear into a stericup, adds a tiny little bit of vitamin c powder (like maybe a quarter of a sachet for a 0.3g hit), adds water, heats with a lighter (she doesn't really boil it, no, just heats it enough to dissolve), adds a little more vit c if it's not dissolving, then sucks the solution up through a swan slimline filter-tip into a 1ml 29g microfine insulin syringe (30g Nevershare pin is preferred if available), and hits up.

    Ach but thinking about having a hit in such step-by-step detail really is not helping the miserable methadone-tainted hours until the morning (and cash) go by any quicker, and so I am now gonna depart from this thread pronto!

    Last edited: Dec 14, 2009
  3. mickey_bee

    mickey_bee Gold Member

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    Sep 17, 2008
    from U.K.
    Helene's post says it all really. As for the amount of acid, just use a tiny bit, and add little by little until you're left with a dissolved solution.

    As heroin is always cut heavily, and sometimes poorly, you may find that sometimes after adding a normal amount of citric, that there are still bits left undissolved. Don't keep on adding citric/vit C to try and dissolve everything, as the heroin itself doesn't take much to dissolve, the bits leftover will just be cut.
    Remember, the more acid you add to the solution, the more damage you're doing to your veins. And if you don't treat em right, they really don't last very long.

    Incidentally, it sounds from your post like you're quite new to injecting? If this is the case, then I would just ask that you have a good think about leaving it, and sticking to smoking.
    Swim's not saying this as a killjoy or anything, -he IV's daily himself.

    It's just that for swim, and every other injector he knows, IVing was the second most stupid decision they'd ever made in their lives, after trying heroin in the first place.
    It boosts your tolerance to ridiculous levels, ridiculously quickly, so that after a few weeks you can find yourself using twice as much as you did when smoking, yet getting half the effect. All the while poking holes in your one set of, rapidly deteriorating, veins.
    Swim's been trying to switch back to smoking, basically so he can get more effects for less money, but is having a hard time, as after you've IV'd for just a few weeks, smoking the drug gives absolutely no effect.

    Anyway, don't mean to preach, just take care, and give it a think. If you do start injecting, start out with a small dose, and rotate your injecting sites,-if done routinely from day one, this will increase the life of your veins indefinitely. But then again, if you smoked it, your veins would last your lifetime.....