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Discussion in 'Hydromorphone' started by Tarsiercoma, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. Tarsiercoma

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    Feb 20, 2005
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    I have (3)2mg hydromorphone (M-2) and wants to intra-muscular hydrm. and wants to know if anyone can guide him through it safely for it is the first time. I was considering doing it in the thigh. Please help. He has a fairly high opiate tolerance, takes about 80mg of oxycontin to get high (orally)
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Forthesevenlakes

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    Feb 26, 2006
    You would probably have better luck doing an IV than an IM. For some reason he thinks that hydromorphone can't be used through IM.

    You can find more about doing so in this thread.

    6 mg may not be much for someone with a high opiate tolerance, but its worth a pun intended. read up on the thread SWIM linked to and You should get some idea of the proper dosage. or maybe try spacing out 2 mg shots to be safe. good luck.
  3. acexnx316

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    Here is something that SWIM typed up. May help :) Enjoy!

    How to inject Most instant release pills (Dilaudid, Roxicodone, Morphine IR, etc.)

    Injecting any substance can be bad. You can get infections, absesses, blow a vein, or hit an artery. There are all kinds of risks involved in intraveneous injection of pills. This guide intends to point out the common mistakes made, to assist You in making a safer injection.


    1 ordinary tablespoon (not a teaspoon)
    1 alcohol wipe or a cottonball and some hydrogen peroxide.
    Several cottonballs, or cuetips
    1 tourniquet, or a belt (not required)
    1 lighter
    1 small, clean cup with (preferably) distilled water in it.
    1 syringe
    And of course, pill(s).


    Find a flat, sturdy surface to do the cooking on. Clean the surface with some sort of disinfectant spray, or at least wipe it down.

    Wash You hands thoroughly, which is at least 25 seconds with a disinfectant soap. Be sure to wash the area You plan to inject into, also.

    Lay the spoon down on You cleaned, flat surface. You may want to set something under the handle of the spoon to make the spoon lie level, and not tilted to avoid the possibility of spilling.

    Using a mortar and pestle or pill grinder or something similar, grind up the pill(s) into a very, very fine powder.

    Pour the pill powder into the spoon, the amount will depend greatly from pill to pill depending on how many mg it is. Keep in mind though that it is always better to start small, and work their way up.

    Once You has poured the pill powder into the spoon, be sure that the it is completely powderized. You may want to take another spoon to lay on top of it and rub together to grind any larger pieces leftover even finer.

    Once You is sure the powder is fine enough, take the syringe and draw up some of the distilled water into it. SWOY may not want to use all of the water you draw up into the syringe, just keep in mind that You doesn't want it too dilute, but also don't want it too thick. Keep in mind that You will be heating the pill powder+water so account for some of it to evaporate.

    Once You have added the water to the pill powder, lift the spoon carefully and light a lighter under the spoon. Don't allow it to get too hot or You may lose some product. The purpose of heating the pill powder is because most opiates are more soluble in warm to hot water allowing it to seperate from most of the other binders and fillers in the pill (Shit You does not want in your veins). Try not to allow the liquid to bubble, You does not want to overheat and burn it, just get it really warm.

    Once You has heated it, set the spoon back down carefully and allow it to cool for a moment.

    Using a the cotton from a cuetip, or a small piece of a cottonball, drop the cotton into the liquid, the cotton with absorb it all. The cotton acts as a filter.

    Using the syringe, stick the needle tip about 1/3 or 1/2 the way inside the cottonball. Try not to allow the tip to hit the surface of the spoon.

    Draw back on the plunger slowly. You will see the liquid drawing up into the barrel of the syringe and the cottonball getting drier and drier. You may want to rotate the cottonball around a bit to draw liquid from various sides of the cotton to ensure they get it all.

    Once You believes they have drawn up all the liquid from the cotton, move the spoon aside. Be sure to keep the cottonball that was used because You can come back later and drop some fresh water into the cottonball and get another hit or two.

    Take the syringe and hold it up to a light. Push the plunger down until the liquid is just about to start coming out of the needle tip.

    It is common belief that air bubbles in the syringe can "blow up" You heart if they inject it. This is not true, however it is good practice to make sure there aren't any anyway.

