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K2 Summit Smoke Blend Experiences

Discussion in 'Unidentified blends' started by Alfa, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Alfa

    Alfa Productive Insomniac Staff Member

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    Jan 14, 2003
    The Netherlands
    Please add your experiences with K2 Summit smoke blend here. Please add dosage, route and duration to the top of your post like this:

    When posting a experience, please describe:
    • body weight & gender
    • dose taken
    • route of administration
    • Setting: in what environment it was taken.
    • duration of main effects
    • main effects
    • side effects
    • after effects
    • rating of the experience
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential
    • any other valuable information
    For general discussion of the K2 smoke blend, see here: K2 Smoke Blend

  2. Drats

    Drats Gold Member

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    May 12, 2009
    SWIM only tried K2 Summit and only one 3 gram package, but he experienced a lot of european blends, so he wanted to try this blend, cause it´s mainly spread in the USA.

    Further product info:
    Material: Very big plant parts, a disadvantage cause a lot of those blends also sometimes contain stones and other crap, but well some scissors do the job. The picture is taken with a 1 cent coin, it´s unsharp, but it shows how crude the mixture is.

    Smell and tase: Weird, smells like hay with a hint of flowers. So nothing special.



    Gender: Male
    Weight: 90 Kg
    Dosage: 200 mg mixed with 100 mg tobacco
    Administration: Through a huge glas bong inhaled with one hit.
    Set and Setting: At home, relaxed and in good mood. No cannabinoids smoked for 2 weeks, so tolerance is not very high.

    T 0:00 Burns good, as it is fluffy, tastes like burned hay, disgusting, but let´s wait.
    T 0:01 slight effects are noticeable, typical cannabinoid effects so far.
    T 0:03 slightly stoned yet. more to the head, not so strong to the body, no couchlock so far, but let´s wait. very thursty, more than from other blends, but maybe just because the taste was so disgusting.
    T 0:10 Peak was allready reached at T 0:03 not very strong, regular 200 mg of a blend is a big bang to the head. No euphoria, no appetite stimulation, no couchlock, just the visual changes of cannabinoids and the body feeling, so good just to chill.
    T 0:15 Still the same feeling, but now also a little bit euphoria, but also no creativity.
    T 0:45 Effects allready start to loose in strength.
    T 0:55 Effects are mostly gone, still some noticeable effects but not stoned anymore.
    T 1:15 Nearly everything is gone, just slight after effects.
    T 1:30 Everything is gone, not even after effects, everything is as it was before SWIM smoked it.

    SWIM doesn´t know the other variations of K2, but compared to other blends, it was the weakest SWIM ever had. Only cannabinoid free blends like Space are weaker :laugh:
    SWIM has to say that stuff is not worth a try if someone can get european blends, this stuff has half or even only a third of the strength from Spice Silver. Pretty disappointing, cause SWIM found a huge discussion on this forum about K2 blends and through that it looked like a good product.
  3. lordcheeto

    lordcheeto Silver Member

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    Sep 17, 2008
    When SWIM first heard of the legal blends(not just K2) that were actually supposed to mimic the effects of weed, he was quite skeptical. Excited, but skeptical. He went as fast as he could to the nearest head-shop and purchased a 5-gram bag...hey, if it DOES work, he doesn't have to go back as soon for more, right? SWIM was very excited when he got back to his friend's house to try it.

    A little background about SWIM:
    He is 6'1", about 245lbs. Marijuana is his drug of choice, so he had high standards....pardon the pun. He stopped his chronic use of marijuana about 3-4 years ago, and has since then used 2-3 times per year.

    Anyway, SWIM greedily opened the pack and he rolled a joint about the size of a cigarette of the mix. It was a very dry mix with a pungent, almost skunky smell. SWIM would say it almost resembles catnip, except for the occasional flower or large clump of...well, SWIM doesn't know what it was, other than it was about 1/4-5/16" in size and was definitely some type of plant. SWIM broke these up obviously for the purpose of the joint.

