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    The computer is suggesting me to take a few moments and share an experience. I've had little to contribute to this site for some months, maybe this might work to redeem myself... The following is a text a guy asked me to put here for the K community, I had nothing to do with his experiments, just a poster:

    "Like some other members on this particular sub-forum, Ketamine has always been my #1 drug, I always knew I'd love it before I even tried it and when I did; I can proudly say it was one of the most meaningful experiences in my life. Unfortunately, over time things aren't just the same and now that I have access to a large supply of K (how much I waited for it...) I can no longer get the same results I got the very first times. I guess it's just like everything else in life, the magic just disappears. All my experiences except one before I got this badge of K had been by the IM route, I did IV once with 45 mgs of a racemic badge of K, I didn't enter the Hole, I was just left wandering around it's event horizon, interesting but nonetheless frustrating...

    Before I go to the trip report itself, I will take a paragraph to talk about Ketamine IV as it has been asked over and over on this site and only one experienced user has given satisfying accounts on the experience and how it differs from IM and other routes of administration. First of all, I was never knocked out before I could pull the syryinge out of my vein, but the impact is still very brutal: I can feel how the blood fills my lungs and a "mint-fresh" feeling begins revolve around them, then you begin feeling the typical dissociative anaesthetic feeling on your body and the next second you're on the Hole. Only that you're not. It comes so quickly you dont have much time to realize what's going on, and it also goes so quickly that there's little to none of the experience you can take with you to the other side. You're just a viewer, thoughts flow so quickly, it's exactly like an IM hole but much more rougher and quicker. As an experienced Ketamine user I would say ketamine IV is a waste of time, the only advantage being that it takes half the quantity you need for an IM injection, but in the end it doesn't pay as you can't recall almost nothing of your journey and after 15 minutes you're left in something that Beltane has described quite good, I can't recall his words so I'll use mine: 40 minutes of "event horizon limbo" that in the end it gets just annoying, because your mind is racing so fast but at the same time is void and impaired of any cognition. You're just not there, and the worst thing is that 2 times I've been in the situation that I look into my arm to see if I indeed injected the substance, sometimes I'd look for minutes for a non-existant lump. But well, I guess Im taking too much, if you want more information on Ketamine IV alone I will post more but this isn't about it, besides, Beltane's accounts are eloquent enough to give you a precise idea on how it goes.

    So well, I read Beltane's suggestion of experimenting with both Ketamine IV and IM, to see if there was anything worthy that could be missing from doing these methods alone (like the space limbo of IV K). I had also been thinking of something like that, as I realized (very frustratingly) that IV Ketamine was taking me nowhere. I decided to do it as follows:

    Shoot 100 mgs of (a racemic and S-isomer mixture) Ketamine IM (I normally do 100 but sometimes when I dont get to where I wanna go I'll do up to 150) inmediatly followed by a 50 mgs IV shot (a standard IV K dose). Administration was succesfull and the account goes as this:

    'After shooting the last dose into my vein, I turned the lights off, was able to put on my headphones and began my journey. As usual with endovenous Ketamine, the first hit was not even noticeable because of its tremendous power; paradoxical, but in the end you realize that's what it was made for: to knock you off. Thoughts began to race faster and faster, my room was usual was no longer my room but some kind of core where all human circumstances and existence was kept, I could feel I could be literally anybody on this planet, understand anybody on this planet and follow their "path" from the time they were born to where they are on this point, as the usual conception of time was meaningless. Different spaces from where I had been in the last months (had been travelling) and well, all my life were constantly merging and I could follow different routes and different people and see what was going on. This was just the beginning and the most meaningless of the things I experienced, the rest is either lost forever in some memory cluster or it's just impossible to put into words. Besides, english is not my first language. But I'll tell you this, even though this wasn't as near as life-changing as my first experience(s) with K where; it was nonetheless very, very profound, something my last joruney had been lacking. It helped me to put all I had been going thru on my mind for the last months in order, something like helping me arrange the cosmovision of the week. A very deep and intense feeling of unity with everything human was felt, and during the "trip" every course and every action was so obvious, understandable. It was like living in a mystic version of that game, 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, for Playstation 5; I was everywhere and nowhere, and could take any direction to get me somewhere else where something human was happening. Death was a prevalent thought, but not the far of dying but rather death itself, and the everlasting game between death and life (and all dualities for that matter, ying-yang shit that turns out to be unity) and how we're all little particles adding on this great stream, this great sewer of human existence; pushing and working towards a goal we don't understand through an eternal game of (co)incidences. The theme of the sewer/acueduct/tunnel is something prevalent in my K trips and I would say that my insights are almost always about the gears and workings of this inmanent and invisible machine of life and death, exchanging forever the way we exchange money: 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Did you ever noticed that Kevin has a "K" like Ketamine??

    As usual with K, besides the mystical feeling and eureka moments, there were no other emotions. I can point out exactly where the peak subsided as my "circle of quantic human unity-ness" was violently getting narrower and narrower, I was getting closer and closer to my body and my room and my circumstances: my life. As I did my last effort to travel through some girl's path (who is apparently a friend of my sister) I was pushed back to myself and was expelled from the Hole. I never watched the clock, only about after an hour maybe but Im not so sure, sorry that I can't be of any help with that.

    As I'm experienced with K I can throw a guess and say that the timing was probably identical to that of an IV Injection, that is to say: from the first 30 seconds to approx. 15 minutes after the shot. The peak probably subsided after those 15 minutes but after that I'm pretty sure I was still in the Hole, only that my "astral capabilites" weren't as strong as before, or like I said, my circle got narrower. This all makes sense with my account of the experience (what I can remember of it) and the standard timing of a K journey by IM and IV. I would say this experience was a success because in the end I was looking for a way to fool the typical post-15 minutes comedown of Intravenous Ketamine, where you are left like a stupid baby wandering the world, with no brains, no feelings and terrible motor skills (how come they use this shit in clubs???). Instead I was softly placed in a Lower Plateau of the Hole, where both experiences could merge easily and was then after an hour able to move, see and go take a piss.

    Of course, taking 150 mgs of Ketamine would not by any chance let you feel sober after an hour, especially by doing it both IV and IM and I actually was left with that limb feeling I talked before for 2 extra hours, only that this time the feeling was not frustrating and I actually got something from the experience to take with my life and think afterwards; I used that time in the limbo to think a little (I always end up mentally stimulating after taking Ketamine) but then got diverted by more shallower things: after an hour and some I was still with severe impairment of the senses, and took advantage of this to watch patterns form with eyes closed, my head lamp wobbling, tiny static dots all over my room... If you're into fireworks, the visual aspect of psychedelics, then I recommend you this as it was so real but so docile at the same time, it was the first time I actually enjoyed watching something come up and then directing it's actions without any effort to make it palpable-real. If I was to do this with a traditional psychedelic my mind would be too screwed up to be playing with it, I would just be annoyed (except maybe for DOC). I woke up the next day (did this around 2:30 am) still feeling a little bit foggy on the head but now it is 17:14 and Im feeling perfectly normal.

    I think I'd do this a couple more times when I feel that I need an extra boost for my journey, because thats what I concluded it served for; but I'd rather stick with the traditional just-IM method as the comeup is smoother and because of that, the experience more enjoyable and practical. I'm sorry if I missed something, maybe Ill edit it later but now I have to go, and regarding the lack of details about the trip, well, all you K users out ther will understand besides, I've never liked so much reading or hearing about other people's mystical/psychedelic/whatever conclusions, thats for the heart and mind (and soul) of each own.'"
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