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    swims discovered and excellent but very hot on fingers maybe using welding glove holding the pipe would help,the method of vapourising your bud is,by place it in a glass pipe and then vapourizing it instintly with a blo-torch used for plubming, on full blust and use the tip or hottest point to vapourize the feels really hot and garsh but its NOT, but the taste is amazing way better than lighters or matchs,give it a try whats it going to cost roughly about 30.vapourizers are definately way more effeicent than smoking because are reported to relsease 95% of the main THC chemicals in cannabis,therfore producing a very pure (THC) intense 'HIGH' that some can find overwellming at first.its currently one of the best and safest know ways to consume THC
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    Use a Blow-torch to Vaporize?

    I am sure that 2,000 degrees is good for heating-up a piece of glass, and coaxing-out a monster hit. It sounds like a great way to get High. In fact, the next time I call Roto-Rooter, I might ask them to let me borrow their Blow-torch.

    But, technically Vaporizing marijuana must be done at a temperature less than 520 degrees. At this temp, the THC and Cannabinoids boil-off into vapors. However, when the temp gets above 520, the flowertops themselves burn (or smolder). When the flowertops are smoldering, they give-off smoke (albeit, probably less smoke than usual). So, by definition, Vaporizing does not occur when the marijuana is burnt.
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    use an oxy-acetaline torch