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Injecting - IV admin Suboxone Films

Discussion in 'Buprenorphine' started by professor1165, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. professor1165

    professor1165 Silver Member

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    Feb 14, 2011
    I've looked thru the threads and can't find the answer: A friend of mine has been on long acting naltrexone (opiate antagonist) for 3 yrs. For all intents and purposes its been as godsend for him, but every so often he gets the itch to IV. Cocaine is always a thrill but he realized VERY quickly he was not much better off subbing IV heroin with IV coke. Buprenorphine does the trick nicely. It has a higher binding affinity than the naltrexone and it is MUCH easier to keep certain addictive behaviors in check using bupe as a "get high" drug. A simple question regarding the new 'films'...whats the proper ratio mg bupe/units H20. Not asking about dosage, My buddy knows his tolerance level. but what is the ideal # of units/MG to properly extract without diluting the dose. Answers only please...if this has been posted elsewhere please post that link and forgive me for not being more thorough in my reseach.
  2. AltrdPercption

    AltrdPercption Titanium Member

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    Oct 5, 2010

    Hello Professor Swim,

    A friend of mine has been on the films for a while now, and went the IV route for the first time a few days ago. The key to remember when using bupe is "less is more" you want to try and use a small does so the bupe turns to norbuprenophine. My friend has the 8mg strips. He cuts it in half so he has two 4mg peices, he then cuts each in half twice more resulting in 8 1mg squares. My friend used 65 units of water for the 1mg of suboxone film.

    Now the film will not instantly dissolve he needs to use his plunger to help break it down. once it is all broken down you will be left with a murky water my friend then filtered it, then emptied the rig onto another spoon and re filtered it. The more times it is filtered the safer he feels.

    The effects are not like other opiates, and there is no rush ( however some say there is a small delayed rush) .
    Hope this answers your professors questions.

    Swim safely .
  3. ChiselD

    ChiselD Silver Member

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    Sep 28, 2009
    A friend of mine also just tried this, not too long ago, I might add. He had been a severe oxy-->heroin-->methadone addict before quiting for a while. He has been still using, in smaller amounts, for the past couple years. Lately he has gotten himself into trouble again, to the point where w/d's keep him using. Finally able to get an 8mg strip, he wanted fast relief, w/o that taste! Not too mention, when taken sublingually, they give him headaches.

    His last dose of opiates was last night, maybe 10-15 mgs of oxy at 8pm. He waited til just after 11 to try out the bupe, for fear of Precip.W/ds(which no-one likes) He now feels better, although he only used, maybe, .5-1mg IV. Back is still a little sore, but his mood is steadily improving. roughly 40 units of water used for this amount, extra just in case, we don't need a concentrated "rush" since there is no rush, lol. Hope this helps, could've let it dissolve more, but I think it worked well, seeing as he isn't as irritated now. A lil more in another hour should prove this drugs power...will post back
  4. pacmanchomps

    pacmanchomps Newbie

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    Apr 27, 2011
    I usually go with a 1mg/1ml ratio. So you can titrate your dose accordingly. Remember that Buprenex injection is .3mg/ml. Anywhere from 30 to 90 units gives me a nice rush and glow. Less is more!
  5. woowoowoo

    woowoowoo Newbie

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    Oct 27, 2013
    Blueight has more info. Not that I'm sending you away but its true
  6. donkeyhung

    donkeyhung Newbie

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    Oct 28, 2013
    yeah careful a friend used to go that route a few times till one day he got insanely sick and never triedkt again.He called me after he could move and told me he was going to die.i almost called for help but after ten he was ok,,,But never again.And I know someone else who about passed out from trying it.can make u sick as hell good luck lol
  7. stayclean101

    stayclean101 Newbie

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    Sep 30, 2014
    I completely advise you use a micron filter if you are going to shoot suboxone strip/pill (or any pill) ! If not I'll explain a method to help you get most the particles out and leave you with a clear solution that is safer than nothing.

    Take one of the insulin syringes and break the needle off. Take the plunger out of the back of the syringe & fill the syringe up to about 30ml's with cotton. Pack it down there good with the plunger. Ive also found adding layers of coffee filters between the cotton helps as well. Sit this syringe aside for later use. Now break up the suboxone (never more than 2mg at once!!! Even for heavy users because remember IV gives you 100% bioavailability) and place it in a spoon you've cleaned good with alcohol wipes. Keep everything sterile! Do not heat suboxone you will only make the shot weaker and get more fillers into the solution. Add ~80cc of cold water to the suboxone in the spoon. Let it sit for 10-15 min. mix with tooth pick to make sure it is all dissolved. Drop in a ball of cotton and suck the liquid through it into the unused insulin syringe.

    Take the plunger out of the insulin syringe you packed with cotton and back load the suboxone solution from the other insulin syringe into this one. Now in the clean unused spoon push the plunger through the filtering syringe and watch the liquid slowly push through the cotton into the clean spoon. It should be a more clear solution by now. Now drop another cotton ball into this spoon & suck up the solution into a clean syringe. Now you should have almost a 100% clear solution in a clean and sterile syringe ready for injection. This isn't 100% safe and particle free but it should get out a lot of the dangerous particles from shooting strips. Shooting is NEVER safe, but this is as close as I can get from household items without getting a micron filter. It's better then just filtering with a cotton and shooting. You should get back about 70 units of water out of the 80 units you strated with.

    Tie off, find a vein, swab your arm with alcohol, register, & shoot off. Make sure you loosen your tourniquet before injecting to avoid leakage. You should experience a bit of a rush or at least be free of WD symptoms. I just wish the buzz lasted longer.

    I found this to be the best way to shoot sub strips or any pill in general. Remember do not over use the same vein too often because some fillers can get through and your veins will harden and become severely damaged. Best of luck!