    T 0:00 - SWIM gets 'greens.' Upon lighting the joint, he notices a weird taste. It's not a bad taste, it's just different, almost flowery. The smoke seems lighter than cannabis smoke, yet more harsh if that makes sense. SWIM didn't cough even though he added an extra puff to the 'Puff puff pass' rule.

    T 0:02 - After about the 3rd rotation, maybe 4th, SWIM was thinking this K2 summit wasn't too bad, maybe a bit costly for the effects, but not too bad. A little bit of time dilation was noted, but nothing too severe.

    T 0:05 - The had finally crept up on SWIM. The come-up was a bit of a rush because it felt like that whole joint hit him at one time. It was hard keeping his attention on anything. He couldn't carry on a conversation because he would forget what he was saying. A good feeling, he thought. As he recalls, it almost reminded him of the first time he had smoked. Xbox was turned on, Geometry Wars, and a randomized playlist of music on the hard-drive.

    T 0:20 - The high kept coming on a little bit at a time, SWIM really had a hard time doing anything. His coordination was off slightly, eyes were bloodshot, bad cotton-mouth. He was in a safe area, but for some reason he could feel the slightest bit of paranoia. He just relaxed, smoked a cigarette, and let it all go. Music appreciation was noted, as well as heightened taste and hearing. His throat was mildly bothering him from the harshness of the smoke.

    T 1:00 - SWIM was sitting there, vegged on the couch and remembers laughing at the concept of incense getting him stoned, yet there he was, couch-locked and stoned. The buzz had diminished a little bit from the highest point, but SWIM was still very high. He doesn't have the munchies, but he wonders if that is because he didn't get them with cannabis either.

    T 1:30 - SWIM and his friends then decide to smoke some more. His friends and him decided a pipe would do just fine. The pipe didn't have a big bowl, just one of those small, dirt cheap glass pipes with a carb. SWIM could feel the effects almost instantly after the first hit. Each person got about 2 hits each before the bowl was cashed. He was back to the original high.

    T 3:00 - SWIM had definitely hit plateau, and was beginning to come down. He noticed the 'high' had vanished rather quickly, but he was still left with a very relaxed, peaceful feeling. Although he enjoyed being extremely high, he wanted to build a bit of tolerance to the substance, as he would have been completely unable to function without it.

    After about 4-5 days of continuous use, SWIM still had not built up an incredible tolerance. He could fully handle a full bowl, although he was very very high, yet he was able to maintain his composure. SWIM noticed that for the best feeling, as far as feeling the buzz and being able to function at the same time was around 2 big puffs. He had noticed a persisting sore throat. It was not bad, just enough to let him know it was bothering him. Smoking intensified it.

    About 4 weeks of daily use, about two bowls per day, had given SWIM quite a tolerance. He could smoke and was 100% in control of himself. The paranoia aspect had almost completely gone away. He had been clearing a rather large patch of small trees, working at it nearly 10 hours a day. He was also smoking while doing this as well. He didn't exactly feel energy, but he did feel uplifted while doing something. Upon resting though, was a different story. He never noticed any major difference in heart-rate, or breathing; even in the more paranoid moments. About this time, SWIM was going through about 10g a week. Quite an expensive habit he thought, but he could afford it and he missed cannabis. Also, he had noticed that his lungs began to feel heavy, as though he was quite congested. He wasn't coughing anything up, just wheezing. He is still not completely able to verify if in fact the K2 had caused this or not, as FSC cigarettes had just started really being sold. He also switched from Marlboro Reds to Camel filters. After hearing of many people getting sick from the new chemicals in FSC cigarettes, SWIM doesn't believe he can make a confident assertion as to the cause of the congestion. His sore throat had also gone away.

