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Injecting - i wanna know how to cook morphine pills and crisp them

Discussion in 'Morphine' started by sb2007, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. sb2007

    sb2007 Newbie

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    Sep 25, 2012
    from Canada
    how do i cook morphine up what are the best ways? i have been cooking mine and they seem to just gel up on me i dont know if im crisping righti dont know if im cooking right? how long to boil or even to boil any feed back on my post anyone? i got morphine 100ml capsuls slow release and the greys 100ml
  2. thebash

    thebash Newbie

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    Sep 30, 2012
    from earth
    Here's a very effective solution:


    I used a similar method for extracting morphine Hcl from pills and worked like a charm every time, though he doesn't remember the exact method but I used the same solvents and this way sounds even better and it may look hard but trust me it isn't and it's way safer than shooting the pills without getting rid of all the shit that the the pills have (this method gets rid of 97% of all the stuff that will kill you if you inject it into your veins).
  3. Tar S. Crystal

    Tar S. Crystal Newbie

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    Sep 23, 2012
    26 y/o from California, U.S.A.
    This is an email a friend of a frient sent me when he supplied my friend with some morphine 60 mg. Actually it's a long story, he never got the morph, but here are the instructions:

    How to prep morphine 60mg morph m instructions steps howto paula prepare inject shoot blast bang ABC 60 round orange/tan pill (im trying to type keywords so if i ever have to find this to send to someone else it will be easy to find in my gmails archives. ive already sent those w/d tips i sent u or at least versions of to other ppl a couple times). anyway heres how to prep these. i know uve done morph before or at least i think you have but people like __, _____ and ____ always fuck this up, its not that hard if you actually follow instructions but anyway the keys are lotta water, lotta boiling, move quickly. id read through these at least once before going ahead.

    nec items
    1. morph
    2. rig
    3. spoon
    4. plunger
    5.paper towel
    6. lighter
    7. cotton (3 pieces, the second two can be lil smaller than first, i wouldn't make 1st BIG but maybe slightly fatter than i am used to, however i think u use much bigger cottons than i do in general so maybe disregard that?)
    8. some sort of knife
    9. belt
    10. credit card
    11. paper, dollar bill, something to crush pill w

    1. prepare 3 cottons, plunger, lighter all on ur lap so are ready and in close reach when time comes
    2. remove extended release coating from around pill. i used to fingernail scrape but its much easier to put in mouth then dry on a paper towel. repeat as needed til no coating and pill is dry.
    3. crush pill into extremely fine powder. i use dollar bill then instead of pouring right into spoon like oc i put on table and crush finer with credit card then scrape in to spoon.
    4. if using 1cc 29 gauge standard needle you are going to use approximately 1.5 full syringes full of water. a lot is going to evaporate. i like to add 1 full syringe then stir up with plunger continueing to pulverize powder then add last .5 water around outside rim so as much as possible gets to center of spoon as later the water level will decrease potentially loosing some pill on the outside edge of the solution.
    5. begin to heat the solution. after the first bubbles appear begin counting. i boil the solution for a full 60-65 seconds (thats after it starts boiling and not missisipi seconds, pretty fast ones) but the trick is once it really starts to roll lower the lighter just enough so it keeps a consistent boil without blowing piping hot bursts of water on to ur skin potenitally causing even the steadiest hands to drop the solution. you'll know if you are heating it too much, just before the water bursts like i just described the boiling will actually stop/pause for just a second even tho the lighters still on it ( the calm before the storm i guess) if you notice this just in time you can remove the lighter before it pops. if this does happen tho do not be discouraged keep going with the flame slightly lower. i know this seems like a really long boil but as ive told you before as my understanding goes morphine is the only solution that does not loose medicine, only water as it evaporates. and my experience have led me this is correct. honestly the only reason i dont boil longer is i wouldnt have enough water to deal with afterwards. wow im rambling now sorry, and at this point the hurrying becomes clutch too (haha why you should read this before starting)
    6. immediatly when you take off lighter even tho there will be 5 seconds or so of continued boiling take the plunger and gently push the wash material towards the handle of the spoon leaving the clear solution towards the tip. this isnt that important but helps
    7. put 1 cotton in middle/tip side
    8. quickly draw up as much solution as possible on first few pulls bc even if uve sped to this point from when you stopped boiling by the time u flic enough bubbles out to start drawing more solution it will have cooled to the point where you will only be able to draw up miniscule amounts at a time. dont fear though if it looks like you missed a good aomunt, it will work with the recycling. for some reason morph becomes much gooeyer denser as it cools, it will still be shootable to an artist after its cooled but forget about drawing up more than .02 ccs at a time. the finished product is gonna be between .4-.7 at most, if you get to like .6 .7 and it seems u could keep going for awhile id just stop and save rest for next hit u prab didnt boil enough or something, if you end up have less than .3 you prab boiled too much or something
    9.houston we have blast off
    10. begin recycling immediatly. after uve cleaned your equipment, unless u keep the spooin in an airtight container (absolutely airtight) the solution will dry to a point you can not reanimate it with any amount of water. below are my recycling steps. they are same general concept as above but slightly dif amounts of water etc.

