Combinations - Is mixing kratom with ethylphenidate dangerous for your heart?

Discussion in 'Kratom' started by joem597, Mar 11, 2014.

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    I do this combo sometimes and its very enjoyable as far as the high goes, I find it eases the anxiety that comes with a high pulse brought on by ethylphenidate. My question is, is this actually acting the way a benzo does by neautralizing your high pulse? Or is it in my head? My wife was telling me that her uncles heart exploded when he mixed heroin and cocaine and, obviously, he instantly died. I have heard of people taking benzos to take the edge off the stimulant high, but what about kratom (of course in sedating doses)? I know that heroin is much stronger and more dangerous than kratom, and cocaine to me(my opinion) EPH and cocaine are pretty close to eachother as far as the rush, duration, etc, but coke has a little more kick. So basically every time I combine an upper and a downer im paranoid and keep checking my pulse,blood pressure, etc. Her uncle died from combining coke and heroin but I imagine it was in very high amounts and he was much older than me and in bad shape, also those two substances are more powerful than the combo i take. Do i have anything to worry about or am i just experiencing anxiety? I have felt my heart beat much harder during alcohol withdrawal and even on some particular cannabinoids than i ever have with eph or the combo of eph and kratom, but I always think of that story and it makes the rush more of a scary thing. I feel like it slows my heart down and nuetralizes the edge but I heard that it "confuses" your heart (poor wording i know) and causes it to explode. Is this true? I feel better and more calm after i take kratom if i do a little to much eph, but is it damaging me? It feels like my heart beats a little harder(not much) but it is at least slowed down. I feel like i look for this symptom and if I had never heard the story, I would never notice anything or worry. Im basically trying to reassure myself that its anxiety and im hoping to get a good response, but often times answers are not what you hope they`ll be. I hope that makes sense, I do not have alot of time to put this post together so please go easy lol. Oh and i forgot to add, When i am at work and im on my feet, walking, working, I can be spracked off eph and not feel anxiety at all whether by its self or in combo with kratom, does sitting or laying down while on stimulants strain your heart more? It feels like my heart works much harder when sitting down after i have dosed, or maybe its because you are not moving and can notice it more. Please, if someone can offer me any info, i would appreciate it greatly.

    (I apologize if this is seen as being posted in the wrong forum, but i posted it here because this is specific to kratom and eph, but mainly kratom, I would like to know what kratoms effects have been with a few of you in taking off the edge of stims, thanks)
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    The old wives tale that combining an upper with a downer causes your heart to "explode" or even fail is just that...a complete and utter urban myth.

    The risk of combining cocaine with Heroin, for example, is that one can tolerate more heroin than normal as they are on a stimulant. That stimulant then wears off and they overdose on the Heroin. This is exactly how River Pheonix and John Belushi died.

    So yeah, there are no inherent risks and you can tell your wife how her Uncle actually died, because it certainly wasn't because his heart "exploded".
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    Opioid receptor agonists reduce blood pressure slightly but kratom seems to "hide" the awareness of a fast beating heart rather than actually slowing down your heart.

    As a user of this combination I can tell you your heart rate doesn't actually decrease so its misleading that you don't recognize your heart rate going fast on kratom.

    Kratom is a pretty weak downer quite frankly and this combination is probably not terrible for you. The problem with downers/uppers combination is when both are extremely strong and there is a contradiction in half lives leading one to wear off before the other causing a extreme shift one way or the other. This is why downers/uppers have a bad reputation (Cocaine/Heroin specifically).

    ethylphenidate should be of higher concern is far as health effects go than kratom should simply because ethylphenidate doesn't have much studies as far as safety goes whereas kratom has been around for a long long time.

    The biggest concern in my opinion is thinking you can take more ethylphenidate because kratom is leading you to believe your heart rate/blood pressure is fine. Just don't overdue ethylphenidate and you'll likely be fine.