    During this time of heavy use, SWIM hadnoticed a heavy resign forming inside of his pipe. He decided to clean his pipe out one night. He knew that cannabis resin will get you somewhat high, regardless of how bad it is on your lungs, so he decided to try that theory with K2. SWIM was able to scrape a whole bowl of resin and plant material which had fallen through the hole in the bowl. He packed his pipe with a little bit of cigarette tobacco, put the resin ball on top, and another thin layer of tobacco. He began with a regular bic lighter, but once the tobacco had burned out, there was not enough heat to make the resin ball do anything. He grabbed his butane torch lighter and fired it up. It took a second, but the resin ball began to distort, bubble, and smoke. He got a very big hit and barely put a dent in the ball. After 3 hits, SWIM did not want any more because he was extremely high. This bowl of resin lasted him 2 days alone. Burning the resin with a butane lighter is inefficient though, as he cleaned his pipe out when he first thought the resin was finished and scraped about an 1/8th bowl out again. Anyone else notice this? SWIM is quite certain that like cannabis resin, this stuff isn't good for SWIY, but it does do the job.

    SWIM ran out of K2 summit Tuesday, 2/9/10 and decided to test how fast his tolerance went down. He was really smoking too much, as a whole bowl at a time was his standard dose at this time. No withdrawl effects were noticed. As far as stopping, SWIM would say it was rather easy. He wanted some, but it was no stronger than a mere 'want.' It definitely would not have been considered a need. No real anxiety, no depression, no short temper. His lung congestion still had not let up, even after the 5 day stretch; which made him think it was, in fact, the cigarettes which had caused it. Although, looking at the thick resin left by the K2, he was still not ready to rule it out. Short term memory problems were noticed, though not bad. SWIM would go into his bedroom to get something, and stand there dumbfounded for a minute thinking about what he was going to get. He would set something down and forget what he did with it seconds later. This was not a constant effet, though it happened more regularly than he felt it should have. Almost definitely a side effect which was present while underthe influence of the K2, just more noticeable after quitting.

    After 5 days without using, SWIM decided to go get some more; partly because he had noticed he was becomming fidgity, but mostly he just wanted some. He felt as if he had energy, which SWIM doesn't too much enjoy. He went to said head shop, purchased another small bag, and went back home. First thing, he packed a bowl and fired it up. Halfway through, he was stoned again. He decided to go ahead and finish the bowl. His tolerance level had gone down considerably in that 5 day window. Although it was not back to where it was; which was apparent by the fact that he was able to smoke a whole bowl to himself, it was still much better than 5 days prior. SWIM expects his tolerance to build back up rather quickly, as he had not lost it all completely. That will be a follow-up one of these days.

    SWIM has only tried one other brand of "aromatic incense" and that was Puff. The Puff had a better taste, he thought; but the K2 definitely had definitely had better effects. He believes that for the money, K2 summit is probably the closest one can get to actual cannabis without actually consuming cannabis. SWIM does not believe that this blend could be an outright replacement for cannabis. It would be much more expensive to smoke K2; and in his opinion, a not so brilliant idea if one doesn't get drug tested. But for those in SWIMS pool where drug tests are common, he will settle for second best. He still definitely prefers cannabis due to the wonderful taste and rather limited knoledge about the JWH blends, but will still be a guinea pig. He thinks about his health, yet he really isn't too concerned about JWH-xxx. He says he feels he has more harmful things to worry about, such as working around hexavalent chromium, inorganic arsenic, loose fiberglass particles, lead paint dust, welding fumes, asbestos, benzene, H2S, etc. He suspects that if anything he breathes in would do the most harm to him, it would be one of those, not JWH-xxx or it's carcinogens.
  4. onetwothree123

    onetwothree123 Newbie

    Reputation Points:
    Feb 21, 2010
    Here is SWIMS experience

    body weight & gender
    140. male
    dose taken
    swim had one bowl of weed followed by two bowls of k2

    route of administration
    smoke out of a bubbler

    Setting: in what environment it was taken.
    outside, in a ditch close to a mall. then went to see a movie

    duration of main effects
    2 hours

    main effects
    Swim said It was crazy. Anyone who says this doesn't work is retarded. He was so fucking high it was insane. Everything he was seeing was almost in glimpse, like flashes of the real world. It was some trippy shit. His vision looked like an old movie projector image, but it was so vivid and clear. Everything was happening in slow motion. On the way to the movies, SWIM was walking in front of his friends and he felt like someone was running up behind hims. SWIM acted like he was on a mission to make it to the theather, and if he didn't make it, then SWIM was going to die. It was hard for him to walk, as reality because extremely distorted. He had VERY red eyes at this point.

