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Side effects - How does meth cause anger

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine' started by Mentat, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Mentat

    Mentat Newbie

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    Nov 30, 2010
    38 y/o Male from U.S.A.
    I know someone who has just started using meth again recently after a long break. According to him, he experiences anger more easily when he's high. It's not related to coming down. Why would this be? If he's not bothered by anything, then he feels ok, but little things can cause him to become angry.
  2. Magical Mystery Tourguide

    Magical Mystery Tourguide Newbie

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    Jul 7, 2009
    Male from Canada
    well I'm in meth honeymoon phase right now and it makes me love everyone... though I tend to become egotistical in a nice way, not an aggressive coke / alcohol kinda way.

    one word to describe meth : SATISFACTION
  3. sassyspy

    sassyspy Palladium Member

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    Mar 24, 2011
    Female from Washington, U.S.A.
    I may have mentioned before that my understanding of chemistry is limited, but I have heard many stories and observed many experiences. I noticed AFOAF seems to have a 'shorter fuse' under the influence of, or coming down from, meth. She seems to want people to hurry more, she has little patience for people who slow her down. Other drivers, checkout lines, drive-throughs, etc. And she seems to become much more intensely angry during debates or discussions, not as even tempered as LBM (Life before Meth). But she doesn't know why it has this effect, it just does.
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  4. Heretic.Ape.

    Heretic.Ape. Platinum Member & Advisor

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    Apr 17, 2007
    Male from U.S.A.
    A few notions that come to mind (not backed by anything in particular):
    Stimulants such as meth act on our fight or flight response if I'm not mistaken

    Paranoia frequently accompanies binges especially as your body feels edgy and your mind concocting slights and plights against you

    I've noticed prolonged use to the point of addiction leads to major comprimise in general ethics: being nice, not taking things that don't belong to you from friends, putting someone's face through a windshield because they have shorted you, etc.

    Generally you're running on a state meant for fighting and looking for what's wrong neurologically speaking. Without taking time to touch in with the higher brain functions and grounding yourself in your body and the moment (my monkey likes to do some yoga and a little bit of meditating if he starts feeling uneasy, paranoid or such while on meth), then you might lose touch with those wonderful neurons that help you stay aware, calm, and in reality as opposed to a chaotic whirl of impulse and fear.

    I'll have to look more into the neurological effects of methamphetamine before I could give any better answer I'm afraid.

    As for the coming down part, coming down feels like shit and people don't tend to be at their most stellar when in such a state.
  5. Phungushead

    Phungushead Twisted Depiction Staff Member

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    Jan 21, 2005
    from United States
    From a neurological standpoint, when you use meth, your natural chemical balance changes.

    Dopamine is the neurotransmitter which has a major role in dictating your movements, mental state and processes, the pleasure centers in your brain, etc. The release of dopamine is what makes you feel happy, content, satisfied with yourself and the things around you. It is what causes feelings of euphoria. But when you take meth, a chain of events takes place at the dopamine synapses.

    First, meth stimulates these transmitters, causing the release of dopamine into your brain. Meth blocks dopamine reuptake, so instead of being reabsorbed back into the synaptic vessels, a gradual accumulation occurs. This has many distinctive effects on an individual's behavior. As the level of dopamine rises in the brain, feelings of happiness and euphoria rise also. When the user comes down, and dopamine levels descend, the euphoria is gone and will not return until the dopamine system is stimulated once again.

    Further, meth is neurotoxic to the dopamine synapses and the correlated nerve cells in the brain. Long term meth abuse will result in dopamine nerve axons eventually withering and dying. Once the damage to these nerve terminals is done, they are gone for good. The individual's mental state will be forever and irreversibly transformed.

    Meth also affects your serotonin, norepinephrine and epinephrine (aka noradrenaline and adrenaline) systems as well. Serotonin is important to mention here because another effect of meth use is the gradual reduction of serotonin in the brain. When brain serotonin levels are normal, an individual is less hostile and more satisfied. However, when an individual's serotonin levels are low, they are more likely to display violent or aggressive behavior, agitation, depression... Meth is also neurotoxic to the serotonin system.

