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Experiences - JWH-250 Experiences

Discussion in 'Cannabinoids' started by honourableone, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. honourableone

    honourableone R.I.P. Gold Member

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    May 29, 2008
    Please add your experiences with JWH-250. Please add dosage, route and duration to the top of your post like this:

    When posting a experience, please describe:

    • body weight & gender
    • dose taken
    • route of administration
    • Setting: in what environment it was taken.
    • duration of main effects
    • main effects
    • side effects
    • after effects
    • rating of the experience
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential
    • any other valuable information
    Info about this drug (other than experiences) should be discussed here: JWH-250 Drug Info
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  2. cannademon

    cannademon Titanium Member

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    Jul 19, 2009
    Male from U.K.
    Re: Jwh-250

    SWIM has aquired JWH-250 approx .855g (1g - it was under ) from a UK. vendor at least SWIM didnt get ripped. SWIM felt he should post his findings. SWIM has had this sample for 1 month now, and has smoked/vaped approx 0.5-0.7g over the month, initial vape was approx 1-3mg, enough to know he had got something distinctly different to JWH-018 & JWH-073, at least knowing his sample hopefully wasnt mislabled.

    The sample was pure white, and in comparison to JWH-018 & JWH-073 seemed more fluffy/larger, lightly more stickyness to itsself, but not damp at all.

    body weight & gender Male 70kg.
    dose taken Approx 5-10mg
    route of administration Vape off foil
    Setting Home
    duration of main effects 1/2 hr, then noticible for up to 1+hr more
    main effects A gorgeous soaring high throughout body and mind, which hits quick, nothing like JWH-018 or JWH-073, closer to JWH-073, but so much higher, clean/clear, quite sharp, a bit too nice.. 20-30 mins the high has reduced significantly, left with a subtle high which remains for at least another hour.
    side effects None for short term abuse
    after effects not really noticble
    rating of the experience8.5 - 9.
    addictive qualities / abuse potential no more than other JWH, but that no childs play if abused for extended periods!
    any other valuable information tastes real strong.. horrible or is lovely, SWIM almost thought he knew the taste, like bleach/bog cleaner, but most of the time its lovely almost "chemical rose" :)

    After reading SWIMs post again, SWIM realises a lot of this experience is compared against JWH-018 & JWH-073, SWIM hopes theres enough for the SWIY who dont have experience to JWH-018 or JWH-073, to get something from this post.

    SWIM would like to add the following;

    JWH-250 the high is 'quite' strong, and can be pronounced, if it gets a bit much (over do-ing it say), a small intake of JWH-018 seems to round off the high a bit, a lovely compliment, but also can tame JWH-250 down a bit, if required. JWH-250 compliments other JWH-x and MJ well with regard to to the overall experience, unknown health risks/gains..
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  3. Ekyldog

    Ekyldog Silver Member

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    Sep 2, 2009
    Male from Canada
    JWH-250 - The 'nitrous oxide' of Cannabinoids

    My pet turtle Orion is a regular MJ smoker and recently acquired 100mg of this substance for testing purposes. He is happy to have me report his experiences for the benefit of the community. Orion managed to get his claws around my digital camera and took a few pictures, and he insisted that they be attached to this thread. What follows is a description of his experiences investigating this novel compound.

    Originally posted by: Ekyldog (on behalf of his turtle, Orion)
    Body weight: 220lbs
    Age & gender: 26 year old male
    Dosage: 3-5mg / 5-10mg
    Route of administration: vaporized off of tinfoil / smoked on top of a bowl of cannabis
    Setting: sitting at home, playing video games
    Duration of effects: 45-60 minutes main effects, 1.5 hours afterglow
    Main effects: Very crisp and clear head high, crisp and defined but notably different from MJ and JWH-018 with a slight trippiness to it
    Side effects: Cotton mouth, red eyes, chapped lips, munchies, strange taste in mouth
    After effects: Lingering cotton mouth and red eyes
    Rating of the experience: 8.5/10
    Addictive qualities / abuse potential: No more than other cannabinoids (including cannabis)
    Other valuable information: Very strong taste. No anxiety or feelings of fear noted (in contrast to JWH-018)


    The JWH-250 acquired by Orion was pure white, and as noted by the previous poster, it seems fluffier/larger than JWH-018 with slightly more stickiness to itself. Whereas JWH-018 easily falls off of the measuring implement, JWH-250 must be 'tapped' off. As noted with other JWH compounds, when applying heat for smoking or vaporizing, JWH-250 melts as the heat approaches and balls up into small liquid orbs, which roll off the rest of the powder as they form and then disappear. If vaporized off of a tinfoil spoon, the JWH-250 will leave a slightly brown residue around the upper edges of the spoon, which seems to be re-condensed JWH-250 and provides more effects if heated and the smoke inhaled.