    SWIM was sitting in a movie, and would stop breathing, then slowly float off into space, losing touch with reality. Then he would gasp and reality would snap back. The cycle then repeated about 20 times, for about 20 minutes. SWIM had extreme paranoia and anxiety once this started happening. SWIM was scarred shit less. He was shaking uncontrollably. The next 30 minutes were hell, for swim.

    He decided to listen to his iPod to calm down. Music was amazing, and he felt much better about the situation now. He was past his peak at this point, and it had been about an hour and a half now. Slowly, the anxiety subsided, and he felt better once he ate something.

    Dry mouth was intense for swim.

    Be careful with this stuff. If i were you, I would just do this in a place were you feel safe and comfortable. Not in a public place.

    The high was intense and like nothing SWIM felt before. Like weed, but way more trippy for him.

    SWIM's other friends throughly enjoyed their experiences. Laughs and everything. No paranoia or anything like that.

    onetwothree123 added 12 Minutes and 14 Seconds later...

    to add details to the anxiety.

    For swim, it came in in intense waves. So bad that he felt like he was going to literally going to physically explode, and just when he thought he was going to pass out and drift into a permanent state of nothingness, reality jumped back in.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
  5. JayBee

    JayBee Silver Member

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    Oct 31, 2009
    After having been smoking various synthetic cannabinoid-laced herbal blends such as K2 Summit (and Blonde), Serenity Now, and Purp Syndrome over the past year or so (following 20 years of former Cannabis use), SWIM has developed a deep respect of the potency of this type of smoke. Forget trying to smoke pure JWH synth-canns in vainly attempting to "eye-ball" each dose,...or even to "weigh" with a milligram scale. Been there, tried that and almost fried SWIM's skull. Wayyy stronger than natural cannabinoids!

    This is why SWIM usually sticks with blends instead,...for they provide less of a chance of getting too ripped/stoned for his own good,...when basically all he wants (from drugs and other mood enhancers, etc.) nowadays is to maintain spiritual, mental and emotional balance/stability, and basically, to be happy (while IN control).

    SWIM has noticed that it is always the very first (4 to 5 hit) bowl of the day that basically almost becomes too intense (with severe head rush, anxiety, etc.), and this is why he usually smokes the first bowl at home with wifey,...and THEN,...only smokes in public AFTERWARD, whenever he goes out shopping, hang with friends, or whatever,..because once the first bowl has been smoked at home,...the buzz which occurs whenever smoking more synth-cann-herbals throughout the rest of the day seems to be much more spacey, mellow and relaxed with less intensity. This is why SWIM always tells his buddies,...be careful where you smoke that first bowl, joint, blunt or whatever of cannabinoid-laced herbal blends,...because if you're not in a confortable environment, they will "tear you a new one" :laugh:.

    In SWIM's opinion,...one of the worst places to get hit with the crazy-intensity of the first smoke is while driving in fast and heavy traffic. :eek: OMG!!!

    Oops! Forgot to add in other details which were specifically requested within the starter post of this topic thread :

    • b/w & g : 140 lbs / Male
    • dose taken : 5 hits
    • route of administration : metal (chambered) pipe/bowl
    • Setting: home on hippy-lighted back porch overlooking the pond with bluesy music filling the air
    • duration of main effects : 1 hour
    • main effects : strong head buzz which spreads to body after 20 minutes, almost Cannabis-like. Slightly trippy, occasionally borderline anxiety and paranoia (which usually fades pretty fast). Main effects soften/weaken into the second hour, becoming more mellow and spacey,...and then buzz finally fades to nothing within three hours.
    • side effects : slight ringing in ears on occasion, feeling vibrations on head and body, periodic (short-termed) anxiety/paranoia, redness of eyes, cotton-mouth, feels a faster drop in body temps during cold weather
    • after effects : occasional munchies, but not nearly as often as it occured during former Cannabis use.
    • rating of the experience : on a scale of one to ten, SWIM gives K2:Summit a 7.5
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential : In SWIM's opinion, is as addictive psychologically (and slightly physically) as Cannabis. Gets a little edgy and cranky if not having smoked any within a half day or so.
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  6. Khariz