    There is much more to this, as the way meth affects the brain and the exact mechanism of neurotoxicity is fairly complex. However, I believe it does explain a lot as to why many users (especially long term users) are more prone to being irritable, edgy, all around angry or depressed, etc.

    There is quite a bit of reading material on these topics in the file archive, if interested:

    From a behavioral perspective, many users have a lot of drama going on in their lives, which on its own can be enough to piss you off a little. And since meth 'speeds you up', it can make you feel extremely tense and on edge, especially when coming down. Add on to that a lack of sleep and little or no nutrition...

    I also think part of the anger issue involves the individual themself. For example, a friend of mine is a very angry meth user. But, he is also a very angry person in general. Using meth took away what little self control he had. There wasn't much to start with.
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  6. forbiddenlife5

    forbiddenlife5 Newbie

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    Mar 7, 2011
    Male from U.S.A.
    I used to wonder what would cause anger in people who use meth too, but even though i've never been addicted to it, i did it for my first time in two months and a large dose, but this is the first time i noticed how after two days of being awake, not only do i not feel that amazing high, but i feel like i'm in a dream, in and out reality, paranoid, etc and if i was like your friend and started using regularly, i would start feeling real irritated, annoyed, paranoid, and just become a very different person. Plus his tolerance is probably so high by now, that even doing the meth won't do that much for him. you can only go so high, and the higher you go, the lower you fall.
  7. kailey_elise

    kailey_elise Gold Member

    Reputation Points:
    Nov 3, 2004
    Female from Massachusetts, U.S.A.
    This is very interesting. My question is only tangently related to the OP's initial query...is methamphetamine (and perhaps amphetamines in general, tho perhaps less so on the serotonin/noradrenaline fronts, maybe?) neurotoxic, or is methamphetamine abuse neurotoxic?

    I'm just curious, since narcoleptics & people with ADHD are often prescribed meth/amphetamines (Desoxyn, Adderall, Dexedrine) on a long-term basis. Does this mean that their brain chemistry will be changed over time so that they *HAVE* to continue taking the (meth)amphetamines just to be normal (& at that time, would they have to increase their dose to compensate)? Or since it's being taken as prescribed, it doesn't have the same effect? Any ideas?

  8. iNFRiNGE

    iNFRiNGE Silver Member

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    Apr 18, 2011
    Male from earth
    Phungushead is spot on but there are a few other factors also that can be causing this type of actions.

    The statement regarding the friend that is an angry person to begin with is so true for just about every type of personality. In my monkeys experience methamphetamine "enhances" or heightens a persons emotional state of mind.

    I've yet to see a person with anger issues in the past without being on drugs turn into a teddy bear after using meth for any length of time and it only gets worse over time.

    People that are happy usually become very happy and more out going, those that are somewhat average as far as "normal" goes usually can control the drug in what ever direction they want to use it, whether it's for work performance, sexual or recreational.

    What is commonly overlooked countless times is "the dope itself", my monkey's uncle used to be a chef at the backyard bakery tells us stories of how back in the day when he was grillin and chillin they used to have various types of chili in their area. Rumor has it that what ever the mood the chef was in is the mood the chili took on since it was a clone it would take on the chefs attitude. Not sure as to how true that is but many swear by it.

    My Pinta Island tortoise tells me that there's a certain type of super chicken that hurts his testicles like hell and feels like someone is trying to pull them out through his throat and there is a distinct pain in his pelvis when doing this type of dope. So IMHO I believe that the type of dope that is being consumed is a huge part of the role also.
  9. PippyEden21

    PippyEden21 Newbie

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    Apr 19, 2016
    Female from U.S.A.
    I personally experience impatience when at the store or in a crowd but don't usually have any anger problems. It generally makes me a very cool, laid back, understanding person. It honestly seems like I am more even tempered when I'm high. Now I have my fair share of rampages but they are no different than my sober ones!!
    I to know several people who have been addicts for years (like 10+) that have this problem. Meth effects your dopamine levels (happy levels) and after continuous use the dopamine producers in your brain stop working so unless you are high as a kite (which is harder to accomplish the longer you have used) you are litterally incapable of being happy!! So in turn you are angry and violence....which triggers adrenaline! Adrenaline is about as close as you will get to happiness!! That's the actual addiction when it comes to meth or any speed type drug (MDMA, coke, crack, etc) is that when someone tries to get sober, they can't feel happy at all!!
  10. Billy Crystal