    EFFECTS - Pure

    About 2 minutes after inhaling, Orion felt a warm glowing feeling in his spine and back of his head, spreading quickly to his entire head. Colors are slightly enhanced, and it's almost like the contrast has been turned up a bit. There doesn't seem to be any couch-locking effect, as Orion felt like he had lots of energy for the duration of the high. He initially felt very little or absent body high, as the initial part of the experience seems to be solely a head high. About 15 minutes in, Orion felt a slight trippy feel to the experience, almost like the onset of a mushroom trip. After 30 minutes or so, a body high starts creeping in and sticks around for the next hour and a half or so. Orion was pleased to note no CNS depression at higher doses (ie: above 5mg) with this compound, unlike JWH-018 which seems to produce slight CNS depression at doses above 5mg. After about 1.5 hours, the effects seem to completely subside back to baseline.


    Orion kept a timeline of his experience, which reads as follows:

    EFFECTS - Combined with Cannabis

    On several occasions, Orion loaded 5-10mg on top of a bowl of cannabis and slowly vaporized the JWH-250 and then smoked the rest of the cannabis. He felt that JWH-250 definitely added something to the cannabis high, although it didn't seem to potentiate the effects of cannabis as much as JWH-018 seems to for him. He noticed that the combination of JWH-250 and cannabis seemed to produce pronounced couch lock, unlike when smoking JWH-250 pure. While it's still a worthwhile experience to combine JWH-250 with the cannabis, Orion would agree with the above poster that JWH-250 is best consumed on it's own. It's like combining two highs for a marginally better experience, when those two highs are sufficient enough on their own to provide a nice experience.

    Orion did not have any other cannabinoids in stock while he was testing JWH-250, so he cannot yet report on it's interactions with other synthetic cannabinoids. He plans on testing interactions with this compound in the future when he orders more, and will have me report his experiences to this thread once he has done so.


    JWH-250 is a very nice compound, Orion feels that it definitely does the trick and provides similar though notably different effects when compared to cannabis or JWH-018. The experience is somewhat of a 'soaring' high as described by the above poster, which despite it's short lived effects, provides nice 'bang for the buck'. He would consider JWH-250 to be the 'nitrous oxide' of cannabinoids; substantial short-lived effects with a quick onset. He posits that JWH-250 would mix well with some of the longer lasting synthetic cannabinoids such as CP 47,497 or CP 55,940.


    Overall experience 8.5/10. This is a very nice cannabinoid and Orion recommends it to other swimmers that wish to investigate and experience it's effects.

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  4. Gradient

    Gradient Chem|EB|DMT Staff Member

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    Nov 9, 2007
    Male from earth
    Re: Jwh-250

    JWH-250 Chimp Assay
    body weight & gender: 150 lbs, M
    dose taken: 6.5 mg followed by 4.7 mg
    route of administration: Transdermal (DMSO)
    Setting: home
    duration of main effects: a bit over 84 min. (1 hr. 24 min.)
    main effects: from t+8 min. to t+90 min.
    side effects: t+5 min. to t+35 min.
    after effects: negligible
    rating of the experience: excellent
    addictive qualities / abuse potential: present, not overwhelming whatsoever
    any other valuable information: there appears to be a behavioral crash associated with JWH-250
    t+0: 6.5 JWH-250 dissolved into .2mL DMSO; spread over meticulously cleaned forearm (soap followed by EtOH). Chimp was slightly agitated due to some unforseen complications with his technology toys, so he considers this to be a reasonably good measure of the effect of this cannabinoid on mood. Oolong tea (caffeine present) and small amount of cannabis consumed earlier in morning (approx. 7 hrs prior)

    t+1.25 min: Itchiness at site of delivery is observed - quite mild.

    t+4.02 min: Somatosensory effects of DMSO observed. Desire to ingest cannabis recreationally, minor it may be, begins to recede. Itchiness at site still present.

    t+ 5.31 min: Feelings of frustration entirely dissipate. Itchiness still present. Some minor motivation observed, reminiscent of psychomotor stimulants.

