Comedown - Is it safe to use mushrooms during a mdma/cocaine comedown

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    May 28, 2015
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    A couple of days ago I had a very big night with friends, resulting in the use of MDMA and cocaine. Obviously, this resulted in quite the comedown (lol).

    I have done small doses (1-2g) of psilocybin cubensis mushrooms about three times in the past year and I have had nothing but beautiful/positive experiences from mushrooms. They put me into a deeply meditative state where I end up just laying down and embracing the feeling, with no comedown whatsoever afterwards. I feel like they are very therapeutic for me.

    So I was thinking, would it be safe to use 0.5g of mushrooms to simply meditate/relax and reduce this shitty comedown? Or is it not good to use psilocybin mushrooms whilst on a comedown?

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    Nov 19, 2017
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    0.5 grams is a pretty low dose, so chances are you'd be fine. But mushrooms while in an uncomfortable comedown probably wouldn't be very fun.

    However, remember that MDMA causes serotonin release into the brain, cocaine inhibits serotonin reuptake, and psilocybin binds to various serotonin receptors. So you would be flooding your brain with serotonin, then adding in something else that binds to serotonin receptors. There might be a potential for serotonin syndrome there.

    I wouldn't advise it, but if you think it would help, try it I guess.
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    @Josh Carlton has rightly pointed out the risk (while small due to the dose) of serotonin syndrome.

    I personally would not take the risk but rather take something that binds to the GABA or cannabinoid system.
    150 mg of pregabaline (lyrica) or some joints of thc low weed.

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    Mar 3, 2011
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    Taking mushrooms during comedown helps with some of the side effects as in muscle ache, headaches, overstimulation (sedation) the more physical side effects. If you are depressed or emotional on the comedown taking mushrooms will make everything so much worse.

    I rather taper with CBD oil or vaped CBD strains or some benzos or any other calming substance... usually i took a high amount of valerian, high dose of melatonin (15mg) and drank a few beers, then proceeded to vape, smoke or eat some cbd weed. Aside from that eating and drinking alot of fruit juice, drink protein shakes, taking small amounts of 5-HTP (like 50 mg twice a day), taking vitamins, fish oils , a few grams of taurine. If you take stuff like thisf you will feel so much better during comedown.

    Those few times where i took mushroom on comedowns i usually broke in pieces (mentally) and got depressed for days. One occassion broke down crying and had suicidal thoughts.
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    Mushrooms react very strongly with the physical and mental condition you are in, tending to exaggerate any discomfort you are feeling. I think they would be a lousy choice for an MDMA/cocaine comedown, as they might make you feel much worse.
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    The claim that this could cause serotonin syndrome is false. Firstly, the MDMA and Cocaine were virtually totally eliminated from his body when he was asking this question (people combine MDMA with Psilocybin all the time). Secondly, Psilocin is a SELECTIVE serotonin agonist, meaning it wouldn't interact with other serotonergic drugs in such a way to create SS.

    A 0.5g dose can help cheer you up a little bit, I've heard of people taking psychedelics for MDMA comedowns. Might or might not be a bad idea, who knows. 0.5g is not much so you may as well give it a shot (if you haven't already).