Dose - Initial dose, topping up over extended period - thoughts?

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    SWIM's hamster tried something, granted probably not the smartest thing, but he wanted to see what the experience was like. He really doesn't recommend other hamsters try this. Mr Hamster usually just sticks to the standard 120mg dose followed by a 40mg booster at 1.5-2 hours after initial dose and this seems to be best for him.

    Just for reference, SWIM's hamster is in his mid-late 40's, weighing 80kg, in pretty good health, though he doesn't run on his wheel nearly enough, he has a pretty normal heart rate, and nice steady blood pressure, even though there is a family history of hypertension. Hamster does not smoke, and drinks maybe 1-2 standard units of beer or wine per day, usually with dinner.

    He is interested in other hamsters and their experiences and if they have done similar experiments and what their thoughts were. What is their usage pattern? Do they do this method? How do they feel the next day? Any other comments regarding their experiments would also be welcome.

    This is mostly due to his curiosity from reading the postings others make that they take 4,5,6 "rolls" at once, and more later. Seems excessive and a waste to Mr Hamster, and he doesn't really see the point, but welcomes other hamsters' experiences.

    Mr Hamster had 1g of pure molly which he divided into doses of an initial dose of 125mg, then "boosters" of 62.5 (half the initial dose). His pattern of administration was something like this along with rating:

    Time Dose Feeling
    0:00 125mg Baseline
    0:30 - ++
    0:45 - +++
    1:30 - ++++
    2:00 62.5mg ++++
    3:00 - ++++
    4:00 62.5mg +++
    5:00 - ++++
    6:00 62.5mg +++
    7:00 - +++-
    8:00 125mg +++
    9:00 - +++
    10:00 125mg +++-
    11:00 - +++ (Felt OK, but the "Love" was waning)
    12:00 125mg ++-
    13:00 - +++ (Really wasn't feeling much "Love" but more "ampy")
    14:00 - ++-
    15:00 - ++
    16:00 - + (Getting tired at this point)
    19:00 - went to bed, didn't feel great, felt exhausted.

    Slept late the next day about 12 hours, but woke up alright. Even felt OK over the next couple of days. Bummed out because the experience seemed like a waste of 1g of molly. But nearing the mid-way point, it started seeming like work to maintain any sort of maintaining the feeling.

    Notice that after several "boosters" Mr. Hamster doubled the dosage back to the initial dosage. This was required to get things back up a bit, but definitely feeling "ampy" effects coming on and replacing the love. He felt that this was just diminishing returns and terminated the experiment.

    SWIM's hamster really feels like the experiment was a waste of good molly and regretted not having any more left over.

    Other than that Mr Hamster wonders how people can say they load up on like 6 "rolls" and then keep taking them for hours. Is the experience similar, or is this hamster just strange and conservative in his approach both before and after his experiment?

    SWIM's hamster would like to hear from other hamsters regarding their experiences
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    I don't have much experience with heroic dosing such as this; however, he has a brother who knows several ecstasy manufacturers and can get very cheap, very good rolls. He regularly takes upwards of ten rolls and reports much more intense psychedelic effects than normal. Did You find this to be true? While all drugs effect everyone differently, a full gram of pure molly should have gotten You very "loved-up" and tripping fairly hard. I'm not questioning you, but did he test the molly to make sure it was pure?
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    From My brief but intense encounters with pure MDMA and ecstasy, he has found that re-dosing is futile and a waste of arguably the best drug known to man. The best thing to do is to take one larger dose in order to get you rolling pretty hard.

    Ecstasy never lasts as long as you want it to, it is just a fact that you need to accept and respect. If there is one drug that you should respect (from My experience) it would definitely be MDMA. You can have the best time of your life on it, but when used too frequently it can really, really, really take its toll on your mental health.
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    I would disagree. When swim gets good pills (he estimates they contain 90-110 mg of mdma), he takes one, rolls hard for a while, and takes another 1.5-2 hours later, and it seems to work pretty well. MDMA tends to make the night a blur for him, taking a 180-220mg single dose seems like it would just exacerbate that effect.
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    If SWIM were to have 1 pill containing approximately 150-170mg MDMA and wanted to spread this over one club event lasting until 6am, would the following sound reasonable / advisable to you?:

    10pm - Swallow ¼
    11pm - Swallow ¼
    midnight - Swallow ¼
    1pm - Swallow final ¼

    SWIM appreciates that if after taking ½ or ¾, a suitable result is acheived then the last ½ or ¼ could be delayed or saved.

    For info, tolerance is near as damnit zero, SWIM last used this substance 4-5 years ago. History shows that SWIM almost always has an nearly overpowering experience when taking 1 whole pill and has experimented with ½'s in the past to more pleasing effect.

    you's thoughts would be appreciated.