    t+ 9 min: Feelings of emotional relief apparent. Certainly higher energy than the vast majority of cannabis this chimp has burned down. There's an easily discernable 'high' from the substance that isn't as present from cannabis - again, reminiscent of CNS stimulants

    t+ 15.48 min: Truly an excellent cannabis substitute for daytime productivity. The chimp likes 250 far more than 018 - the experience itself seems to be far more comprehensive in terms of body/mind effects, and comparably euphoric

    t+ 22.4 min: 4.7 JWH-250 dissolved in 0.1mL DMSO, spread over opposing arm. Itchiness receeding on initial site of admin. Total dose = 11.2. Very little intoxication/inebraition. Effects almost entirely limited to mood lift, body analgesia, and enhanced energy/motivation.

    t+ 35 min: While the euphoric component of the experience appears to be increasing, no inebriation is observed. This is somewhat comparable to a classic strong sativa (diesels comes to mind) experience coupled with a nice, subtle background body buzz.

    t+ 45 min: This is arguably one of the more euphoric experiences the chimp has observed to date; without the anxiety/jitteriness of most psychomotor stimulants, this compound presents an absolutely comparable level of motivation and stimulation. Very awesome. Will consider redosing to assess tolerance development - quite functional on its own. Plateau seems to be emerging.

    t+ 52.36 min: Interesting note: vocal control is enhanced as with other psychomotor stimulants - the chimp can sing like a bird w/o any kind of silly warm up.

    t+ 54 min: 1 cup Oolong tea consumed. Chimp proceeds to lounge in the sun and revisit some Le Guine.

    t+ 80 min: Effects receede pretty rapidly, but not in an abandoning sense as psychomotor stimulants tend to. No body-temp plummeting or pesky apathy.

    t+ 84 min: The first effects that appear to recede the most quickly are the energetiic. The relaxing sense of calm appears to linger a bit longer, however
    Overall: The chimp has identified this compound as a truly innovative gem - apparently the best way to manipulate cannabinoid systems to elicit motivation and optimism without the inebriation accompanying cannabis. It appears to be shorter acting than JWH-018, but much more effective in terms of altering states of consciousness in useful directions (rather than purely recreational). Appears to be slightly shorter acting, however. Quite surprisingly, the chimp may even consider this compound, in threshold doses, as a potential study/productivity aid in the future.

    Ability to substitute for cannabis: depending on the effects desired, this compound can absolutely simulate the strongest of kafiristanica effects. However, it likely doesn't present the intoxication present in the heavier afganica-ish strains; 'couch-lock' isn't an effect that comes to mind.

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  5. msimm

    msimm Newbie

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    Dec 5, 2004
    45 y/o Male from U.S.A.
    Re: Jwh-250

    Gradient has your chimp ingested other cannabinoids using the same method? Swim has recently done the same, only using 60mg JWH-018, 20mg JWH-073, 20mg JWH-081 and 20mg JWH-250 for a total of 120 mg into 3 ml dmso (dissolved completely within seconds).

    That left swim with a solution that provided about 2mg per drop (20 drops per ml from swims dropper). A few drops into the crook of his arm/wrist (usually about 12 mg/6 drops) also produces a much more calm/functional experience then smoking a similar amount would (smoking this amount would get swim very, very stoned).

    There might be something about this route that really effects the character of the experience. For swim it's almost like a completely different cannabinoid(s) that produces mild rushes with a marked uplift in mood/increased pleasure in doing things.
  6. Gradient

    Gradient Chem|EB|DMT Staff Member

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    Nov 9, 2007
    Male from earth
    Re: Jwh-250

    Couldn't agree more; his experience with this an other cannabinoids - as well as other psychoactives - have convinced him of the hidden utility of this route. For some reason, and I've my own pet theories on why, it seems that the side-effects of most compounds are reduced somehow when ingested transdermally.

    Like you've suggested, DMSO (the wonder solvent) dissolves JWH-x compounds quite nicely. In fact, even smaller volumes of DMSO than the chimp used are quite likely possible - just very difficult to handle! There may also be something to be said about surplus solvent to ensure absorption, but that's speculation. To be frank, the chimp's favorite experience with JWH-250 has involved 7.2 mg mixed with .15 mg alprazolam in DMSO - interestingly, it seemed to prolong the stimulative nature of JWH-250. Gave it a gorgeous aquamarine color, too. However, when the effects terminated, the chimp turned into a drowsy zombie - useless for most tasks. Sleep was like sex-good, though.
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  7. msimm

    msimm Newbie

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    Dec 5, 2004
    45 y/o Male from U.S.A.
    Re: Jwh-250

    Swim had the exact same suspicion regarding volume and imagined some trouble drying or fully penetrating.

    Swim's considered trying this using phenazepam in some combination with JWH-x but been too busy lately to get the energy up to make another batch.

