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Addiction - I want to fail for heroin on drug test without doing heroin

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by bryanj22, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. bryanj22

    bryanj22 Newbie

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    Jul 21, 2013
    33 y/o from U.S.A.
    Just as the headline says I want to fail a drug test for heroin. I want to get suboxone. I currently do random drug testing through court and I been buying suboxone off a Friend. I got a script for vicodin so I can take that for withdrawls from the suboxone but I ran out and have to buy them and its expensive. I can probably get suboxone b7t I want 90 a month so I can help a friend with an addiction problem too. I feel as if the dr will test me and find barely any opiates in my system and only prescribe me 30 a month or a low dosage. I want to tell him in the past I quit heroin which is honest truth with suboxone but I want to say that I took 3 a day I bought from someone and it worked and that's the dose I need to start at... can I buy heroin and sprinkle a little in the cup will that make me test positve for heroin? I cant do heroin becaise of my random drug tests or I would definitely go snort a ton of heroin. Can someone pleaze tell me what is the best way to go in there looking like a huge heroin addict and fail ghe drug test for heroin? I can play the role of withdrawls because I have been through nasty withdrawls before and I can stop eating vics and make myself withdrawl to help out. I can even puke whe waiting for the dr to come in the room...

    I know this sounds crazy but I need some help with this! I do have a problem its just not as bad as what im going to tell the dr. If I pass the drug test he will likely think im a mild userand give me 30 strips or something and j want to get 90 strips...

    please dont be a dick head just give me answers and dont judge me. I am trying to help myself and a friend that has no insurance. This is all in good intentions.

  2. SIR KIT

    SIR KIT Silver Member

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    Sep 19, 2011
    26 y/o from U.S.A.
    You don't have to be on heroin to get subs. My buddy gets 60 a month, when he went in for treatment he told the truth, that he was going through 30 10mg hydrocodones a day, which obviously would only be possible if you abused hydrocodone for years on end, otherwise 300mg of hydros would kill most people without a tolerance. Even though his story was true, he only had to fail for hydrocodone. And they don't test for amounts. As for dropping heroin in your pee cup, that's an interesting idea. Now i'm no expert on UAs, but my guess would be yes, that would definately make you fail for it. They are testing for trace amounts of THAT drug afterall. And somebody correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't morphine what they actually test for? Because heroin is a dirivitive of morphine in a way. As are a lot of ope pharms. I don't think the tests test for every specific opioid, there are just three or four that 90% of opioids will come up as, because in the liver the chems are changed. Like hydrocodone, they actually test for hydromorphone which is what comes out in your pee. Hydromorphone is also it's own more strong ope, unless i'm wrong hydromorphone is dilaudid. Tramadol is to odesmethyltramadol, as hydrocodone is to hydromorphone. That's your liver in action! Good luck, but just know, real addicts like the ones on this forum to not take kindly to fakers, because people like you make it harder for them to get the suboxone/methadone that they actually need. Try just buying bulk poppy seeds, if you have no heroin tolerance, they should get you through withdrawls easily and you may even catch a nice buzz, but that would defeat the purpose.
  3. opiatebattler

    opiatebattler Palladium Member

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    Jun 5, 2013
    from Australia
    Ive been going to different opiate replacement Drs and clinics on and off, for about 4 years. I have found that being brutally honest with your care provider is a much better approach to treatment. I am not judging you. I have told the clinic I am addicted to injecting methadone and I prostitute myself to buy heroin. By being very honest I have found I have a really great relationship with the workers at my clinic and they always believe what I say.

    I figure, these people have been working in drug and alcohol treatment long enough to have seen alot of stuff. They know drug addicts well enough to tell when we are lying or telling the truth.

    Suboxone is a heavy drug and I dont think its a good idea to get more than you need. Thats really dangerous. Is there a reason your friend cant access a drug treatment clinic themselves and just get treatment above board? If you get caught you will have trouble getting treatment after that.

    DF is a harm minimisation site. We share information about safer ways of using only. Getting prescribed more than you need is not safe. No one on the forum is going to give you a method to fake out your addicted to heroin.

    Please tell the Dr and any other health workers the whole truth about your drug use.That is the best way to get good treatment.

    You cannot just sprinkle heroin on urine and pass a drug test. The drug needs to pass through the kidneys to metabolise into urine.

    Please keep posting as id like to help you.
  4. TuesdayFullOfGrace

    TuesdayFullOfGrace Silver Member

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    Jul 28, 2013
    from U.S.A.
    While your intentions are noble, if your insurance finds out you are getting extra medication for someone not on your plan, you could be charged with insurance fraud.

