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Comedown - how do you ease the meth comedown?

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine' started by ukman2508, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. ukman2508

    ukman2508 Newbie

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    Dec 1, 2013
    Male from U.K.
    I don't know about you guys, but I love meth. It is a friggin rollercoaster of a ride that no other drug on the world can even come close too. I used to belive that the comedown created serious physical side effects. But have recently realside that these are just a form of psychosis leading me to believe physical symptons are far more serious than they actually are. As I'm sure you are aware, all drug experiences are different depending on the individual. In my case they refer to an honest belief that I am going to die. For some pathetic reason, that well known meth "frog in the throat" leaves me believing I'm going to die when I'm on a comedown. I borderline on psycosis, and have never felt such fear in my life. For whatever reason, despite these quite severe psychotic symptoms, I love the meth and once fully recovered, wish nothing but to return to what can only be described as a friggin roller coaster of a ride. Take as many grams as you can in one go. Experience the strongest orgasm you ever had. Now ran out of money. Drink and smoke loads of weed. Ten hours later have a panic attack. Spend the next three days experiencing fear of death, moderate psychosis, and paramia, heart purpatations. Severe depression, hallucanations, severe anxiety, and innsomnia that lasts upto a week. Despite these reccopussions, I love the "roller coaster ride" and wish to experience it again and again. Please can you give me coping methods to assist me with the mental symptoms of coming down off meth. I know I speak different but you have nothing to fear in answering my question. If I was a fed or snitch, wouldnt I spend more time trying to conform to the dialect of the status quo of the site. My general hope is that. I want to take meth more and more and more, and hope that you guys will assist me with coping mechanisms of coming down off meth, and getting back to reality in regard to the mental symptons of the comedown, and "coming up". Despite this post I'm a very normal guy when I'm not "fucked up on drugs". I'm looking for coping mechanisms that may relate to drugs that may assist in coping with meth comedown. Or any other mechanisms that assist with coping with the comedown. If you have great ideas that are illegal. Then please still tell me. Just word your post in such a way that no fed can follow suite with it. Also if you think that my vocabulary is having a detramental effect on recieving decent replies then please tell me. As I hope to be on this site for the long haul. And any decent feedback will be followed ritualistickly.
  2. shaggy419

    shaggy419 Newbie

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    Dec 1, 2013
    Male from U.S.A.
    Yea ive been messing with it for awhile now and despite the circumstances still do it after telling myself never again after a rough one.What ive noticed is the main thing to keep in mind are 3 things water,food and sleep.Yea I know the 3 things people are the least interested in when on meth.With food I try to force myself to eat atlease something even if its little,its easiest eating after ur high starts to come down before u use more.When its seems impossible drink a protein shake or muscle milk it provides a meal in itself.Now sleep just sounds not in the same group as meth but after 2 or 3 days cut urself off and just lay with ur eyes close even a few hours is better than none.Most importantly try to save u some after u finally do get the good sleep and food in ur system,its going to be well worth it.Others things that help me are alcohol,pain killers,showering and cleaning urself up during a comedown.I always try to remeber the longer ur up the worse the comedown and ur basically wasting ur stash because ur toerance should be so high all its doing is keeping u up when u can just get the comedown done and over with and still have some to get u back on track the days after a binge.
  3. Kickimus Butticus

    Kickimus Butticus Silver Member

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    May 15, 2010
    Male from U.S.A.
    Binging on meth does cause a spike in the activity of your dopamine and serotonin receptors, but in my experience the crash only comes after days of sleepless use, leading me to believe that sleep deprivation has a lot to do with the intense comedown effects.

    Shaggy419 gave the best advice mentioning food, water, and sleep.

    Sometimes advice is given to use downers to combat the w/d effects, but I do not condone at all taking things like benzodiazepines and opioids. They help in the short term but as we all know the cycle continues, and addiction is the real problem. I consider alcohol to be the least of these evils.

    To be honest, though, I have used clonazepam and opioids to combat withdrawals, but then I must deal with the next assault of withdrawals. I warn you that benzodiazepine withdrawals make meth w/d's seem like fucking heaven.

    As for sleep after the last day of the binge, I've always found it comes easily because I am exhausted, it's just the next day that sucks ass, and I find myself tearing apart drawers and shaking up carpets to find tiny shards that may have fallen.

    To conclude this, two methods have worked for me.

    The first I do not advise, and involves drug-replacement "therapy." Benzos, opioids, and alcohol have "worked," if you call it that... and the most profound experience was a mushroom trip at the peak of a binge-withdrawal. It immediately turned me around for a couple of days. Clonazepam and Zolpidem (ambien) were used during the trip. It could have gone the other way though.

    All of the above is not advice. It is my answer to your question of how I deal with the comedown. I wish I could stop this cycle of ups and downs, and I would not wish this on anyone, to follow in my footsteps described above.

    The second method is arguably safer because it does not involve mixing different classes of drugs. When I binge I find that sleep comes easy after 2-3 days of staying awake, it's just the next day (and up to a week) that really sucks, or until the next dose. Aha! Next dose! I've found that using a small amount in the morning will last all day and still allow me to sleep, and the next day I take a smaller dose. If this works for you as it does for me, you will have a much better week after a binge.

    I am an addict too, I have binged, I have "quit" many times, I have used casually, but the addictive behavior is not inherently bad! It's just the drugs that happen to provide such an easy route to "euphoria" and the detrimental effects we all know. To say "stop doing it, it's bad," works as well as the laws enforcing prohibition. My message is, find a passion, find something addictive. Fucking binge on it and never stop, something that rewards you. You can still be an addict without substances. And as I revel in hypocrisy as I am high on meth right now, I have successfully swapped substances, so to speak. Computer programming and stock exchanging have worked for me.

    Pardon me if that was too much, I think drugs are fun but you asked for information and I meant not to assert opinions or tell you what to do. Binging on any drug can be fun as hell. If it were up to me I'd eliminate withdrawals from the human experience...Apparently Buddhist monks can do this through meditation.

    Good luck, feel better, and take care of yourself. The forum is here for you.

    Kickimus Butticus added 899 Minutes and 27 Seconds later...

    What I meant by the "second method" described above, is taking less and every day; tapering. To be clear, the dosage is decreased by small amounts every day until none remains. After 7 days of tapering the witdrawal still sucks but is not as unmanageable as post-binging cold turkey, IMO.

    It requires a lot of self control though and I've never been successful at doing this with the drug Heroin (which I personally find to be much more addictive)
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2013
  4. SB1981

    SB1981 Newbie

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    Oct 31, 2011
    Female from Nevada, U.S.A.
    The day after my last shot, all I do is eat as normal throughout the day, and then crash like a mother fucker with ease at night. I don't struggle with the come down since I simply recuperate without having to worry about going to work at this time. Hydration, nutritoin, and sleep and the three necessasy factors to come down and recuperate without any unnatural cheats such as other drugs, pills, etc.