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    Sep 25, 2005
    32 y/o
    Are any of you addicted to ketamine, or have been swims mate is getting close to it and relly worrieing swim, any advice from personnal experience. i mean i really like it but really couldn't cope with being addicted to k
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    Nov 20, 2005
    ketamine addiction is quite rare but I found myself on it every day at one point. Up till then my only other addictions had been adrenaline and nicoteen.

    I found that after about 2 years of quite heavy use it began to drop off. Not only that but my nicoteen addiction, which I had from the age of 14, also began to slip.

    I never realy understood what was happening until I read a paper by a Russian scientist who was using K to cure Heroin addicts. He had found that by treating them with small amounts of ketamine there had been some people completly cured of their adiction. And although not all were cured there was improvement in every single case.

    The same Doctor who conducted the experiment then wanted to try the same out on alcoholics but the Russian government pulled the plug on him. I think he is still trying to find backing at the moment.

    They are not sure of the reason K helps but it has been speculated that it has something to do with the breakdown and rebuilding of the ego while under the effect. I believe it was Ketamine (affectionatly known to its London users as donkey dust) that not only broke my tobbacco addiction but also broke my K addiction (weird but true)

    BTW you know when your in a serious way with ketamine when either;

    a) you start to say sentances but dont finish them or;

    b) after comming back from a k-hole your friends tell you you were running round acting like a troll.

    if your suffering from either of these effects then that is the start of some serious problems for you.Edited by: Grautr
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    Jul 4, 2008
    Really informative post, thank u :)
    Funny what u say bout the k putting an end to ur addiction, the amount of times ive thrown away my gear while ive been off my face in some moment of enlightenment lol. Had to lock myself in the house in the end, still fighting it now though, its a proper sod to kick, an ive had ALOT of different addictions, from slot machines, to excersise, music, downers, uppers u name it. This is def the hardest of them all, i think because for once im not just swapping addictions, tho I just got a new lady in my life so we'll see. It taught me alot about myself and the world we live in k, def had its positive apects but in the end it made me a recluse, a social lepper in effect. Screwed my skin and bladder up, and really frightened my mum when I claimed to be the son of god lol, good ridence i reckon, still craving like a bitch mind, will prolly relapse at some point, really hope not this time though.
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    Jun 12, 2010
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    This is interesting what you say but not swims story. Ketamine took swims soul, mind and ravaged swims body.
    Left swim all alone isolated with no money, no dignity, no friends or family by the end. No one wanted to know swim anymore because of swims addiction to K.
    It caused kidney stones, permanent liver damage, countless ambulance and hospital visits, chroniic cystitus, loss of smell and taste, repiratory attacks and schizophrenia by the end. I was totally obsessed with K. And even when swim wanted to stop couldn't.
    I am now 7 months clean and it took a year of relapse and 2 treatment centres and therapists which did not help before swim found the solution..
    I could only get clean by joining a 12 step program of recovery & fellowship.
    I had to come to the realisation that 1 was too many and 1000 never enough. That I would die in the persuit, there would never be enough.
    I had to stop seeing all using friends and found amazing friendship in 12 step fellowship and with a sponsor.
    My obsession left by praying to a higher power to help.
    Ketamine is a rapidly progressive psychologically addictive drug that ruins lives.
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    Feb 28, 2011
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    Informative. i am curious as to how long I had been using k and in what capacity(quantity)


    whyKwhynot?.... added 14 Minutes and 45 Seconds later...

    AFOAF has struggled with k addiction for the past 4 years , for a good 2 years probably used an ounce a weekif you do the math thats a real nice down payment on that house i have yet to but... to where it caused very bad bladder control issues where AFOAF was at the point of doing it just to kill pain of urination then AFOAF smartened up and quit (not that easy as the psych addiction was immense but in order to save AFOAF's body it had to be done AFOAF was clean for 2 months saw the gp and got tramacet for the pain along with advil(pain and anti inflammatory) it turns out that an inflamed/infected prostate was the root cause of bladder issues also it was a little bit of bladdr problems from the k but not nearly the depth of people needing bladder surgery that you hear cases of there use must have been off the charts!(not the case in all people AFOAF was lucky cause after 2 months of no k use bladder is back to 75-80 % full function, incraesing capacity and control every day!! thank the man upstairs:)... ) so all in all k is only a psych addiction its all in your brain so AFOAF found mister will power and now treats AFOAF once a week with the best of the best and it is much better that way now AFOAF leaves this planet for good every weekend rather than eveyday he does nothing as that is what chronic daily use has to offer...thats it during he rest of the week if AFOAF is bored with reality breaks out the captain or some sweet sweet star to smoke:)) so AFOAF hopes this helps anyone and everyone.... also to add its not worth fuckn up your system and one of the reasons that AFOAF healed well is AFOAF is in early twenties , the older you get the less your body's healing abilities are...


    I hope this helps all of you!

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