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    Ok, I bought myself a load of Ketamine before I had ever tried it for the first time, I like my opiates and was shocked with the effects that Ketamine has, yes the stuff I got is pure and this shit is way to strong for me and not the buzz I was looking for.

    Anyone got any ideas how I can convert it to something more useful to me as I do not like the effects of the Ketamine, (my friends disagree and think it is superb) but this is not for me.

    Any suggestions???
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    Sep 23, 2004
    You cannot convert Ketamine into a completely different psychoactive substance. Your best bet would be to sell it to your friends who enjoy it. I love that crazy shit. Haven't done it in years, but man it was an out of body experience. I was floating about 6 inches above my body.
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    Thanks for your reply,

    It's shame I cannot make it into something I would enjoy, some has gone to my friends but when I say I bought a lot I mean I bought a lot!!!