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    Feb 2, 2005
    here in the southwest USA there is an unnoticed mennace under almost
    every freeway bridge, along almost every rural highway, and beyond the
    backyard fence of just about everyone: jimson weed

    about eight years back when i was a freshman in high school, many of my
    friends and i were under the impression that this plant with it's white
    trumpet like flowers, and spiked green seed pods was morning glory...
    how wrong we were

    the technique we used was to go out and collect about 100 or so of the
    apple and plumb sized pods in a grocery bag, return to my garage, and
    scrape out the seeds into a coffee filter

    then we would tie the filter together with dental floss so it made sort
    of like a tea bag but bigger, and then let it sit in a pot of boiling
    water... the color of the resulting "tea" hinted at its strengh, and a
    golden piss like tint was about enough

    add lots of sugar, sweetner, honey, cause the stuff is bitter and
    dry... it absorbs all your saliva and your mouth will be left with
    worse uncurable cotton mouth then you will have ever imagined...

    about 1 hr after ingestion there is a little dizzyness and slight
    dissociation with surrounding environment, you definately feel like
    something is "up", but wouldn't really consider it a "high"

    the pupils become quite large and round, the most mine have ever
    swelled, leaving two black holes of an obvious drug user... and the
    toungue seems to swell up too, making the dry mouth even worse

    if it's dark, you may see things sort of dance around the corner of
    your vision, or flutter when you blink, and insects that don't exist
    will crawl from behind things until you look directly at them, then
    they will run back behind something and disappear.... kind of strange,
    kind of boring


    the trick is to drink this sh*t before you go to sleep. that way
    you avoid the dry mouth and other lousy side effects, and let the stuff
    work around in your REM sleep mode, that's where it gets fun...

    i did this stuff on a school night once and passed out. i
    remember having some of the most weird and crazy but fun dreams in my
    whole life because they were so REAL! throughout the night i must
    have left my bedroom in my boxers over twenty times, talking to people
    who were totally there in my head, but not there in the dark with me in
    my boxers...

    i remember hearing a loud thundering noise while walking down a
    completely lit hallway, and realizing that i had just run into my
    bedroom closet door because i was walking around in the dark, the
    hallway was in my head.... another time i was returning to my room to
    see a dozen or so of my friends, who began jumping behind various
    pieces of furnature and hiding so by the time i hit the light switch,
    the room was empty, except of course for me standing there in my

    what happens i guess is the stuff goes crazy in your brains when you go
    to sleep and dream, it almost like opens your pandora dream box open
    and is unable to close it, even after you wake up... you think you're
    still dreaming... my dreams are usually very entertaining so naturally
    this wasn't a negative experience for me, but i wouldnt recommend it to
    anyone prone to nightmares

    when my parents noticed i was dressed for school, yet had left the
    shower running hot and the bathroom light on, they asked me why... i
    told them cause my girlfriend was in there, which i thought she was, i
    didnt think it was wierd at all... they checked the empty bathroom and
    drove me to the hospital where i freaked everyone out by talking to my
    "invisible friends" and it pissed me off when they couldnt see them

    for three days after that i couldn't read anything less than a foot
    away from me, it was unbelievably blurry... and i'd see insects come
    and go out of thin air, but other than that, this stuff really worked
    me over good... turns out there is a problem in the area with people's
    horses eating the stuff and going crazy, or blind, or just dying
    altogether... pretty dangerous i guess

    many people i know who have tried the stuff have had bad experiences
    with it, many of which turn out with them walking around clueless in
    their boxers, carrying on conversations with invisible people
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    Feb 3, 2005
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    Sounds like most peoples experence with jimson. ITs not recreational. It cause illusions not halucinations.I believe it is related to Bella donna and night shade. THey all havehave the substance atropine which is a deadly posion. So when one takes it they are getting close to death. I had a freind 10 or 15 years back when I was still in high school that took it. That person ended up at a local mall smashing an arcade game becuase the person thought it was a drive through window and the person at the window would not give him his food. The cops came he got into some trobule had to pay for the game he broke, got charged with a few things not just public intox good thing at the time the person was under 18. Fuzzy vision for weeks afterwards

    Not a fun substance more dangerous if trying to be used recreationally
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    Jun 8, 2013
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    yes many shaman's said it was a curse and a blessing.

    spice shaman added 4 Minutes and 26 Seconds later...

    jimson weed can be dark thing,shaman s called it a blessing and curse
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    Yea Jimson Weed is no joke. Go to YOUTUBE and do a search for Jimson Weed Trip and click on the first video. It pretty much says it all