    Billy Crystal Silver Member

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    Sep 24, 2015
    Male from Canada
    It could be the users mindset before using. If you're in a bad state of mind meth can make it worse for some people. When we are in a bad state of mind we are a slave to our thoughts and meth will make them thoughts race or deepen for some users. Realizing that a thought is just a thought and doesn't have to control you helps.

    Also, if someone is using to forget underlying issues such as past abuse etc. they're probably more likely to express deeply rooted anger that is hidden within them while under the influence.

    I like to meditate before using so I am in a good mindset when it comes time for lift off. I also use to have fun and be productive and never use to relieve stress or forget my problems.
  11. afriendoftina


    Reputation Points:
    Mar 12, 2016
    Male from earth
    I really REALLY don't think that meth causes anger. AT ALL.

    Like, the opposite. The second poster captured it in one word: satisfaction. How could something satisfying cause you anger?

    Here's my guess at what is happening...(I know this is an old post, but it's an interesting discussion which bears to be continued) I reckon your friend used a lot of meth before and he's trying to get the same feeling back, which won't be satisfying till he has got there. So I reckon, he is angry-feeling because he hasn't had enough yet. He hasn't had that "ahhh, relief" moment.

    Meth can make you insanely furious if you want it and can't get it. The worst is when you have it all ready except for you can't find a lighter. I will go crazy and tear my house apart to look for it, but the satisfaction that comes afterwards is so pleasant.
    Last edited: May 8, 2016
  12. infection00

    infection00 Silver Member

    Reputation Points:
    Oct 19, 2015
    Male from Australia
    in my experience coke and MDMA are worse yes it happens with meth but definitely not as bad as the other two

    The reason this is happening is because meth amplifies your emotions eg you get happier, sadder, angrier. hes probably just an angry guy meth just makes it obvious to him especially since you're much more analytical when high
  13. vaxtor

    vaxtor Silver Member

    Reputation Points:
    Jun 20, 2015
    Male from U.S.A.
    you want to know how meth causes anger? just imagine running out when you are needing/wanting it the most.. i'm pretty sure you will be in a pretty pissed off mood.

    or if you packed a huge bowl, or the last of your shit, and a tobacco leaf falls in making your stuff taste like ass... that'll cause you to be angry.
  14. Blastofftweaky1

    Blastofftweaky1 Newbie

    Reputation Points:
    Mar 24, 2016
    Female from U.S.A.
    It varies from batch to batch I think because sometimes I'll take a hit and some weird mix of brain chemistry makes me just feel rage pure rage and I get so angry!!! Other times I hit it and I'm happy as can be in tweaky land lol I guess it depends on cuts and how it's synthesized and how everyone's individual persons brain chemistry re acts to it
  15. cloudneat

    cloudneat Silver Member

    Reputation Points:
    Mar 19, 2016
    Male from Florida, U.S.A.
    To be honest I am an 'angry' person even when sober. I tend to easily flip out/overthink things and work myself up.

    Sometimes I feel like meth makes my mind and thoughts even 'clearer' thus I am able to better analyse them- this also can result in me getting angry as I feel like no one else is on the same level, therefore I can't have conversations about it with anyone who will respond with something more than just 'yeah'.

    Their small talk or lack of understanding my concepts p*sses me off


    I overthink things about my personal life/people in it and make myself suspicious of them etc.

    I'm already like this sober so meth sometimes I feel 'enhances' it - probably too because I don't sleep so I just have hour upon hour to think and think.

    ie I met my BF through friends so didn't know him at all. I've started to overthink the fact this means I know nothing of his past other than what he's told me - which he could just lie about as I wokldnt KNOW in any way. I do believe he has not lied to me about his past etc. but now I've planted that thought in my head- I'll overthink it and prob get pissed off coz I'll believe he's hiding serious shit or something dumb.