Drug info - Is mdma a form of methamphetamine

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    I was wondering is molly a derivitave of crystal meth. I noticed it is in the chemical name! Can anybody help me with this?
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    No. They share the same (meth)amphetamine backbone, but those differences in the third and fourth carbon atom make a huge difference.

    MDMA is 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine.

    Small changes in the chemical structure of drugs can cause huge differences in effects. I am no chemist, but to answer your question: MDMA is not a derivative of meth, they just share some structural similarities (as do hundreds of other drugs).

    Just as a reference, Adderall is different than meth in that it lacks one methyl group (CH3). So just 4 atoms can make a huge difference.

    Please can someone with more experience elaborate on this?
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    Racemic_amphetamine_2.svg.png amphetamine
    Racemic_methamphetamine.svg.png methamphetamine
    375px-MDMA_(simple).svg.png 3,4 - Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, MDMA

    I believe you can see the structural similarity in the three molecules. That's why their names are (somewhat) similar.
    They share some properties in effects, but differ in others.

    Hope that helps making it more understandable.
    (pictures wikimedia)

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    Yes, small changes make a big difference! The pockets for monoamine transporters DAT (dopamine transporter) and SERT (serotonine) transporter are different enough so that amphetamine has a much higher affinity for DAT, while MDMA has a much higher affinity for SERT.

    The two oxygens on the aromatic ring of MDMA interact better with H-bond donors within the SERT binding site rather than with the hydrophobic pocket found in DAT. The naked aromatic of amphetamine interacts very well with the hydrophobic pocket of the DAT bind site through van der Waals interaction and pi-pi stacking with a phenylalanine residue.

    The small structural differences explain that amphetamines have 37 times more affinity for dopamine than for serotonin transporters, compared to MDMA which has 137 times more affinity for serotonin than for dopamine transporters.

    This shows a representation of a dopamine transporter (a) and the different pockets and interaction with common amphetamine-like stimulants (b)
    DAT with amphetamines.PNG
    Other Ligands for DAT.PNG
    You see the R2 hydrophobic pocket (light blue) does not accommodate the oxygens of MDMA in the dopamine transporter very well.

    Check out the wonderful publications about the different docking modes of hallucinogens on the 5-HT2a receptors to see how structure affects potency!

    References attached :)

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    No mdma is so much better. 4mmc tops mdma bc there is no crash or come down