how much stem would it take????

Discussion in 'Cannabis' started by wudupdoe, Feb 17, 2007.

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    Feb 10, 2007
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    ok I know SWIM can make like tea or w/e with My stems to get SWIM a high...but I know it would take alot but what like a wide guess of about how much of weight of stem would it take to get one a nice buzz going.
    And if SWIM lets the stems soak in really hot long would it take for most the thc to get into the water?
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    Ok, subject Q's gf is a big fan of this tea... she usually puts the stem's in a large transparent pot with hot water and drinks a cup once the water has turned to a dark color... subject Q has tried this many times... don't expect to get a usual high out of it... is more like a relaxing sensation... like everything is cool and chilling... quite a smooth soft high... pretty good for listening to some chillout music with good company and having deep philosophical conversations. [not for getting totally wasted and much icecream... while laughing about some incredibly stupid thing... (that's pretty cool too, smoking is the best way to go that route)]
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    Can we all say PLACEBO?

    First of all, even if there were enough THC in stems to get you high, which there ISN'T, it wouldn't work simply by boiling them as you would need some kind of oil for the THC to be absorbed into so that it could be injested.

    Even the dankist stems found INSIDE of the nugs covered in crystals, You would need litereally ounces of stems to catch a buzz.... and would need to ingest it after extracting it into oil or butter.

    Just an FYI here

    p.s. making a tea in the fashion described above does make a tasty tea, if you enjoy the taste of weed and know how to appreciate tea ... but will not get you high.