Opinions - How to throw a great party, without alcohol poisoning

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    Jan 18, 2005
    yea any tips on how to throw a small but decent party with a lot of vodka and no alchohol poisoning?
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    Jan 6, 2005
    <t></t><table border="0" height="1333" width="100%">
    <t><tr><td height="242" width="100%">[​IMG]

    perfect party is an ever-elusive event;
    occurring almost as infrequently as the aligning
    of the planets or the passing of the Millennium.
    Unbalanced girl/guy ratio, keg congestion, and
    cops are but a few of the hurdles one must
    overcome to achieve the title of a
    "phat" party. It's amazing that college
    students will spend hours studying the
    unimportant topics of physics, economics, and
    law but fail to spend more than a few moments
    preparing for one of mans greatest social
    achievements; the house party. Fortunately for
    you, we here at QC, have commissioned a study
    from the most degenerate party-goers of our
    time, and their report, in it's entirety is
    presented before you today!

    <td height="21" valign="middle" width="100%">[​IMG]
    - Plan for three
    <td height="514" width="100%">Yep
    that's right. Every party is actually 3 parties
    in disguise; with each element requiring special
    planning and unique consideration. The three
    unique parts of the party are as follows.

    The Pre-Party: This is the small circle
    of friends who gather to get faded before the
    rest of the party arrives. It is wise to save
    your best beer for the pre-party since you'll be
    too drunk at the other parties to care. Girls
    will usually pull out a blender and make mixed
    drinks and pose for snapshots in their hootchie
    outfits and guys will play dominos or watch
    Sports Center. Pre-parties usually begin in the
    early evening and go until 10:00 PM.

    The Party: This part is the so-called
    "real" party; after the pre-party but
    before the post-party. The party usually begins
    after 10 and last until 2. This is the longest
    part of the party but is ultimately the least
    important. Think of it as the pre-party for the
    post party.

    The Post-Party: This is the actual
    "real" party; the time after the cops
    have come and everybody has gone home except for
    friends and recently acquired hook-up prospects.
    During the post-party the "secret" keg
    is revealed and the party continues on a smaller
    more personal scale. Ninety five percent of
    hooking up occurs in the post-party. The post
    party begins at 2 or 3 in the morning and
    continues until the last man falls down in his
    own putrid vomit. Sometimes a trip to Taco Bell
    signals the start of the post-party.

    <td height="21" width="100%">[​IMG]
    - The Alcohol</font></td>
    <td height="337" width="100%">Alcohol
    is the quintessential party favor and ALL great
    parties are runneth over with it in some form or
    another. Whether it's brewed from potatoes,
    wheat, sugarcane, or cactus alcohol is the least
    common denominator for party success. After all,
    what other substance makes us invulnerable to
    criticism, enhances the appearance of women and
    men alike, and provides us with the unthinkable
    courage to brazenly flaunt our own
    greatness.� Divide your alcohol into the
    following categories and make sure you have
    twice enough as you expect to use. Having too
    much booze is a thousand times better than not
    having enough.

    Beer: Plenty of beer is key. Plan on 1
    keg per 20 people. Kegs need not be filled with
    expensive beer because no-one will actually care
    for more than half an hour. The key to kegs is
    location and availability of re-enforcement
    kegs. Poor supply chain management will cause
    your party to suck and people will leave.

    Shots: Shots are the fast, easy way to
    get faded and every good party has tons of them.
    Plus, shots are social and people like to do
    them together; thus even the wallflowers in the
    corner are enticed to join the festivities. Body
    shots, requiring salt and lime, are a great
    ice-breaker when trying to schmooze up to a

    Mixed Drinks: Were there only guys at
    your party mixed drinks would have never been
    invented. Alas, women throw and attend parties
    and must be made to feel included as well.�
    Rum and cokes, screwdrivers, and the
    ever-popular Red Bull Vodka are good ones to
    have. These are also handy to chase the shots
    you just took.

    Novelties: Jello shots and watermelon
    soaked vodka are always a hit. For some reason
    men and women alike will eat and drink these
    until they pass out cold.