    Reputation Points:
    Feb 21, 2010
    Edit: never mind
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2011
  7. K-Mann

    K-Mann Newbie

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    Feb 22, 2010
    does any one know if there are any dangers in smoking K2 as it relates to urine drug tests? swims monkey smokes pot all the time but now they get tested at work so would K2 be an ideal habbit for the monkey?
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  8. Khariz


    Reputation Points:
    Feb 21, 2010
    K2 does not show up in any current urine tests that I'm aware of as of the writing of this post.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2011
  9. lotsarows


    Reputation Points:
    Feb 24, 2010
    SWIM smoked K2 summit for 30 days and has tested 100% negative on two drug screens. The most compelling was walking in to an independent lab moments after smoking K2 summit and having a GC 5 panel test negative- all the way down to 15ng. SWIM is not going to risk his employment unless SWIM knows for sure, and now he knows!

    About K2. SWIM is frustrated about the inability to vaporize K2. At 425F, the substance begins to vaporize, but apparently the active ingredient(s) does not, leaving a flowery vapor that does nothing for SWIM apart from a trailing headache. All indications are that the active ingredient, unlike THC, does not become active until reaching a very hot flash point. SWIM would like to hear other vape experiences.

    Caution! SWIM wants everyone to be careful with K2. Prepare a very small bowl and give it a good 10 minutes before packing a 2nd. The level of impairment can be scary and unsafe if SWIM is not careful. K2 should not be available to anyone under 18 and should be used with caution by responsible adults.
  10. nicolisp

    nicolisp Newbie

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    Feb 16, 2010
    • body weight & gender: 160 lbs., male
    • dose taken: full bowl, small bubbler
    • route of administration: smoked
    • Setting: in what environment it was taken.: home, couch + TV
    • duration of main effects: 60-90 minutes
    • main effects: euphoria, munchies, couch-lock, body relaxation
    • side effects: none for me other than the occasional cough from smoking
    • after effects: residual effects 60-90 minutes after main effects. relaxation, euphoria, can kinda feel it in eyes
    • rating of the experience: absolutely love it
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential: Same as cannabis, I would imagine. Likely a potential for psychological addiction, but not physical.
    • any other valuable information:
    Love it. I would imagine that the smoke is many times less harsh than smoked cannabis. The high reminds me of the high I would imagine a pure sativa to produce. Or like smoking kief from a grinder, hypothetically speaking. The pink variety is good, too.
  11. safehaven7


    Reputation Points:
    Mar 5, 2010
    Originally Posted by EXAMPLE
    Dosage: 100 mg in one glass juice
    Route: Orally
    Duration: 4 hours

    When posting a experience, please describe:
    • Weight: 170 pound Gender: male
    • Dosage: 8 bong rips split with friend. 4 bong rips then break than 3 more an hour later
    • Route: inhalation through bong
    • Environment: Buick Lesabre in friends driveway, then went inside.
    • Duration: 4 hours+
    • Main Effects: is stuff gives you a massive head high at first, first time swim smoked it he laughed hysterically for 20 minutes. I've been smoking k2 summit since then smoking a 3 gram bag in a bout a week, waiting a couple days for shipping, than smoking that next week. It still takes barely anything to get me high off this stuff, and every high is a good one. The first time can be awfully scary though if your not prepared. swims friend smoking it with his wife and she had a panic attack he said lol that how high his wife was. Overall if you truely want to blast off, smoke some of this after you smoke some weed and get really high, some of swims friends say it's the highest they've ever been, and swims friends smoke every day. K2 Summit is honestly legal and swim is so happy it's my alternative, swim doesnt miss weed at all at this point.
    • Main Effects: Gives you a huge head high for about an hour. Youll feel lingering effects in the head for next hour.
    • After Effects: Next 2 hours youll have a major body high that feels good as shit. T.V. is good as hell, Nat Geo, Discovery Channel, History Channel you name it, its good. I watched a show on the Hubble Space Telescope on this stuff and it blew my mind.
    • 10/10
    • It's not addictive at all. Swim has to wait on average for 2-3 days for another 3 gram pack. Swim doesn't feel any physical addiction at all. Swim just misses when he doesn't have something to smoke now that the law makes him not smoke weed anymore. But K2 Summit is the best alternative swim could've ran across.
    • One thing SWIM notices when he orders K2 Summit is that everytime he gets it in the 3 gram bag the stuff inside never looks the same. It seems there is like different brands and different mixtures being made that one can easily tell dont look alike when your smoking it. But it all still smokes the same :)
    Hope this info helps
  12. 420hio