    1. gently move cotton with an upside down plunger to the tip of the spoon where it is out of the way of the rest of the solution which you are going to have to work with before getting down ( unless otherwise noted in the recycling section whenever i say plunger i mean the white flat side not the black plunging side) now it is important not to let the cotton fall or touch anything as most or at least hafl or ur recycling is going to be squeezed out of it. also be ware of loose strands of cotton, i know your not a newb but the prolonged boil can dissapate cotton more than u may be used to.
    2. in the meantime tho my next step is to push all of the loose still yet to dry liquidy whitish clear material into a small circle in the middle (the longer u wait to do recyc the less of this there will be)
    3. outside this small circle of loose solution there should be a grey outer circle of caked on solution. use a knife of somekind to scrape this off with repetetive horizontal strokes moving around the spoon. the grey material should for the most part stick to the end of the knife, what's remaining should be loose enough to fall or be pushed into solution later when water is added. this material sticking to the knife is what you want. about 4x throughtout doing this or whenever it looks like the tip of the knife cant hold anymore rub it on the side of the spoon (preferably a side that uve already scraped) once uve finished scraping push this material on the edge of the spoon towards the center circle of loose solution.
    4. now begin using the plunger or i find my right thumb sometimes easier to gently squeeze the liquid solution out of the cotton and towards the solution in the center. after a couple squeezes back the cotton off and use the plunger to push the liquid down towards the center circle. then repeat til cotton is dry, dispose of it.
    5. now add .5cc water and use the plunger (right side up) to push remaining solution on outer rim of spoon into inner circle and make sure all solution on inner circle is loose (not stuck to bottom as can happen before you start to boil)
    6. boil. this time i just go for 40-45 seconds under the theory most of what im about to suck ups already been boiled, im just mixing it with new water.
    7. use right side of plunger to seperate grey material to handle side like you did before
    8. drop in 2nd cotton and suckup solution. again speed is a factor but not as much so as before as this is going be a higher percent water and therefore not going to change as much with temperature shift.
    9. repeat steps 1-8 before shooting up, washing it twice is gonna be better for ur arms and honestly cuz ur doing this right after the first hit ur gona want the double wash to even feel anything, not that ull be complaining right after the first hit lol... {I was sober at the time} the only difference is use only .3cc of water to start with, boil for the full 60 instead of 40 seconds, and you dont need to seperate gunk from solution before adding cotton because you are just going to throw whats on spoon out after this anyway.
    10. suck up second solution with third cotton ( should be up to .7cc when done? prob less i donno gonna fluctuate a lot by how u did it) and BANG

    haha think i was specific enough ;)?

    peace love legalize