    <td height="20" width="100%">[​IMG]-

    The Music</font>
    <td height="20" width="100%">Music
    is the pulse of your party and without it people
    are forced to speak and communicate. Remember,
    no one actually likes speaking to strangers and
    music will cover up the awkward silence that
    follows almost everything you say. Should you
    ever find yourself with nothing to say you can
    just shut your eyes and move your head. Whoever
    you are talking too will assume you're too faded
    to function and quickly walk away. Music can
    also enhance your drunkenness, especially if
    it's 80's music. Also, when there's music
    there's always dancing. Usually a group of
    chicks will start dancing by themselves to get
    the dance floor going. No guy actually likes
    dancing but since that's what girls do guys are
    forced to follow suit. Since you can dance with
    people without ever speaking to them dancing
    will greatly increase the hook up ratio of your
    party and cause people to remember it with
    fonder memories.

    <td height="20" width="100%">[​IMG]-
    <td height="20" width="100%">Ultimately,
    the success of your party is going to be
    determined by the people who come to it. An
    equal amount of girls and guys is the ideal, yet
    unattainable goal. No matter how many girls you
    invite and no matter how many guys you dis-invite,
    you will always end up with more guys at your
    party than girls. This is one of the greatest
    mysteries of college life. Furthermore, goofy
    looking kids who don't drink are not allowed in
    since they occupy valuable airspace that could
    be preserved for a alcohol-consuming guest. Fun,
    crazy girls are the focal points of all college
    parties and you should make it your goal to have
    as many of them as you can. Guys love them and
    chicks study them. Your fun, crazy chicks should
    be hot, but most of the time their scandalous
    behavior will please regardless of how hot they

    <td height="20" width="100%">[​IMG]-
    The Po-Po</font></td>
    <td height="20" width="100%">All
    good parties result in at least one police
    visit. It is one of the things you just have to
    sack up and deal with. Theres no way around it.
    The best way to avoid this of course is to tell,
    or better yet invite, your neighbors to your
    party. Inviting the older neighbors shows your
    friends that you're cultured and well rounded,
    and it allows these post-college guests to get
    nostalgic about their own drunken days of
    yesteryear. Should the police roll through be
    aware of your rights and don't be afraid to
    stand your ground. Send out your smoothest
    talking friend and deputize him with all powers
    of negotiation. Any ticket is immediately
    divided between the members of the house,
    regardless of whose friend caused it in the
    first place. In some ways the cops coming is a
    blessing in disguise as it ends the "random
    people" occupation of your pad as well as
    signals the start of the post party, which is
    actually the "real" party.

    <td height="20" width="100%">Despite
    your popularity or level of "coolness"
    any college student can throw the perfect party.
    You see, parties don't change. Only people and
    trends change. The same principles that made you
    grandparents post-war shin-digs raving success's
    can turn your "pimps and ho's" or
    "heaven and hell" into the party of
    the year. By following these time-tested
    traditions and fundamentals you will hook up
    more, have more fun, and truly enjoy those 7
    years we so lovingly refer to as college.

    http://www.quikcondoms.com/content.jsp?ch=college_corner&amp ; ;id=153</span>


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  3. Muirner

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    Feb 19, 2005
    from U.K.
    This is a great toppic, and i cant believe it was asked... Here is my directions:

    -Dont tell anyone but your friends
    -Dont tell ANYONE! until the night of the party
    -Mix drinks, dont drink straight
    -Stop when drunk
    and most importantly
    Wear a condom, because if you dont your small party, will turn into a small family. And god knows if your asking for party help then to the parenting forums you go [​IMG]. Hope all goes well.

  4. OiledMandible

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    Apr 26, 2005
    Great post, clu222.

    /the printer is running [​IMG]
  5. hippie_lain

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    Oct 10, 2004
    from U.S.A.
    Awesome post. But one thing that is to be taken into consideration is the type of party you want. Different types of alcohol and people can make totally different parties. Your going to want to have more than vodka if its more than just friends. The people throwing it(you and a few others) should take muirners advice and stop when drunk orelse youllbe to drunk to pick up on the girls whenthey ask so this is your party... If its going to be around high school level be sure that you check out ppls drunk record..its a smart idea for teenagers drinking lots of liquer(god knows Im one of them). And its always fun to get alot of "real" partiers(crazy drunks)to get things going. A punch bowl Incredible hulks(hypnotic and hennesy) is great. Zero grounds for the experts ;).
  6. sterling77

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    Apr 21, 2005
    from denmark
    Let me re-emphasize Muirner: Don't tell anyone until the night of the party.