    DMSO is really quite handy (although it smells a bit like the exhaust from a paper mill).
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  8. Newski

    Newski Silver Member

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    May 21, 2010
    Male from U.S.A.
    Re: Jwh-250

    Originally posted by: Newski (on behalf of his cat CJ)
    Body weight: 200lbs
    Age & gender: 31 year old male
    Dosage: 5-10mg
    Route of administration: smoked on top of a bowl of damiana / blue lotus
    Setting: sitting at home, playing video games
    Duration of effects: 45-60 minutes main effects, 1.5 hours afterglow of contentment. Rapid onset (~1 minute)
    Main effects: Warm rush, restless / energetic, playful
    Side effects: Strange chemically taste in mouth, slightly moreso than JWH-018, JWH-073
    After effects: Nothing noticeable
    Rating of the experience: 9/10
    Addictive qualities / abuse potential: No more than other cannabinoids (including cannabis)
    Other valuable information: Very strong taste. No anxiety or feelings of fear noted, had more of the recognizeable features of MJ that SWIM prefers (energy, euphoria, a controlled rush)

    SWIM's cat CJ has 10 plus years experience with MJ and recently with JWH-018, JWH-073 and Win-55,212-2. CJ recently gave up MJ and has been looking for a replacement. JWH-018 can overwhelm, JWH-073 can put one to sleep - both alter the senses but not exactly like MJ. Discussions of JWH-250's euphoria peaked CJ's curiosity.

    JWH-250 gave CJ the most energetic, playful, elated sense since MJ. CJ reported that there wasn't the giggles of MJ but definetly the "let's play with a ball of yarn for a half-hour" playfulness. He said that JWH-250 has a rush similar to JWH-018 but not as incapacitating (CJ warned that JWH-250 is closer to JWH-018 than JWH-073 in dosage and OD potential too). CJ said that this rush can be put to good use and he felt certainly more functional (and happier to be functional) than with JWH-018 and/or JWH-073.

    CJ had earlier made a blend of one part JWH-018 to two parts JWH-073 with much success. CJ would lament how this blend, while very effective, felt dull and never made him feel like a kitten again like he had hoped. When JWH-250 was measured and sprinkled on top of the blend, CJ was purring like a kitten. CJ said that this was the closest he's gotten to MJ when using JWHs and that duration was the only noticeable difference.

    SWIM's cat CJ felt that JWH-250 was his favorite of JWH-018, JWH-073 and JWH-250 (especially if he could only have one and not combine any). It was certainly the most mood altering in his opinion. CJ felt that when combined with other JWH compounds, it fills that dull spot that the trippier JWH-x do not address.
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  9. johnboii

    johnboii Newbie

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Male from U.S.A.
    (playful and fun) the night before work

    Swim finally got his hands on some jwh-250 and was eager to try it but he had work (an intense engineering position). Swim decided to try a very small dose ~1.34mg

    Swims package was 1.2 grams of a fluffy pure white powder.
    swim is:155 pounds
    dose: 1.34 mg give or take .03

    Swim dissolved the whole package in about 120ml of Acetone.
    Swims dropper has about 21 drops per ml.
    1200mg/120ml/21 drops = ~ 0.4 mg per drop of solution.

    Swim put 3 drops in his vaporizer and waited for the acetone to evaporate leaving a milky residue.

    Swim then vaped the milky residue.

    1 min - swim feels a very small rush like coming up from any cannibinioid.

    3min - Swim feels a very clear and distinct head high with a very slight alteration of memory and thinking.

    5min - Swim feels overwhelmingly playful and cannot stop giggling. ( still much less of an effect than with mj but may be due to the low dosage)

    10min - Swim feels a distinct head high with a body high creeping in his arms and legs. Swim still has the giggles and music and games have become much more fun and interesting.

    15min to 30min - The high increases until it peaks.

    30min- 1hr 30 min - High slowly wears off leaving swim with a smal desire to re-dose.

    In summary: swim will update this report when he is free to take a larger dose, but from the dose he took he would say that although the duration is shorter than jwh-018 the effects are much more euphoric and pleasurable.
    hope this helps - Johnboi
  10. smoke1123

    smoke1123 Silver Member

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    Jun 3, 2010
    Male from U.S.A.
    Sitting down with JWH-250

    As some of you may of read previously SWIM ordered 2 grams of JWH-250 which arrived today and he decided to give it a test go in its pure form. Here is a fictional experience from SWIMs vault of fictional experiences.

