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How I successfully got off methadone and oxycodone

Discussion in 'Opiate addiction' started by joey3738, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. joey3738

    joey3738 Newbie

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    Jun 2, 2010
    My pet worm said to me:

    To People of the Forum,

    I am writing in the hopes that I can help other people who, one way or another, got addicted and dependent on opiates. I began taking oxycodone and methadone after being prescribed it by my pain management doctor in Florida back in mid-2008. After a while, I began developing a tolerance to them and eventually, no matter how much I would take, I could not and would not get even remotely high from taking them. There was no euphoria whatsoever anymore, and that's still true to this day; additionally, they didn't help much with the pain. However, I was still forced to take them because of the withdrawals I would go through when I wasn't on them, which I'm sure most of you are familiar with. I would HAVE to take them in order to feel normal, so it just became a daily part of my life. Most of the time, however, I wouldn't take methadone or oxycodone together; I would basically rotate between the two, taking one of them for two weeks, and then taking the other for the other two weeks. As long as I was taking one of them, I wouldn't go through withdrawals. Additionally, I began to develop a liking for snorting them. The oxycodones were easy to snort and gave me this non-euphoric rush through my nose. Methadones burned a bit at first when I snorted them, but I began to enjoy that too. My enjoyment for snorting these drugs was 50% of the reason why I did them (the other 50% being my utter fear of withdrawals).

    I got off of them successfully in 2009 using a certain method (and unfortunately got back on them a few weeks later after getting another kidney stone), and I've gotten off of them again in the past few weeks using this same method: basically, I went from taking methadone to only taking oxycodone. After the methadone was almost out of my system (after 3-4 weeks of taking only oxycodone), I would taper off of the oxycodone until I was only taking 60-100mg per day (as opposed to the 300+mg per day I would normally take). Then on the last day, I only took about 60-75mg worth of oxycodone, and I was already going through mild-to-moderate withdrawals in just a few hours. After talking to a number of suboxone doctors (in past months and years), many said that methadone was a "messy" drug and to try not to take any in the days leading up to taking suboxone. Going from oxycodone to suboxone was MUCH easier and pleasant than going from methadone to suboxone (I know this from experience because the first time I ever tried taking suboxone I didn't use this method and was taking only methadone; I had not taken methadone for more than 36 hours, but I went through extreme precipitated withdrawals after my induction to suboxone anyway [which was a brutal and morbid experience], and eventually I was given oxycodone by the doctor to bring me back to normal). As long as you are on a good dosage of oxycodone, you will not go through any methadone withdrawals - I'm sure of this from experience.

    So 9 days ago (Friday, May 21st) was the last time I took any oxycodone. By that night I was going through the moderate withdrawals I mentioned earlier. I wanted to go for as long as I possibly could through those withdrawals before taking the suboxone. So I went through the moderate withdrawals until the following night, Saturday, when at about 11:15pm (or 30+ hours since my last oxycodone) I took the suboxone. I took a few of the 8mg tablets about 30 min apart from each other, and it took about 2 hours for the withdrawals to fully go away. It's important to note that SOME remnants still lingered around in the first 24 hours after taking suboxone (at least for me they did, for others I've heard that they were 100% fine), but they weren't anywhere nearly as harsh as the normal withdrawals, just a few chills and what not from time to time. However, after about 24-30 hours after the initial induction, I took an additional 4mg tablet and by the next day I virtually felt fine.

    However, the whole point was that I would ONLY be on suboxone for *NO* more than 7-12 days, and while I was taking it I would be tapering myself off of it the entire time. One thing that I'm almost sure about from experience is that TWO MILLIGRAMS OF SUBOXONE WILL HAVE THE SAME EFFECT AS 8MG or 12MG OF SUBOXONE; you do NOT NEED TO TAKE a full dosage in order for it to work effectively and for the entire day (at least this is true for me, it may be different for others). So if you want to be fully off of all opiates/pills/whatever, as I do, then while taking suboxone, be sure to taper yourself off of it while you're on it. For example, the first day (the induction) I took probably 16-24mg, but in the 1-4 days after that, I took no more than 4mg about 24-30 hours apart from each other. Suboxone has a half-life of 24-37hours (from what I've heard from others - I have not had this independently confirmed by a doctor, but from my experience this seems certainly accurate) so you do not NEED to take suboxone every morning or every evening at the same time. If you wish to simply use suboxone as a means of successfully getting opiates, then do a minimal dosage about 24-36 hours apart from each other - or however long you can go. This has worked perfectly for me, and I feel fine after taking 2mg (or less) of suboxone after going 30hours without taking it.

    Another thing that helped me and I think can help others is smoking marijuana while going into the mild-to-moderate withdrawals for the first time. For whatever reason, smoking marijuana seems to lessen the withdrawals and alters my psychological state into not wanting to do any pills. I've heard from others that combining the two (suboxone and marijuana) provide a great synergy. Then, in the final days when you're getting off the suboxone and taking <2mg, try to smoke weed throughout those last few days. I firmly believe that this helps a lot.