    This is valuable information and should be followed unless you want a mob of the gayest people on earth.
  7. Toria

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    Feb 12, 2005
    just don't invite any stupid people, especially ditzy girls who don't know how to hold their alcohol.
  8. jatzstoned

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    Jan 18, 2005

    my friend is always bragging about hulk, i think i'll have him bring it , wut i think i'll do is tell all my so-so friends that its cancelled so i dont gotta wry about too many, then see how it goes from there
  9. Dreeker

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    Jan 7, 2005
    from earth
    Heres how to pull of a great party

    Tell ur closest friends to start a pool for a party for alcohol. tell them to tell NOBODY whose party its going to be.

    Then, call ur friends and tell them to each bring 2-3 people, about 4-6 hours before the pre-gaming

    then only ur friends come to pre-gaming where u play pong, make small talk

    then real party comes, u whip out the rest of the alcohol have fun, then tell everyone to leave @ 12 or 1, thell be gone @ 2 or 3, and then u and ur friends can finish the party.

    I have done 4 of these at my house succesfully when my parents have been gone for only 16 hours (like 3x 10and 1x 16) only 1 time cops showed up and told me to keep the noise down, but no trouble otherwise.

    Also have ur fiends park away from ur house, so it is not THAT easy to tell where the party is

    LASTLY, NO BONGS PERMITTED OUTSIDE.... many of my friends parties have been busted up because some nosey neighbor calls the cops after seeing 3-4 kids with a 4 footer outside

    Stay safe, being a responsible adult is the way to go!
  10. MINUS

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    Feb 11, 2005
    A truley great party depends on two main things: Who you invite, and what you serve.

    When you're throwing a party you want to be selective about who you invite. You dont want to invite the guy that gets violent when he's drunk, this will only end with the police coming and some of your shit broken. You dont want to invite the jealous boyfriend, this is usually also the violent drunk, everytime that some one speaks to his girlfriend there will be a conflict, and conflict should be avoided at all costs. You dont want to invite the the jealous girlfriend either. You dont want to invite the drama queen, because it will end up with her crying in the corner and all of her friends consoling her, this takes atleast five girls out of the party, not good. You dont want to invite the girls the have two shots and say,"Oh my good I'msoo drunk" These girls will not shut up, it's annoying and can ruin anyones time. But if they are really hot then its okay.There is also a bunch of other obvious people you dont want to invite such as: the goth that doesn't talk, the "sexual predator" who doesn't gets that no means no, thecock blocks, narks,and the ugly girl who thinks she's hot.

    You wnat to invite people who will have a good time, and respect you, your house/apartment/dorm, and your belongings.

    What to serve: From my own personal experiences I no longer serve whiskey or tequila, these drinks tend to make people get "out of hand".

    I suggest having plenty of beer, shot of Jagermeister, vodka, mixed drinks, and some "bitch drinks" such as triple black, shcmernoff ras, etc..

    What you serve decides what type of party you have so choose wisely[​IMG]
  11. Softrat

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    Apr 18, 2005

    Well..............[​IMG]This is good advice if you don't want a mess or any problems. But if your lookng to score some strange (ie: new poon) the lower the IQ of the biotches the better![​IMG]
  12. Diphenhydramine

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    May 24, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    Hahaha, this reminds me of the first party I ever threw. Some
    bitch was gonna throw a huge (like over 300 person) party at this
    mansion, but it got cancelled. The night that it was supposed to
    happen, we told a bunch of people to try and stop down at this kid's
    house (my friend's). Shit, we hooked up a stereo system so loud
    that kids driving into town could hear our music at the 7-11, which was
    a good mile at least down the road.

    Fucking a huge jacuzzi, inside it's own jacuzzi shack with disco ball
    (and no other lights there), a huge lawn covered with oriental rugs and
    couches and coffe tables with candles, and a drunken me giving people
    tours of the kid's property via a really fast lawnmower with a wagon
    attached. Hahaha, try driving one of those fuckers with your
    knees, while holding a drink in each hand, while smoking, with drunk
    kids falling out of the wagon. That's real skill bitch.

    Needless to say, party got busted big time. By the popo. Something like 18 arrests I think. Including me.

    Oh, and if you want to avoid alcohol poisoning at a party, keep a lot
    of food out that people will eat, and drinks to drink other than booze
    so if someone is actually thirsty they'll have something nonalcoholic
    and ration the alcohol, like just keep enough to keep things going, and
    whenever it runs out, get someone to do a booze run. If it's a
    cool party, people will just bring alcohol to share or sell, so that's
    no prob.

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