    • 6'2 Male 310 lbs
    • 5mg
    • smoked
    • 1:45
    • calming, relaxed, thinking
    • waking up sweaty, red eyes, drowsiness, cotton mouth(not as much as JWH-018)
    • Rate the experience: 9
    • Did not test abuse potential, but it is a JWH compound so im sure its there.
    • SWIMs JWH-250 experience was alot better than his first JWH-018 experience. And SWIM thinks he likes the fact that JWH-250 last around 2 hours .
    6:45 SWIM opens his package and see's that his JWH-250 is in a makeup like container, one that powder blush would come in. Black with a circular clear plastic face that allows one to view into the container. A little better than the normal "baggie" jwh-XxX usually comes in. SWIM is pleased. The JWH-250 Is clumpy, finer than baby powder, but very sticky. And has a PINK hue to it. Swim proceeds to measure 5mg. SWIM then applies the 5mg into the end of his highly packed Newport short.

    6:55 SWIM is ready to test the substance. He steps outside in a good mood. Very good vibes. The lighter sparks, the cigarette burns, the JWH-250 enters his lungs where he holds it. a good 5 seconds. exhale. Swim finish his ciggarette, effects may be noticeable but small.

    7:15 SWIM is watching Seinfeld, and suddenly notices he finds George Costanza incredibly funny, from his Hair to his accent, he cant get enough of the guy. SWIM looks down at his foot from time to time. His Crocs feel so comfortable as he wiggles his toes. He feels intensely calm.

    7:30 Seinfeld is over, SWIM who usually cant stand commercials is finding them not so bad. More interesting than usual. SWIM decides to go lay down and relax even more. The relaxing effect he is getting is better than JWH-018. He is NOT heavily STONED. rather just greatly at ease with everything around him.

    7:45 SWIM texts his cousin from in bed, telling her that she has to try this soon. SWIM nods off into a deep sleep.

    8:30ish SWIM wakes up very sweaty, not worried or anything just very sweaty. His pillow is wet. Quite nasty but other than gross its not bothering him. Falls back into a dreamless sleep.

    9:15 SWIMS cousin calls, the ringing of his cellphone woke him up. SWIM never wakes up for his cellphone, or usually anything for that matter. The conversation seems to drag on forever. SWIM feels he is slurring words/finding words hard to find. SWIM is a little groggy. But STILL peaceful! He hangs up with his cousin and falls back to sleep.

    10:10 SWIM awakes checks his phone for the time, he feels very tingly, very satisfied with his new Research powder. SWIM steps outside to smoke a cigarette The JWH-250 has faded and he is clear and calm.

    All in all SWIM is pleased with the JWH-250! And SWIM told me that he will be doing Further research on this chemical.
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  11. nattydread

    nattydread Silver Member

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    Jun 10, 2010
    42 y/o Male from U.K.
    JWH-250 tincture method with pharma kava

    body weight & gender: 165lbs male
    dose taken: 4.4mg x 5 times over 4 hours=
    route of administration: oral tincture sublingual
    Setting: at home playing video games
    duration of main effects: 5 hrs
    main effects: feeling of well being, euphoria, relaxation, stonyness
    side effects: mild pupil dialation, mild redness of the eyes, dry mouth, stiff muscles in the arms legs and lower back, short term memory loss
    after effects: mild groggyness the next morning after 6 hours of sleep
    rating of the experience: 8.5 - i wouldn't mind a stronger effect
    addictive qualities / abuse potential: my arch nemesis finds a strong urge to redose 1-2 hrs after dosing. he remarked how very easy it is get in a pattern of doing this every day considering the low price/dose

    any other valuable information:

    My arch-nemesis aquired 500 mg jwh-250 from online source. An oral solution is required in his house as his significant other frowns upon smoking / illicit behavior. After researching methods of dissolving jwh in grain alcohol, he proceded to mix 500 mg with 114 mL of Pharma Kava (kava extract in 4oz of 85-95% grain alcohol, google it).

    The 500mg jwh-250 completely dissolved in 4oz pharma kava with agitation/shaking. The pharma kava extract is administered with a dropper included with the pharma-kava. 40 drops = 1 mL. 1 Ml contains 63 mg of kavacetones and 4.4 mg of jwh-250. The end result is roughly 112 4.5mg jwh-250 doses in one bottle of pharma kava.

    The solution is placed in mouth and held under the tounge for 15 minutes to allow sublingual absorption. The alcohol content is high so it is pretty harsh for the tissue in that area. Not sure if this could have any determintal health aspects but the primary reason for doing is to bypass the absorption through the stomach lining, increasing the onset of effects. The tincture could be added to a glass of water for those with sensitive mouths and drank.

    The JWH-250 added with the kava is nice in that the kava numbs the mouth and provides an added mild relaxant/benzo effect to the experience.

    My arch nemesis likes to start with a dose around 6pm and will redose each hour the last dose being 10 pm. he does not use it during the day.

