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Discussion in 'Cocaine & Crack' started by Bladerunner, Mar 29, 2006.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Just interested to see if anyone here has got any of their friends/family to start using Peruvian Marching Powder? Someone who I once went to school with offered me and I told them to pi$$ off. They looked like a zombie so that wasn't a particularly good advert to start. If you did introduce them did they become regular users? I'm guessing but I suppose the majority of people get started by being introduced by friends or even family? Am I wrong or did anyone else start a different way?

    Stay well.;)
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    Back in the day when my friend of a friend of a cousin's baby momma's half sisters boyfriend was into that industry he actually used it as a marketing tool...unfortunatly to his friends and even some of his family...the introduction would be made to the substance to try it out and of course with the addictive nature that cocaine has it usually leaves the end user wanting more thus creating a business....

    Side effects...oh yeah

    Quite a few good friends went down...not LE style but to where they wasn't paying bills house payments and such and the money was going to swim....alot of them hit the bottom of the barrel by way of money, physically and mentally....including swim...well he wasn't poor but he hit rock bottom mentally and physically and one day had a mental breakdown at his high pressure job and it drove him to quit the substance.....

    That craving is hard to brush off, right along side of heroin and methamphetamine.....

    Very seldom does my friend of a friend of a cousin's baby momma's half sisters boyfriend introduce anyone to anything unless they have made a clear choice to take that path on their own.....

    But generally I would say that the majority of drug use starts around friends and family members....or at least users that are around you...someone or something has to turn you on to it....

    In swims opinion users would be more incline to use if their friend introduced the drug rather than some coke head off of the street, stranger etc...common logic could tell you that. You have more trust in your friends and family and are also more susceptible not really to peer pressure, but more or less the fact that someone familliar/close to you is doing it so there is a good chance that the mood will strike you one day to also have a shot at it...
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