    Locate the spot You plans to inject into. The most common are the tops of the hands or the inner side of the elbow (the traditional injection site). If You uses the tops of the hands, they are tender and will hurt a bit more.

    Using the alcohol wipe, or the cottonball soaked in hydrogen peroxide, carefully wipe the area being sure to cover all possible areas You might inject in incase they miss their first original target vein.

    (optional) Using the tourniqet or the belt, wrap it around the upper part of their arm just below the shoulder muscle tightly but not too tight to cause discomfort or pain. If using a belt, You may need to use their teeth to hold the belt tight around their arm.

    Using their index and middle fingers gently slap the vein they wish to hit, pausing, to gently rub the vein, and then continue to slap it. This will cause the vein to come closer to the surface of the skin, making it easier to hit.

    Hold the syringe like one would a pencil (at a 45 degree angle) and stick it into the vein. Be sure You is aiming the needle in the direction of blood flow to reduce the risk of a blood clot (needle pointing towards the chest for the traditional spot and the tops of the hands) Once You is positive it is in the vein, gently let the needle fall back almost horizontal to slide the needle further into the vein.

    While holding the needle steady inside the vein, pull back on the plunger and watch carefully to see if any blood gets drawn up into the syringe. If so, go ahead and slowly push the liquid into their vein. You may want to pause every so often to "get a feel for it" incase they feel like they don't need anymore.

    If no blood draws up into the syringe, then they missed. Pull the syringe out, and apply pressure with a cottonball and try again with (preferably) a new vein.

    Once You has successfully hit a vein, pull the syringe out carefully and apply pressure with a cottonball and then place a bandaid over the cottonball and allow it to remain there for at least 10 minutes.

    It's pretty much the same procedure for IM, exept obviously You doesn't need to aim for a vein, just a large muscle (Buttocks, thigh, shoulder, etc.) and also when You pulls the plunger of the syringe back before injecting, they'll want to make sure that NO BLOOD gets drawn back, because if they do draw blood, then they are not into the muscle where they want to be and will want to try again. Other than that, like said above, the procedure is pretty much the same [for IM]. Good luck, be careful, and be safe!

  4. Mellow Yellow

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    Jan 28, 2009
    The best way to do a K4 (Dilaudid) according to someone I know:
    Cut a straw down to about 2 to 2 1/2 inches... cut it at an angle so it will slide into the rig better. McDonald's and Wendy's straws work the best and slide over your rig when you're not using it.
    Then you just put your pill into the straw about centered, then crush it with the lighter, going back and forth until you don't feel any chunks left. Make sure to hold down the ends to keep any from coming out.
    Pull the plunger out of and empty rig and pour the powder in.
    Dilaudids (the yellow ones, not generic) don't have anything that really needs to be filtered out.
    Draw up about 40 units of HOT water, you can use less if you want, just make sure it's enough to dissolve it all, and not too much or you can get a headache (or so I've heard).
    After you pull it out of the water, turn it upright and pull back a bit of air to get the water out of the tip. Flick it a few times to get the air to the top. Pull back a bit more to get water out of the tip again and the push it up until all of the air is out of it.
    Find a good vein and and go down until a little blood rushes in, the go at an angle a bit following the vein. Pull back on it a bit to make sure you're drawing blood, and the inject it.
    If you're using a tourniquet like a belt, make sure to release it and wait a second before pulling out the needle, otherwise you'll bleed and it tends to make a dark spot under your skin. You should get a good rush! After you're legs come back to you, take you're rig and draw up water into it and either squirt it out or drink it. It's important to clean your rigs afterwards or the blood can clot in it.
    Slip the straw over your rig and replace the cap. Now hide it somewhere good because it will have residue in it still... not sure it's enough to be tested if you get caught, but why run the risk.
  5. fiveleggedrat

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    Nov 28, 2007
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    Um, yeah, bad idea. Always filter pills. Period. No fillers or binders should be shot up. It's not that hard to use a cotton and one will be happy they did.
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    DO NOT heat up hydromorphone just simply add water in the spoon and filter with cotton and suck it up in your syringe. I am pretty sure that hydromorphone is destroyed at a low temperature when volatized(heated)
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