    After 15 minutes the effects are begun to be felt. He gets excited with anticipation which provides an adrenaline like buzz as the effects start to ease in. A surge like a very suttle head rush is felt, mild euphoria, colors enhanced. Perception is increased. No difficulty with motor skills noted. My arch nemesis used to be quite a big pot head (kb all day long) so he finds the effects not too intense and he redoses each hour. The efects are sustained by hourly redosing, perhaps slightly enhanced. My arch nemesis reports that there appears to be a tolerance build up as the effects are less noticable after a week of daily dosing. He would like to experiment with ~ 10 mg doses in the future as the kava isn't cheap and it would last longer this way.

    My arch nemesis plans next time on adding 1000 mg to 4oz of pharma kava for a ~9mg/mL dosage. As a side note, the pharma kava is around $40 and one bottle contains about 112 1mL doses. At the rate my arch-nemesis is going thorugh this he will be finished in 25 days. Total cost is around $70 for 25 days supply using 20mg per day. Not too bad but for daily dosing it can add up. Might be a wise idea to stock up on supplies in case legal status changes. He has expressed some concern due to the fact that this is a research chemical and hasn't been thoroughly tested or approved for use. Overall highly enjoyable and highly recommended!
  12. johnboii

    johnboii Newbie

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Male from U.S.A.
    its just ok

    Swim was very excited about this compound and tried it several different ways: infuzed into ciggeretttes, Mixed with jwh-018, Vaporized, infuzed into skullcap and wormood, dizzolved into acetone and dropped on a cookie, dissolved into acetone and put directly into mouth.

    Swim says his favorite ways to ingest this substance were through infusing it into his herb mixture, and vaporizing.

    Swim wrote his experiences down on a piece of paper and mailed it to me:

    Swim Loves real MJ and says if you're a Ganja lover than stay away from jwh-250 or you'll be dissapointed.
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  13. Nohaala

    Nohaala Silver Member

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    Mar 4, 2010
    Male from U.S.A.
    Re: Jwh-250

    SWIM's giraffe is a MJ vaporizing enthusiast and has been investigating JWH-018 almost daily for the last four months. He recently received his sample of JWH-250 and has been experimenting with vaporizing various dosages for the last week. Before the sample arrived, he strictly curbed MJ and JWH-018 usage in order to lower overall tolerance for cannabinoids. He especially appreciates that JWH-250 has a high affinity for CB1, which is a nice contrast to the JWH-018.
    The sample is a pure white, fluffy-sticky powder with an oddly familiar odor. SWIM's giraffe concur's with Ekyldog's turtle:
    He would like to add that the smell reminds him of DMT's unique mothball/plastic-esque odor and that he wonders why that might be. Is it a part of the molecular structure that is common between the two?
    The substance itself liquifies and vaporizes faster than JWH-018 and is easier to take a very large hit using a simple tin-foil + straw method.

    SWIM's giraffe also concurs with the majority of reports currently posted regarding their general effects for the given dosages and methods. He asked that I add this experience report-
    Body weight & gender: 125lbs male
    Dose taken: 15-20mg
    Route of administration: vaporized all at once from a single piece of aluminum foil
    Set and Setting: 30 min after waking up from 8hrs of dreamy sleep, refreshed and relaxed, living room couch.
    Duration of main effects: 60-90 minutes

    Main effects: feelings of well being, euphoria, some sedation, slight visual enhancement, mild trippyness.
    Side effects: brief couch-lock induced anxiety, red eyes, increased separation of body-mind.
    After effects: Little to none, most CNS effects dissipate rapidly, no 'dumb-over'.
    Rating of the experience: ++/+++
    Addictive qualities/abuse potential: Compared to JWH-018, it has similar addictive qualities, with less rush but shorter duration. Some qualities seems aversive at high dosage.

    t+ 0 minutes - The 15-20mg dose vaporizes rapidly from foil and is sufficiently 'domed'. It vapes much faster than jwh-018 and doesn't run like crazy across the surface of the foil -- it only leaves a tiny ring of burnt sample. The taste is not good or bad, just sort of chemically sweet. Familiar like DMT but not caustic.

    t+ 5 - The effects begin to rise in a very steady way, not with waves of energy or any general body feeling. Mental clarity persists but most of the sensory details are significantly enhanced. The sunlight seems to be pouring in through the windows and music tinkling from my computer widens significantly. At this point effects are comparable to cannabis.

    t+ 10 - There is a great sense of that the effects are still increasing rapidly. The mental effects are still clear and enjoyable, at this point probably ++. Couch-lock became apparent and for the first time in years some anxiety began to surface. This is the first time trying such a high dosage and such rapid dissociation was not expected. After a while anxiety induced cyclic patterns of thought and a dazed feeling that replace the clarity of before, increasing intensity and decreasing enjoyment.

    t+ 40-90 - After some time of acclimating to the mind-without-body feeling, the relentless couch-lock breaks and body senses return as quickly as they disappeared. Euphoric and even relieved, the remainder of the high was fantastic. Overall, the trippy qualities were smoother and more accessible than those of JWH-018, which are often erratic and disorienting. They persisted for about 60 minutes in total, and at some points I would rate them as approaching +++.

