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Discussion in 'Ketamine' started by ksisters, Feb 10, 2007.

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    Feb 10, 2007
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    we are gona be cooking up sum ket for the first time today and there are a few things we need to find out!

    seein as my mum is goin to be in the house - how bad is this gunna smell?

    what is the best way to cook it? been told so many different things, cooking on a plate over a pan of boiling water seems to be the best choice so far.

    how long do we need to cook it for? we dont wana burn it and end up with an entierly wasted batch.

    how can we cook it so it is as potent as possible

    fanx =D
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    Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh! What was SWiY doing for the 5 minutes that The Rules were on SWiY screen prior to coming on here?

    From The Rules

    Not reading, understanding, & following The Rules will bring negative feedback, warnings & potentially banning from the site. Sorry for coming down hard, but this is important. Please also have a look through the Forum rules, news and how to get started.

    As for the question, cooking it is unnecessary. If SWiY has somewhere out of the way & warmish, it can be left to dry out naturally on a plate or bowl with no loss of potency. Might take a bit longer, but no chance of 'over-cooking', or getting busted in the kitchen by Mum ( how old is SWiY by the way?). If SWiY is hell-bent on this method, a low heat is best, simmering the water rather than boiling. Doing this with parents in the house is not recommended btw!
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    Feb 27, 2006
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    Boiling down ketamine doesn't cause any strong smells, one would only smell it when one is hanging with it's nose above the solution.
    The best way to boil it down is by putting it in a pan on a hotplate, or in a small pan, placed in a larger pan filled halfway with water(water bath)
    You has to cook it untill crystals appear, the time this will take depends on how much solution You has to boil off, but probaply an hour.
    As long as the solution isn't heated too much it won't loose any potency, just don't let the temperature of the solution get much above 100 degrees C.
    For more info on boiling down some ketamine solution, have a look at my pictorial on the second page of this thread.