Opinions - Is Nitrous Oxide Worth It?

Discussion in 'Nitrous Oxide' started by roidrage, May 1, 2005.

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    Dec 25, 2004
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    hey just posting to ask what does it feel like and is it worth trying, not something anybody i know does
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    it is a buzzy crazy intense high, that is a great additive to any drug
    that you may be doing. it is short, but it will increase the high of
    anythings. but make sure that you have the whipped cream can. inhale as
    much as possible. hold it in for as long as you can. it will fuck you
    up. and it is fun as hell. i regulary do nitrous with dxm+pot.
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    whoa dont just jump into it... just cause one person says its fun... it can be dangerous if done wrong... plus really should he jump right in and inhale as much as possible and hold for a long time...

    without much control you could forget to breath while trying to hold it in...remember it hits you hard and fast and doesnt last long... i dont know much about it so correct my ignorance...
  4. lilsteve

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    Apr 18, 2005
    There aren't many risks involved with nitrous though, unless you were
    like driving or something. Sit in a chair, inhale as much as you can,
    and hold it. You're not gonna pass out, your body won't let you. The
    risk of not breathing is most often associated with people who get
    nitrous tanks and fill a trash bag with it and put that over their
    heads, which I imagine would be quite trippy, but not worth the risk.

    Most drugs I wouldn't recommend "going all out" on the first time, but
    taking a light hit of nitrous would just make you a little high. If
    you're wanting dissociation and a trip, then go for it.

    Personally I would buy a balloon and a cracker, and some cartridges.
    Whipped cream cans don't have as much as a cart, I don't think.