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Comedown - How to ease the comedown

Discussion in 'Opiates & Opioids' started by cra$h, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. cra$h

    cra$h Silver Member

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    Oct 21, 2007
    Male from PA
    I've been looking through the forum, and there really isn't much on this topic. And if there's any advice it's sparsely scattered through very few threads. So I've taken the liberty to ask fellow swimmers what their little tricks are to help cope with being dopesick.

    As for swim, he ain't got much to offer. For oral users, Tums work miracles, and is all you really need. As for any other method, a nice cold glass of water and avoiding a cig (as tempting as it is) can help. Also avoid moving about and eating help.
  2. Spucky

    Spucky Palladium Member

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    Feb 9, 2009
    Male from japan
    AW: How to ease the comedown

    When the noisy cat was still addicted she used spec. "Breathing-Techniques"
    and "Autogenic Training" (have a look at scroogle for it)
    She learned it once in a Rehab!
    The Cat highly recommend it because the benefits are definitivo there.

    This works very well for 30-60min.
  3. Odie2Short

    Odie2Short Silver Member

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    Oct 7, 2009
    Awesome. Swim reccomends some Sugar water, and if you have access to them, Valium, Xanax, any type of medication to keep you not to aware of how shitty your feeling. Smoke a bowl and mabye have a beer. Just make sure your not making a new habbit from leaving an old one. Even tho in Swims personal experience he would rather be addicted to alcohol again then opiates..
  4. I_8_my yellow crayon

    I_8_my yellow crayon Newbie

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    Sep 6, 2009
    31 y/o Male from Canada
    Being dopesick is just plain hell, and unfortunately there isn't much to put the fires out. Swim was never fully addicted to heroin, just a few times a week user. But, he was however addicted severely to dilaudid(hydromorphone). He used upwards of 150mg a day. So none the less, thats alot of dilaudid. He preferred the dilaudid because he always knew the purity of what he is getting. Anyways, swim would use low grade painkillers, to ease. If there were times when his script ran out, and he had no or minimal money, he would depend on as said before, rest, as much of a stress free environment as possible, and flunitrazepam, basically because it is the only benzo that never ceases to amaze swim. This drug can literally send swim into lala land even when experiancing severe opiate w/d. Swim does not recommand this one to others though as he had a severe reaction once to it. Swim took the drug, then was able to score an hour later, being the junkie he was at the time, he used the dope he scored only 2 hours after injest 1.25mg of flunitrazepam, which if swims friend may add, sent him into cardiac arrest by the time the hospital was reached. But, swim now uses more mild benzos when in w/d such as valium and xanax(swim knows these arn't "mild" benzos but they are compared to rohypnol) Benzos's in the right dosage help swim alot such as but not limited to,

    valium 30-40mg(large dose for benzo niave, be careful)
    xanax 7.5-10mg
    serax 60-90mg
    Note: these are all high doses of benzo's for someone niave, in swims opinion. exercise caution.

    Also swim will add, due to a pain condition he has, he usually was not forced to run out. But that isn't very helpful to swiy, so, swim always had his friend(who was a very understanding girl who did not judge him and loved swim very much) xome over and take care of him. He would talk about his drug problems with her while she gave him is meds and kept an eye on. Swim finds having company around helps him. He usually gets a few things off his chest as well, which also makes him feel better. Swim drinks lots of fluids, he takes centrum. Scientologists believe too that a calcium/ magnesium drink calms nerves. Mixed 50/50. Swim was given this at a narconon rehab for opiate withdrawal. But swim will add, as an avid opiate user, he always kept things around that had little to no interest to him when his dope was in abundance, but were neccessity when dopesick. Swim always kepts a few norcos'/vicodin or tylenol 3 or 4, plus a few benzo's.Swim went into withdrawal once with no "helper" meds and decided never again, so while he was having fun getting high, he would maybe buy so much of his drugs, then sacrifice a dose per week, and spend it on w/d meds.