    420hio Newbie

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    Mar 18, 2010
    Swims old houndog just an old hippie that has been smoking the weed since he was 16. But this K2 stuff will can give you major anxiety at high doses. Things are kinda dry around here lately and the houndog thought that he would give k2 a try. This stuff is not your grandpa's weed. How in the hell does one know with out a bad trip how much to use.
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  13. supermanh1gh


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    Mar 20, 2010
    Below is a report swim found in a notebook left on the bookshelf at the local coffee shop:

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  14. ToPsMokEr's

    ToPsMokEr's Newbie

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    Mar 21, 2010
    Re: K2 Summit smoke blend experiences Go big or go home

    Weight: 145
    Gender: Male
    Dose taken: K2 summit, 1 blunt, 6 joints, Weed, 3 bowl, 4 shots of jack
    Through out 2 hours

    Setting: Swim and swims frinds Started smoking it in the car on the way to a party. When they got to the party they plan on chilling there for the rest of the night. Feeling pretty good when they got there smoking more seem like a very good idea after the first few joints and the blunt they were just floating.

    they didnt want to move just sit in these chairs. Swim wasn't sure if he was able to stand up at all. All they wanted to do was sit there and keep smoking more and more. Some people show up at the party and try to start shit so swim got up to go see what was going on when swim got up he felt like he was floating, but it still took all his energy to stand up. swim was in no mood to help them get those people out so he sat back down.

    they smoke a few more joints well sitting there and some more bowl. After awhile re realize that their pupils were pretty much are whole eyes. swims pretty sure that was one of the side effects of smoking the K2. The K2 made them all really sleepy, but not to hungry at all. As time went on they smoke a little more and just was completely baked. they all had the biggest body high they ever got. Just standing up was the biggest challage for them.

    they soon left the party but befor they left they smoked another joint. The car ride home was the most trippy the music was a key factor all music sounded crazy to them. looking back on it swim wishes he had a i pod with him at that party. After droping everyone off still very high swim went home and just went to my bed and passed out. Next morning he woke up with no hangover nothing at all swim felt fine. Overall swim give K2 8/10. swim loves weed the taste swim think is better then K2 and the smell. But if swiy something legal and want to get really high K2 is the way to go.
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  15. fiveleggedrat

    fiveleggedrat Palladium Member

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    Nov 28, 2007
    So Swim's a heavy smoker and recently cut back moving and saving money. So, lower than avg tolerance. Not his usual super tolerance.

    He's been smoking bright green, good pine reggie lately, ok shit. He's been smoking a lot of regs, mids, and various blends lately, including Spice Diamond, his trad. fav.

    Male, 20's, 150-160lbs, eats opioids and cannabinoids all the time. Prefers Granddaddy Purp (the REAL shit!) and oxycodone.

    Swim got k2 summit from the local head shop.

    Smoked no more than 100mg in bowl. Was in space.

    Very visual, psychedelic weed high. Great high, fuck! Lots of clarity while still being "gone". Seriously better high than the weed he's been smoking, and while it wasnt really good weed at all, that's still saying something!

