Is whats on my results all they test for?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Herbal Remedy, Feb 24, 2005.

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    Oct 31, 2004
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    Hey guys, I take weekly drug tests for my probation-like drug court program and Im shown the results the next week at my sheduled meetings. Im pretty sure i take the extended tests cuz the list includes the following:

    amphetamines .... alcohol (ethanol) .... THC (marijuana)

    THC/Creatininee Ratio (for comparison only)

    Cocain (Benzoylecogonine) .... Opiates .... Barbituates

    Benzodiazepines .... Phencyclidine (PCP) .... Creatinine

    So thats like 7 or 8 different drugs (not sure if any of them fall under the same catagory), but my question is... can they test for any other substances that are not listed on my results... mainly being LSD or Psilocyben cuz both are back in season and im itching to have some fun but there is no way im risking fucking up my drug court.

    Any one with any certainty as to my question, any responses would be greatly appreciated. These people seem to wanna just keep me down cuz ive done my mandatory 8 weeks already but theyre still having me come back for tests and i dont wanna say to make them suspicious cuz i still have to go infront of the judge and he's got my life in his hands so ya know... thanks for any incite!
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    Jan 30, 2005
    Yes LSD can be tested for, but usually isn't. Same for psilocybin. If they aren't listed on your results, then they shouldn't be testing you for them. As far as I know, bylaw they have to tell you everything you are being tested for. Or they may just have to tell you if you ask, but not automatically. Anyway, you should be good if your results don't list acid or psilo
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    Hey since nobody else decided to post with some helpfull information about lengths of in system times lds and physiloben stay in your system like 1-4 days not totally sure but here is a list that will tell you exactly how long and it isnt very long and i dont think that it bonds to fat cells like pot so heres the list.

    Drug Approximate Detection Time in Urine using EMIT
    - ----------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

    Amphetamines 2-4 days
    Short-Acting (ie. secobarbital) 1 day
    Long-Acting (ie. phenobarbital) 2-3 weeks
    Benzodiazepines 3-7 days
    Cannabinoids 3-30 days
    Clenbuterol [PE] 2-4 days [F1]
    Cocaine 2-4 days
    Codeine 2-5 days
    Euphorics (MDMA,psilocybin) 1-3 days [F2]
    LSD 1-4 days [F6]
    Methadone 3-5 days
    Methaqualone 14 days
    Nicotine ? [F5]
    Opiates 2-4 days
    Peptide hormones [PE] undetectable
    Phencyclidine (PCP) 2-4 days [F4]
    Phenobarbital 10-20 days
    Propoxyphene 6 hours to 2 days
    Steroids (anabolic) [PE] oral: 14 days [F3]
    parenterally: 1 month [F3]