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TEK - How to inject morphine IR pills (except ABG's)

Discussion in 'Morphine' started by Balzafire, May 3, 2010.

  1. Balzafire

    Balzafire Palladium Member

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    Apr 25, 2009
    59 y/o Male from U.S.A.
    I thought seriously for months about not sharing this information to keep others from going to places I have been, but decided that for harm reduction purposes I would share this knowledge after all.
    Morphine sulphate tabs - at least the ones made by Mallinckrodt that have "M" on one side and the milligram dosage listed on the other side are pretty easy to shoot if you know how.
    The ones with "ABG" instead of "M" don't work nearly as well with this method. I hated those.... figured they were manufactured by republicans or something.
    First, clean the outer covering off the pill and cut it in half. Set aside.
    Put about 20 flakes kosher or pickling salt into spoon (a small pinch) OR swiy could use prepared saline solution you can buy at the drugstore in lue of mixing your own water and salt.
    If using a 1 cc rig, draw up 1 cc and another 1/3 cc's water and place in spoon containing the salt. Place pill halves in spoon and immediately heat. (Don't let it soak too long before heating). Cook it well, mash it with needle cap as soon as they soften until broken up well, maybe heat a bit more and draw thru cotton like you normally would do. You should get, due to evaporation, a yield of about 70 or 80 units in a U-100 syringe, or about .7 or .8 cc's.
    The gel will never happen because its a carbomer gel and carbomer gels are "broken" by salt. I knew this from the work I did.
    Remove cotton and let the wash dry out. It will quickly dry out like a hard potato chip and release from the spoon as a chip.
    Save it until you have several, chop them well and place them into a spoon with already very hot salted water, cook a bit and draw thru cotton. This will make you all warm and fuzzy and is the best use of wash "chips".
    I hope this keeps anyone from injecting any gel. As for me, the last time I went without for 4 days due to inability to score, I moved to kratom and have been very happy with only that for months now. I hope others will try it. Kratom would do nothing for me while I had sho-nuff opiates in my system, but once they were out, kratom filled my needs even better than the mean ol' Mrs. "M".
    I did 4 measured teaspoons T&W twice a day for those who might wonder.
    Good luck with life - if you are banging opiates anything like I was, then that is not a good thing.
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  2. jnil119

    jnil119 Newbie

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    Nov 26, 2012
    Male from U.S.A.
    My buddies buddy has some 30mg IRs and is wondering what the best amount

    jnil119 added 3 Minutes and 40 Seconds later...

    My buddys buddy has some 30 mg irs and is wondering what is the best amount of water to use when IVing half the pill. He knows theres lots of powder left after doin a shot and washes it a few times...great rush he says!! high doesnt last very long but just wanted some more info on water amount to get the best bang for his buck on first shot? (also trying to be a lil coservative...only gets them on rare occasions)
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  3. Soma Cruz

    Soma Cruz Newbie

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    Aug 15, 2012
    Male from U.S.A.
    ^Well, morphine's pretty water soluble, you'd only need 50 units (actually less, but we're figuring some water will get absorbed into the binders), so half a cc would work.

    Also, OP, that TEK's interesting, I never thought of making up a saline solution to prevent gelling. I rarely shoot pills these days but will try this out next time I do and report back.