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Huge Bite Taken Out of Drug Trade

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by PenguinPhreak, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. PenguinPhreak

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    Mar 28, 2005
    Huge Bite Taken Out Of Drug Trade

    by Lance Anderson, (03 Jun 2005)

    Peterborough This Week Ontario

    Two members of Hell's Angels, and one ex-member, were arrested Thursday
    following a number of police raids in the Peterborough area which
    police say have broken a massive drug network stretching all the way to
    London, Ontario.

    More than 100 OPP and Peterborough-Lakefield police officers met at the
    Evinrude Centre at 4:30 a.m. Thursday to organize simultaneous
    drug raids throughout Peterborough city and county as well as at other
    locations in Ontario. In the end, 25 people, 20 from the local
    area, were arrested and charged with numerous drug trafficking

    "The tentacles of organized crime are far-reaching," says Inspector Don Bell of the OPP's Biker Enforcement Unit.

    "There were two current members ( of Hell's Angels ) and an ex-member
    arrested but all others fall into the network of Hell's Angels."

    City police deputy chief Ken Jackman says normally with drug raids,
    street-level dealers are caught. However, this time, he adds,
    police were able to arrest those pulling the strings.

    "This will have an impact on drug availability in the city...for how long we don't know," says Deputy Chief Jackman.

    Insp. Bell admits it's difficult to investigate Hell's Angels because of its "sophistication."

    "Through disclosure and education, ( they learn ) law enforcement
    techniques and are able to adjust their activities," says Insp.

    In total, 14 search warrants were executed in Peterborough and
    Peterborough County as well as various Ontario locations. Items
    seized during the course of the investigation included cocaine,
    ecstasy, marijuana, oxycodone, steroids, Percocets and drug
    paraphernalia. Approximately $50,000 cash was also seized.
    Those arrested include current David Wayne Fretz, 43, of Peterborough,
    who police say is an ex-Hell's Angels member.