    Impressions and Comments --
    JWH-250 has a comparable bang-for-your-buck to JWH-018, but it is clearly a different type of bang. SWIM's giraffe compares this blast-off experience to his first experiences with multiple successive vapor bags (10+) from a Volcano Vaporizor. In general, he doesn't feel that it compares to good ol' cannabis and anyone who is looking to replace it might rather look to JWH-018, JWH-073, or herbal blends.
    Regarding his comment about aversive qualities, it seems that the extreme cerebral qualities are not as suitable for everyday activities and productivity as others cannabinoids. This does create some aversion to the behavior that sustains an addiction like that which is easy to occur with -018 (including vaping in secluded public areas, bathrooms, at work, etc.).

    SWIM's giraffe also concurs with comments in Gradient's chimp assay that
    and would like to add that he is very intrigued by the severe level of altered consciousness and brevity of the experience. It appears very reminiscent of the introspective qualities induced by tryptamines and dissociatives like ketamine. SWIM's giraffe likens it to DMT's distinction as "the businessman's trip", but prefers to think of it as "the businessman's hit."
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  14. griefer

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    Jul 6, 2010
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    Re: Jwh-250

    Body weight- 145 lbs
    Age & gender- 18/m
    Dosage- Unkown since my cat sir fatso eyeballs his doses (yea we all know he shouldn't do that, but please no criticism. My cat has heard it all before.) However, I have noticed that when my cat doses jwh-250 he vaporizes about four to five times as much as if he were smoking jwh-018.
    Route of administration- vaporized
    Main Effects-euphoria, giggles, very trippy, short-term memory almost gone (my cat could hardly remember what he was typing during parts of his review).
    Setting- in my room, listening to music, browsing the internet
    Duration-main effects lasted around 30 minutes, while a tapering high lingered for the next two hours
    Rating of Experience-7/10

    The Experience

    11:09 pm

    So sir fatso has just gotten done smoking the most JWH-250 he's smoked ever before. He was fed up with the way his past experiences ended so abruptly compared to the JWH-018 high. So he upped the dose and is now the highest he's ever been. My head feels like it's vibrating to the music as my sunken shoulders make my head feel like it's floating right above me. It's crazy.


    Ok nothing much has changed. Fatso is still just super high, it just took his furry paws that freakin' long to get that first paragraph done. DAmn.


    So, the sir has definite feelings of euphoria. Child-like humour.:crazy The stupidest little things are making my cat giggle like a little schoolgirl. The high is different from the jwh-018 in that there is far less "body" high mrmeow says. It is a very clean head high that is near psychedelic at high dosages.


    Feels like forever has gone by says the cat. My cat is super tired and feels like going to bed.


    My cat says the feelings have greatly dissipated. He says over the next hour and a half the high has pretty much run it's course.


    Fatso says he will be doing more experimenting with JWH-250 in the future. He says he did notice the intense euphoria stands out compared to JWH-018's effects. For now, the cat says that JWH-018 is still his favorite drug of choice.
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    Re: Jwh-250

    My pet aardvark has been reading these forums for a while and he somehow got some jwh-250 as a sample. He told me that he has tried a couple times to smoke it, but he is uneasy about the taste. But from what he has read, it is expected to have a very strong, chemical taste with a mint-like after effect.

    His powder is exactly as everyone describes, white, fluffy, sticky but not wet, so he assumes the quality is at least on par with the rest. My wompus has tried numerous times to try, and even keeping in mind the taste is supposed to be bad; but he cannot seem to get by how easily the residue is left behind. The flame can stay a large distance away from the foil (compared to JWH-018 anyway) and still very easily vaporize the substance, and the whole trail of the substance from beginning to end is residue. He knows the JWH-018 leaves some behind, but it's always right as he finishes the last bit.

    He has tried dosing numerous times but can't get more than 1 good hit before the flavor makes him want to vomit. My wompus really wants to experience the high so he can compare it to JWH-018, but he would like a little more reassurance from others that this substance does in fact behave that way.