    Will DEF be getting again, and he has smoked over 50 blends, including what he considers the best on the market. K2 summit blew his expectations away! Expecting a lame wimpy high like other blends, but def not.

    Pro: Strong, potent. Seems pretty equipotent throughout the blend. Strong peak.

    Cons: Tastes not so good, pretty fucking harsh herbs to smoke! Smells yucky really. Lasts only 2+ hours, so a little shorter than real herb, but not as short as some other blends or synthetics. Peak could last longer.

    Overall: Suggest, in the vein of things like Spice Diamond and other top-of-the-line potency blends.

    Swim is now smoking k2 summit 2-3 times daily in the amount of 100-300mg from one hitters, would not suggest water bong until someone proves potency isnt cut by water filtration, although there is no reason is really should be, as others rarely are. But Swim gets higher smoking straight than filtering smoke in any way.


    Swim was reading how this ingredient chem has a higher burn point and doesnt vape well. Well, part of swim's experience of k2 summit being so strong might be how he smokes: direct flame TORCHING THE EFF out of the plant material, till only grey ash left.
  16. comextogether


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    May 5, 2010
    Gender: female
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Dosage: probably took about 8 hits
    Administration: bowl
    Set and Setting: at bamboozle, nj

    SWIM and two friends decided to try it out, they knew absolutely nothing about it but were looking for a good time. they smoked a few bowls in one of the crowds at bamboozle. taste was pretty harsh, burned her throat a bit. SWIM's two friends had amazing highs. SWIM would call what happened to her a trip. about five minutes after smoking, SWIM knew IMMEDIATELY that this was nothing like marijuana. SWIM grabbed another friend and ran out of the crowd. the high came on almost immediately. SWIM begged her friend to get her water. they sat on the pavement together, and SWIM freaked out. her heart was racing faster than she'd ever felt it. she was paranoid, agitated, and scared. she started hallucinating. she saw some bizarre things. she couldn't form sentences and couldn't think straight. her entire body was paralyzed, but her fingers and toes couldn't stop tapping. time was very warped. she laid down on the pavement, but couldn't calm down. SWIM begged her friend to bring her to the EMS tent, where she finally calmed down.

    duration of main effects: about two hours
    main effects: body felt hyper but had no strength to move, hallucinations, delusions, paranoid, scared, no euphoria, vision felt like a fish-eye lens, nervous, sad, extreme anxiety, increased heart rate, felt like i was "outside of my own body", most of body felt completely numb, couldn't focus on anything at all, mind racing
    after effects: felt the "outside of body" sensation for at least six hours after, felt hazy for the next few days, nervous just THINKING about the trip
    rating of the experience: absolutely horrible -- 0/10
    addictive qualities / abuse potential: SWIM will never smoke this again
    any other valuable information: SWIM smokes pot almost every day. k2 made SWIM feel fear that she never wanted to feel and never wants to feel again. it's possible SWIM smoked too much, but her two friends smoked the same amount and felt amazing. SWIM never wants to be this high ever ever again. if anyone has any questions, or had the same effect, feel free to talk to SWIM.
  17. Snouter Fancier

    Snouter Fancier Gold Member

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    Jan 14, 2010
    comextogether, this sounds exactly like a typical inadvertent cannabinoid OD. My rhinograde had an identical experience with his first use of JWH-018. I wrote up the rhinograde's experience on DF. He rated the JWH-018 horrible beyond measure, and doubted he'd ever use it again.

    He did, though, more cautiously, and the second time was better. The third time, using it more cautiously yet, was fun, and very marijuana-like. Which is what you would expect.

    I don't think SWIY has to give up on K2 Summit. Just let SWIY use it cautiously the next time. 'The dose makes the poison'. (How many times have I said that on DF? Too many to count.) Despite SWIY's friends not having the same reaction despite apparently taking the same dose. Everyone's a little different.
  18. thetrent


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    Dec 8, 2009
    Male, 170lbs

    Dose taken: one bowl
    Route of administration: smoked through a baby pipe
    Setting: home alone
    Duration: 4 hours

    Main/Side effects: The effects came on within minutes of smoking. SWIM was about to take one last hit, but immediately realized he'd better get to his room before he forgets how. It started with a strange sensation he's never felt with any other substance that sort of felt like his entire body was being stroked from the head down in repeated pulses. His vision began to become slightly distorted, much like an incredibly noisy digital photograph. He began having mild hallucinations accompanied by paranoia.

