I passed up the best spliff in the world- 7 days off weed

Discussion in 'Cannabis addiction' started by nicholson_tyler, Oct 21, 2004.

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    Sep 8, 2004
    This probably isnt going to be an active topic or anything.. Just more of me rambling about how i was called an addict by a few people, (by addict they mean because i smoke WAY to much pot (haha, ya pot) and take alot fo 5meodipt,etc etc.. I decided to prove to them, and myself i was infact not addicted to any drugs whatsoever.. I already knew i wasnt physically, but mental addiction was my main worry. I decided on a wednesday to "kick the habits".. Just my luck, 20 min after i decide this and tell my girlfriend im done for a week, i am offered, and practically begged, to smoke and pop some 5meodipt with freinds. It took alot of will power but i declined, then 10 min later, another ferind stops by asking me to go smoke a 3 gram jay with him, i decline again, (this gets repetitive because in that one night i am offered and begged to come and "get fucked up" about 6 times)...

    Day 2: Going through slight mood swings, a little bit of depression.. life is more boring then i remember it to be.. Bumped my knee on the table, start cursing very loudly.. Am offered to come and smoke and take some pills about 8 times that day, but decline.. barely...

    Day 3: Pretty un eventful.. very dull, boring, irratable.. Am lucky, only offered 3 times today to get fucked up.. Decide i want to hang out with some freinds, so to feel liek im having a good time, have a few beers to keep me mellow..

    Day 4: Repeat of day 3..

    Day 5: Am lucky that i have a few family events to keep me busy, have some wine, come back and am offered yet MORE free marijuana and pills.. Feeling a little more clear minded, and coughign up a little bit of strange ass shit like the last time i quit. Decide to pass up the weed and pills, but come along to watch the session outside, just to feel part of it.. Drink a few beers.

    Day 6: Trying my best to keep busy, playing guitar, listening to music, cleaning the room.. Girlfreind came over which was good, went out into the city for a bit.. 11:00pm rolls around and 3 of some good freidns stop by with a bag of 14 grams of weed and 6 pills.. Want me to have some with them because thier celebrating something (dont know what it was, pretty much just an excuse to party).. PASSED IT UP YET AGAIN. now this is where it realy started bothering me.. i was on the fence of wanting some shit.. One part of me wanted it, but it just seemed like it did because of old habbitss.. The other side wanted to see how long i could go for.. So i decided i may not make it through th e night and gave away everythign i had.. i even washed my pipes with soap and water to get rid of teh resin so i wasnt tempted to smoke it.

    Day 7: Feeling very clear minded, perhaps more than i have within the passed year.. Do not feel much of a desire for any type of drug.. Mood lift.. Invite a realy good freind to come by (also is my smoking/dropping buddy).. Apparently he has decided to quit also which surprised me, the guy hasent went one day in 2 years without smoking atleast 4 jays and doing something else.. We decide to play some video games, but end up discussing how borign life is now and decide we need a "Yo-Yo" to pass the time.. realized we had no yo-yo and had not since we were kids.. Freind comes to the door and wants to blaze.. Now this is the freind i gave everything to.. include the resin in my resin hatch in my pipe that was building up for months.. aparently he decided to roll a giant jay with all the weed and resin i had given him.. My "cold turkey" freind cracks, and they both BEG me to go with them.. I decided i would go but not smoke.. We get there and i see the jay.. They know i want it.. They light it up and try to pass to me, but i just stare at it, then quiickly "pass on grass".. They continue to try and get me to take it.. i can see this is probably one of the best spliffs we have had in a long time, ( i notice this by my freinds face after he hits it, and by the constant coughing of my two huge pothead freinds who i have NEVER EVER seen cough)... I realize that all the resin i had saved with the crystal in it has combined to form possibly the best joint of existence, ( or atleast that has ever been available to us).. They continue to try and pass it to me, and then try to blow it in my face.. but lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) for me the wind is to strong in the oposite direction.. They pass and tell me to finish it off, knowing i was losing my will power by the second i decided to bolt about half a block down screaming to get away, atleast until i knew it was out.. They both agreed it was the best spliff they have ever smoked, and letme tell ya, they have smoked more than thier fair share.. I knew it would be, but also knew if i could pass down the best spliff in the world, in no way could i be mentaly addicted to marijuana or any other type of drug i had been doing.. I proved to myself i can go without drugs(sometthign that i always said i could do, but never attempted)...

    If you read to here, DAMN you must be bored as fuck today.. But i just figured i would share my non-logical, or relevant story with you guys..
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    Oct 23, 2004
    Congradulations. Damn, lol, that must've been sooooo fucking hard!! Wow.
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    Aug 20, 2004
    from belgium
    I hate it how people call you an addict. They wouldn't believe me if I said I wasn't addicted to weed. I smoke sporadically. Not even every two weeks. I even stayed off it for months on end without any problems.
    I do it because it's not addictive. Then they ask why I still do it from time to time, they think I must be addicted, since I started again. God people are so ignorant.
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    Jan 25, 2005
    Psychological addiction is bullshit.

    I'm psychologically addicted to:

    My wife

    Good Food

    The internet

    Digital media

    Video games

    Air conditioning

    Cold drinks

    If you have come to the conclusion that psychological addiction is just
    anything that improves the quality of your life congrats [​IMG]

    Sorry addiction must be physical and must continue even when the alternative is better.

    I've decided there is no reason to exclude the above things from my
    life as I enjoy them,and going without them would severely detract from
    my enjoyment of life.
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    Feb 19, 2005
    from U.K.
    Good work dude, that sounds like it'd be rough but hell keep up the good work.. how long are you going to be sober for?