    Should he just man up and take the hits like a big boy?
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  16. Snouter Fancier

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    Re: Jwh-250

    This statement mars an otherwise fine experience report.

    Your cat is taking an unnecessary risk. Criticism is warranted and should be expected. If your cat has heard it all before and still does it, your cat needs to hear it again. Eyeballed doses have caused many miserable experiences with cannabinoids and other research chemicals. There's no need to do this. Milligram scales are readily available and probably less expensive than a gram of the drug your cat is using.

    Here is a fine discussion of weighing methods.

    Excellent experience report. Welcome to DF. But for god's sake, make sir fatso weigh his drugs.
  17. nate81

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    Re: Jwh-250

    SWIM has a few JWH-250 experiences under his belt so I thought I'd contribute them.

    body weight & gender ~175lbs, Male
    dose taken 3-10mg vaped, 3-5mg intranasal, 5-10mg oral
    Setting: in what environment it was taken. At home
    duration of main effects : vaporized, about an hour. oral is closer to five.
    main effects : enhancement of genital feelings (but no increase in arousal), clear-headed, slightly goofy but under control, very pleasant body feelings described as tingles or shivers of goodness (unrelated to sex btw)
    side effects : easily distracted, a desire to clean up the house for some reason, mild desire to redose when vaped effects wear off
    after effects : not sure yet, none noticed so far
    rating of the experience SWIM's '10' was a san pedro experience. He puts this at 6.5 only because he feels it could be a little pushier of an experience
    addictive qualities / abuse potential : some, about the same as other cannabinoids SWIM has experienced
    any other valuable information

    SWIM really likes it orally. It lasts longer and wears off smoothly. There is no real increase in sexual appetite for SWIM however once one goes down that path normally, one finds a very nice sensation.

    This stuff is about as similar to cannabis as ecstasy is to san pedro. ISO
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  18. khemi

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    Re: Jwh-250

    200 mg of JWH-250 disolved in 200 ml of acetone and then added 2g of tobacco provided swim with a concentration of 1mg/10mg. This afforded a nice two hit high that was out of this world. Swim has now tried JWH-018, win-fx and win-fx3 and the JWH-250 was by far swims favorite. It produced a great body high and a trippy stone that caused very little anxiety at a very intense dosage. Swim felt like he could have pushed the envelope a bit more and taken 3 or even 4 big hits and been comfortable but that is for another dream. Swim noticed that like the win compounds the intensity of the effects lasted for 45 min and the initial onset of effects took a little longer than the other compounds swim has tried. He is very happy with JWH-250 and it was suggested by vendor to combine the relatively less active JWH-081 with JWH-250 in a 1:1 ratio. This will be further explored on the next few days. Allegedly this extends the high when combined. Swim personally likes the duration as is. Redosing did occur and the desire was due to he euphoria JWH-250 provided. Swim is overall very happy he gambled on JWH-250 with his last acquisition. Swim wishes he could turn his stockpile of JWH-018 into JWH-250 as he naturally has a great deal of anxiety and finds JWH-018 exasperates those symptoms.

    Overal, four stars out five for JWH-250

    His JWH-250 was very salty in consistency unlike the fluffy JWH-018. 10g looks less than it is and it has an off yellow tinge unlike the white JWH-018 and win compounds.
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  19. fatal

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    Re: Jwh-250

    swim tells me he prefers this out of the jwh chemicals overall. the experience is powerful and fast. you can get very high on this compound and still get to doing shit that needs doing in a reasonable timeframe. out of those swim has tried this tastes the most pleasant when burning. swims friend insufflated ~10mg. effects were felt within minutes. bit longer than smoking that way. swim says out of all the jwh compounds this is the one that has made him feel too high. swim is a heavy cannabis smoker. YMMV. take care dosing this stuff. swim has seen serious cannabis users unable to walk straight or articulate verbally after ingesting this stuff. if you are not a regular hardcore smoker you will want to keep it low, or risk the panic attack.

  20. coffeelover

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    Re: Jwh-250

    So, my pet jackalope had his first experience with this substance last night. While he didn't take notes at all, he will try to recall what happened last night and how he felt.

    That's what my jackalope said anyway, what are you guys' thoughts?

    coffeelover added 5 Minutes and 26 Seconds later...

    Sorry for the double post, but I can't edit my own posts yet. My jackalope also wanted you guys to know that at his peak, he probably couldn't have done a very good job acting sober on this and even as the effects wore off he wasn't completely confident in his "proper" social skills. In other words, he doesn't recommend going into any public places, as they would probably find out quickly that you were on something.
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