    After about 5-10 minutes of this phase, SWIM got over the paranoia and accepted the effects. He put on some slow trance music with Winamp visualizers and found himself sucked into another world. He felt so unbelievably euphoric, he felt like he was on E, but without all the clenching. He then felt like his heart was racing. He spend the next 10 minutes looking for his heart rate monitor. This was not an easy task, as SWIM kept getting distracted by things and thoughts. He gave up and sat back down and let himself be brought back into the world of music and color.

    After staring at the visualizer for a few minutes, he found himself very slowly rocking his head back and forth. He felt like someone was holding his head and moving it for him. This, combined with the pulsing effects described earlier, felt incredible. Then he noticed his raging hard on. It felt like the light patterns on the screen were coming out of his sausage. It felt good. He decided to take advantage of this by putting on some pr0n for a bit, but making sure to keep the music playing in the background. He had a wank that put all other wanks to shame.

    SWIM then got the munchies. He had an odd desire to combine foods in disgusting ways. The first thing he did was reach for the Nutella, of course. He took out a spoonful and added altoids, then ate it. It was incredible. He decided to search for more odd combinations. This gave SWIM a great sense of adventure, like he was going on an epic journey. He wrapped a chocolate marshmallow in cheddar cheese. Amazing. He cooked a hot dog and covered it in chocolate syrup. Fantastic. Satisfied with his work, he proudly marched back to his room and plopped himself back into his chair. He was about an hour and a half in at this point, but it felt like the entire night had gone by. He noticed his sense of time was incredibly off.

    SWIM decided it would be funny to play Garrys Mod in this state. He fired up fraps to record the experience. Sure enough, he couldn't concentrate on a single thing long enough to make anything remotely useful. His commentary throughout the film turned out pretty funny though.

    At the three hour mark, SWIM noticed he was slowly coming back to reality. While he regained all his motor skills and ability to reason, he still had a wild imagination. If he stopped thinking for a second, his imagination would replace what he was seeing, almost as if he were dreaming while awake. At any moment he wished, however, SWIM could stop and return to reality. This was a very nice place to be. He still felt heavy and semi euphoric. He decided it was time to go to bed. He usually likes to read before going to sleep, so he pulled out his kindle and began trying to read. Within seconds he burst into laughter and knew it wasn't going to happen, so he put the book down and nodded off.

    After Effects: SWIM was asleep before he fully came down, so he can't comment on the immediate after effects. When he woke up, however, he felt groggy and dehydrated. He still felt very sleepy, despite having slept for 10 hours. After about an hour, it all went away and he felt fine.

    Rating of the experience: 7/10. Much nicer effects than MJ in SWIM's opinion. It feels stronger, lasts longer, and is more cost effective. There was that off period of paranoia, but SWIM is going to assume it's because this was his first time and wasn't quite sure what to expect.
  19. kailey_elise

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    Nov 3, 2004
    Great report, just had a question...I understand masturbation worked out exceedingly well, but how does your friend think sex would go down? Assume a long-time partner one feels comfortable with and both accustomed to substances. Would it still be too distracting?

  20. thetrent


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    Dec 8, 2009
    SWIM had been thinking about that during the trip. He immediately wished he had invited a girl to do it with him. Since he did it alone, he does not fully understand the interpersonal effects of K2, but he assumes it would be very nice. He imagined what making out would feel like on the stuff, and especially sex. If he had to speculate, it would probably be a very slow and sensual experience, more about making a connection rather than f*cking. It definitely depends on the dose though. Take too much, and SWIY will be in space. No chance of sex if that happens. SWIM says definitely give it a go, and report back if SWIY does it! Or maybe SWIM will beat SWIY to it!