    Some pharmacies have a program for people who don't have prescription coverage and sell the meds at a reduced price.

    The Suboxone doctors I know require their Suboxone patients make monthly clinic visits.

    Telling your doctor the dose you need may work and it may not, some doctors may perceive this a drug-seeking behavior. Doctors are also attune to people "faking it" and are not easily fooled, so pretending to be experiencing withdrawals may work against you.

    Sprinkling heroin in your urine will not yield a positive result. The drug tests actually test for the metabolites of opiates. Metabolites are what remains of the drug after your body processes the drug. The body metabolizes heroin into 6-monoacetyl-morphine, 6-acetyl-morphine is further metabolized into morphine, which is further metabolized into hydromorphone. Opiate drug tests detect morphine, and depending on the test, it may also detect 6-acetyl-morphine which would indicate heroin used within the last few hours.
  5. carter 1203

    carter 1203 Titanium Member

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    Nov 17, 2012
    from Michigan
    Do you want the suboxone for withdrawals from hydrocodone? Or the other way around? Your post is a bit ambiguous. I'm assuming that since you have to take random drug tests, having a prescription for vicodin would be okay since it's prescribed right. So is the suboxone that you've been buying off the street also tested for and you want to be legit?

    I've known people who had no problem getting prescribed suboxone coming off a hydrocodone habit. That I don't think should be an issue. I just fail to see why you would want way more than needed unless you plan to divert them. (you already admitted this) Lying about heroin usage is not going to get a doctor to prescribe 3 times more suboxone. I don't see this working. Your plan is sketchy either way.
  6. coolhandluke

    coolhandluke Titanium Member

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    Dec 18, 2009
    from U.S.A.
    sprinkling heroin into your urine will not cause your urine test to come up as positive. for heroin, and every other drug to my knowledge from different synthetic opiates, cocaine, benzos (some benzo's have to be tested specifically for) the urine test comes up positive if your urine contains the metabolite your liver produces to process whatever drug it needs to out of your system. if you fail a drug test for heroin its not because they detected the heroin molecule in the sample, its the chemical your liver produces to break down and process the heroin . as stated above with heroin and morphine the test will detect the same metabolite, at least in the majority of drug tests im sure further analysis could further distinguish between the two, but the same is also true for other drugs like some benzos, meth would also trigger a positive test for amphetamine however im pretty sure most tests have a specific meth test.

    also as stated above you should have absolutely no problem at all going in and telling them you have been off heroin for a time for several reasons such as your taking soboxone daily or almost so heroin wont bind to your opiate receptors so using heroin wouldn't get you high, also if your getting tested by the court system in your case they do not test for the metabolite soboxone produces so you went from being dependent on heroin to soboxone on your own so you wont go to jail (hopefully for other reasons too, im on a methadone and know first hand how much heroin and other opiates can fuck things up) and wont suffer withdrawal. the first two times i went on opaite replacment, the first time i got on soboxne and the second methadone, i was using oxycodone about 90 precent of the time so i wasn't a heroin addict. soboxne and methadone produce the same kind of dependance though much different than withdrawal from a drug like heroin or fentany being on a high dose and having to get a fix though the streets is going cause the same problems more traditional recreational opiates cause.

    the only question i would have is if your probation officer or the child custudy court or whatever started testing for soboxone .im sure when you started getting tested you had to give them a list of all your perscriptions and soboxone wouldn't be on there. i dont think it would be that big of a problem make sure you dont sign a release of information so your soboxone doctor and your probation officer can speak about you, so presumibly the doctor couldn't even confirm if your a patient because of confidentiality so it would be hard for them to prove you ommited something or were using a controlled drug without a perscription, if you were getting drug tested for a child custody case this could really fuck you over because the other's attorney could make you look like you had been taking illegal drugs while under court order not too.

    thats the only problem i can think of, if you are in a custody battle or something other than being drug tested by a probation officer such as some kind of law suit, a fact like that could be used by the other attorney to smear your image, call into question any testimony you gave, and just make your character questionable ( in the eyes of the court that is and many jurors would be less likely to believe a person who i know to have broken the law while under court order not to use drugs which could fuck you). if you involved in an open case of any kind you need to consult and attorney, if you were all ready sentanced and on probation than i might not think hiring an attoney would be worth the money, but if its a civil or other court case it could be a big deal.
  7. Phenoxide

    Phenoxide Super Moderator Staff Member

    Reputation Points:
    Oct 11, 2009
    from United States
    This one cannot go any further folks. Planning of illegal activity is against the forum rules. Asking for tips on committing medical fraud to acquire controlled substances, with intent to distribute, is a legal liability that we want no part in.
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