    So basically, to put it in a nutshell, if you're on a methadone and would like to get off of it, then I would suggest you stop taking methadone and begin taking oxycodone regularly for about 3-5 weeks, until you feel the methadone is out of your system. If you are not familiar with oxycodone and don't know how many you should take after getting off the methadone, I would suggest just taking 1 pill at a time until you feel normal (if you can't get them from a doctor, then perhaps you can try to get them elsewhere). After you've been off of methadone and have been taking oxycodone for 3-5 weeks, start to taper off of oxycodone until you're on a minimal dosage. (If you have never taken methadone and only take oxycodone, then you can ignore these last few sentences and just pay attention to the rest). Then, after your last dosage of oxycodone, go as long as you think you can, try and endure the mild-to-moderate withdrawals for as many hours as you can, and then take the suboxone (an 8mg tablet is the average induction dose, but for people with very high tolerances to oxycodone such as myself, you may need to take more; I took at least 16-24mg, but that was ONLY during the induction. In the days after, I took no more than 4mg each time). As I said, the whole point is to taper yourself off of the suboxone so that your body DOES NOT get dependent on it as it did with methadone, oxycodone, or whatever else. That's why I believe that going no more than 7-12 days on it, while progressively tapering yourself off of it throughout that time, is the right thing to do.

    I am on practically the last day or two of being on suboxone, and have been taking <2mg on each of my last doses (which were about 30 hours apart each). I feel good in the sense that I'm off of oxycodone/methadone, but in terms of the side effects of suboxone, I do feel a bit lazy and somewhat abnormal to a degree - the feeling is hard to describe. One part of me (the good part) is telling me NOT to go back to my pain management doctor (whose appointment I have within a day) and get a refill on oxycodone, which would render everything I've done in the past few weeks useless and pointless. On the other hand, the dependent side of me (the bad part) is trying to justify to myself that going back on it, on a steady daily dose, would make me feel normal again.

    Your advice and counsel from board members would certainly be appreciated. The ironic part is that I use to bash my friends for doing pills and chastise them. Then one ex-gf gave me a percocet while I had a mean sore throat, and I took them for a few days, and hanging out with her opened up me to it. Then I moved down to Florida, and well, you guys can figure out the rest from there.

    Your words and advice in discouraging me from going back to the scheduled appointment I have with my pain management doctor could really help me a lot. It's just that bad part of me, the dependent part of me, which is telling myself that I should just take them the way they're prescribed just so I could feel normal again. As of right now, I do feel normal for the most part, just lazier than normal, but that could be just because I'm still on a very low dosage (<2mg) of suboxone, and perhaps that will go away when I'm completely off of them.

    I genuinely wish the best of luck to each and every one of you. Please don't hesitate to post your experiences, whether they be similar or not, as each one of us has the power to help another.
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  2. oxydillyodle

    oxydillyodle Newbie

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    Jan 1, 2009
    52 y/o Female from Canada
    the easiest withdrawal ive had and ive had many....was to take the patch, fentynal....ya...i switched to it and worked my way down from 100-75-50-25 over a 2mth period....and when i was on the 25 strength i would use surgical tape and tape off a portion on the side that goes against your skin.....everytime i would change my patch i would tape off more and more until it didnt matter anymore....one day my wife asked me were i was sticking my patch and i realised it had come off in bed the night before and i hadnt noticed it had been gone for 23hrs....
  3. MChim

    MChim Newbie

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    Mar 25, 2011
    Male from U.S.A.
    First.. my drug use history.

    October 2009 - Started taking Oxy 30mg pills.

    June 2010 - Could take 6 30mg pills without getting high.

    June 2010 - Started taking heroin just to feel normal because I couldn't afford the oxy anymore.

    For the past 3 weeks and 4 days I have been taking 65mgs of methadone and after reading the HORROR stories about the month long withdrawal and things like that I need to get off ASAP. What should I do? I was thinking of accumulating 50-60 30mg pills of oxycodone to get off of the methadone safely and then from there getting suboxone from a doctor and kicking the habit once and for all and getting my life back together. I haven't felt a high in over 6 months. I HATE taking drugs and want to be over with this ASAP. Please help.. private message me.. email me.. anything. I need help. Please someone get back to me. I will owe my life to you if I can get off safely without too much discomfort. :(

  4. Dickon

    Dickon Newbie

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    Oct 17, 2008
    Male from U.K.
    That is certainly one way to go at least if you can use the oxycodone responsibly. For many using short acting opiates is more difficult to control, since the fluctuations in blood levels lead to more ups and downs. I have found that tapering methadone down is generally not so bad. I don't think I'm unusual in this, and if you can it might make sense to drop the methadone slowly to about 20mg/day or ideally less. If you are on a low enough dose it should be ok to make the switch to buprenorphine directly although you could, if you wish, substitute oxycodone for methadone for a few days if you wish.

    Most importantly don't panic.

    All best wishes