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Addiction - I need help detoxing from roxy's(30mg oxycodone)

Discussion in 'Oxycodone' started by brandon561, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. brandon561

    brandon561 Newbie

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    Nov 27, 2008
    Male from U.S.A.
    Swim has been abusing oxycodone for the last year or so, on and off. Swim is getting to the point where he wants to stop taking these pills all together, but is interested in finding the safest way for me to detox fully off them. Swim takes about 30 to 90mg a day usually around 30mg since swim has no job.Swim can take up to about 150mg and not be messed up, hes got sort of a tolerance. Swim wants to know the best way for him to get off them without hurting his body. Swim has heard coming off roxycodone can be very bad on your body. So, if anybody has been through what im talking about please share your experiences.

    brandon561 added 1342 Minutes and 40 Seconds later...

    Any swimmers out there that can give swim some help? Swim is trying to act fast on trying to kick this. If that means lowering the dose to help withdraws swim would like to start very soon.
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  2. brandon561

    brandon561 Newbie

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    Nov 27, 2008
    Male from U.S.A.
    Re: Swim needs help detoxing from roxy's(30mg oxycodone)

  3. Killa Weigha

    Killa Weigha Newbie

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    Nov 2, 2010
    Male from mexico
    Re: Swim needs help detoxing from roxy's(30mg oxycodone)

    Dude, there are so many threads that can help you out if you just go look for them. Check on the Recovery and Addiction forum. Your problem is not unique and literally thousands of drug forum members have posted helpful advice there. Good luck.
  4. Spucky

    Spucky Palladium Member

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    Feb 9, 2009
    Male from japan
    AW: Swim needs help detoxing from roxy's(30mg oxycodone)

    As long as Swiny is not ready to suffer as long a Withdrawal is futile!

    The WD. itself is the most easy part of the whole,
    give up to look for "instant Solutions",
    the Human Life is not working in that easy going Mode :)

    And the Member above me is right,
    there are countless Threads about this Topic,
    but anyway- we are here to help each other :vibes:
  5. catseye

    catseye Gold Member

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    Oct 21, 2009
    Female from U.K.
    Re: Swim needs help detoxing from roxy's(30mg oxycodone)

    hi there :)

    As far as withdrawing being harmful the body - honestly, managing an opiate addiction is far worse ;)
    Catty thinks swiy might be talking about the physical discomfort of withdrawal when he says "hurting the body", and sadly there isn't a guaranteed 100% pain free option - everyone has to pay the piper.
    So yeah, there will be discomfort - there may be tummy upset, sweating, chills, muscle aches, cravings..those are some things to expect, and it differs for everyone.

    Tapering is generally done over 7 to 14 days, and many people choose to drop 5-10mg, stablise for a couple days, drop another 5-10mg, stablise for a couple days, etc until finally jumping off when they are ready. Some may say that the sooner you make the jump and come off, the sooner it's over, others may need to stretch it out longer.
    Remember, there is no right or wrong way to taper, or a taper that suits everyone - just go with what works best for swiy :)

    Stay hydrated, take drowsy antihistamines to promote sleep, steer clear of caffeine, have some immodium (loperimide) to hand for the tummy thing, and just get on with it ;) UTFSE to check for more coping tips, too - there's lots of info here if you look.

    Also...make sure that swiy is prepared to cope with life afterwards - have a plan in place that will help him occupy his time, work through anything that might have led to the habit, etc...just pointing out that side of it, ok? Sometimes its the "facing life sober" that's the difficult part!

    You know, it sounds like swiy just needs a little boost with courage to get this started - if swiy feels that he would like some support, why not start a head over to recovery & addiction and maybe start a journal when you begin the taper? It's a great way to keep track of thoughts and get some support too :)
  6. kingdxm

    kingdxm Silver Member

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Male from U.S.A.
    Re: Swim needs help detoxing from roxy's(30mg oxycodone)

    Several weeks ago swim went through opiate withdrawls. they lasted for about a week, but the cravings, insomnia, depression, and restless leg syndrome presisted. Swim finally got a refill for the pain meds but suffered for 2 1/2 weeks. Swim did some research into withdrawl symptoms and how to ease them should this happen again.

    The first thing one should do when coming down off opiates is to try and replace the lack of neurotramsmitters in the body, namely dopamine and serotonin. Next try and lessen the physical symptoms.

    Mucuna pruriens(velvet bean) contains l-DOPA and 5-HTP which will help regenerate dopamine and serotonin. velvet bean contains 3-9% l-DOPA and a lesser amount of 5-HTP. L-DOPA also increases testosterone and HGH.

    Clonidine can be used to ease the withdrawl symptoms such as high blood pressure and tachycardia. It also helps take away the sweating, hot/cold flashes, and general restlessness, although some may experience insomnia, which makes the detox worse.

    Potassium and magnesium can help ease restless leg syndrome caused by the decrease of dopamine in the brain. Swim suffered from this before using opiates and it got real bad.

    Benzo's definatly help for the first 4-5 days, if you have access to them.

    Valarian root and kava may help if you can't get benzo's and melatonin may help for the insomnia.

    Baclofen helps with the withdrawls as well as easing cravings. Phenibut works as well but it is about 20 times weaker.

    Tumeric extract works as a mild MAOI, which apparently increases dopamine and serotonin only. use caution if taking the velvet bean as the combo may raise blood pressure too high.

    Loperamide helps diarrhea and may help some of the other detox symptoms, although they didnt do jack for swim.

    Dextromethorphan can help with the withdrawls if you can handle it although doses of 200-300mg may be required. If one uses this don't take with the tumeric as this could cause problems.

    Tribulus Terrestris may help increase testosterone levels which drop when on opiates. Also DHEA may help with this also.

    Also take a multivitamin daily to replace vitamins and minerals.

    ibuprofen or some other antiinflammitory for muscle aches.

    Also here is a list of some herbs that may help with the psychological effects.Some of these herbs are backed up by mecical research. UTSE to check them out for yourself.
    Rhodiola rosea- The adaptogenic, cardiopulmonary protective, and central nervous system activities have been attributed primarily to its ability to influence levels and activity of monoamines and opioid peptides such as beta-endorphins.

    Thunbergia laurifolia- Apparently this herb works very similar to amphetamine by releasing dopamine.

    Salvia miltiorrhiza- This herb works by mediating dopamine systems in the brain and also causes sedation by a chemical in the plant that work like benzo's.

    Gentiana Macrophylla- pupotedly binds to dopamine receptors in the brain to help boost energy levels.

    laurelia novae-zelandiae(Pukatea)- Contains the alkaloid pukateine, which is a D2 receptor agonist. Increases dopamine levels in brain as well as producing nociception(pain killer). Chemically similar to apomorphine.

    Acanthopanax Gracilistylus Root - Bark-Helps boost dopamine levels to reduce behavioral inhibition associated with social anxiety. Has adaptogenic effects which improve performance ability during periods of psychological stress.

    Agnus castus(chaste tree berry)- Been shown to increase dopamine levels which suppresses prolactin. Used by women for years for PMS.

    Ibogaine and voacangine- These have been used to cure opiate addiction, as well as other drug addictions. Extreme cation should be used if one attempts to use these herbs.

    Well swim hopes that this information helps a little.