Combinations - Kratom, Cocaine, Cannabis and Alcohol: Experience Report

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    About SWIM: I am a healthy white 24 year old male, 5'10", weighing around 12.5 stone.

    Amount consumed:

    Kratom: 2g "high strength premium" extract (packaging no more exact than that unfortunately).

    Cocaine: 4 lines (very high quality)

    Cannabis: 3 regular spliffs and 2 decent bong hits.

    Alcohol: 2 cans of Fosters lager.

    Set: eagerly anticipating Kratom and cocaine, relaxed.

    Setting: Friday evening with a couple I am fairly friendly with initially and on his own later, at home.

    Previous experiences with Kratom: I have had 5 previous experiences with kratom. The first was with a less potent 6g extract. A tea was made which tasted unimaginably horrible, but produced a lovely high, feeling of well being and, oddly, sexual arousal. The second occasion was with Kratom resin (again a low strength 6g extract). The high wasn't as strong, but the tea tasted better. The third occasion was after a muhroom trip with a friend, again with the powder, which produced negligable effects. The next two occasions were with the 6g powder extract, mixed with orange juice, producing minimal effects at best (a slight change in mood, hardly noticable). So previous experiences were mixed and I was wondering new "high strength" extract.

    Report: -

    19:15: Kratom consumed. Method: extract placed in a cup and mixed with a small quantity of water and orange cordial (approx. 150ml). Mixcture stired well and drunk. Whilst slightly unpleasant due to the sour after taste, no where near as bad as the foul tasting kratom tea SWIM made with a less strong 6g extract.

    19:30: I am feeling a slight tingling sensation, feels pleasant, know that he is going to feel the effects unlike previous experiences with lower strength extracts. I am feeling slightly nervous about the fact he is beginning to feel the effects, because he has to do a short trip in the car and would rather do that sooner rather than later (I was waiting for someone else). That someone else arrives, I do the journey and gets back home before the effects kick in, luckily.

    20:00: I go round to couple's house, knowing that they will have plenty of drugs as they are going out later to a big rave (I have been out far too much recently and fancied just chilling this weekend). I amn't a sponger though, he fully intends to pay for them. I am very pleased to find that the couple have some very in interesting coke indeed. It had a brown tint to it, and was extremely soft and flakely. I say: "what the fuck is this?", to which Mr X repliesd "this is pure coke". I was skeptical, but tried a very small line, which hit him immediately and felt very nice indeed. It was as if I had done a much larger line of regular coke. It felt different too: it seemed to be a cleaner high and I couldn't feel it go up his nose at all. This stuff is potent. I didn't think it looked like crack.

    20:15: The kratom begins to work its magic. SWIM starts to feel heavier, more relaxed, sociable and a very pleasant feeling of well being sweeps over SWIM. He chats with Mr X as Mrs X gets ready for the party. THe kratom balances out the jittery effect coke usually has on SWIM. He finds he can just sit and chill. He is craving another line like mad though. I find solace in a pint of Fosters and a spliff, which goes down a treat.

    20:30: I find that cravings for coke are INTENSE (more intense than he has experienced before - all he can think about is having another line). He persuades Mr X to give him another line. Goes done very nicely indeed. The feeling of well being is gradually turning into a nice grinning high. I feel totally content and satisfied. Conversation flows very nicely. Can really feel the effects of the kratom. It has lovely relaxing quality to it. It gives SWIM a pleasant head fog and I feel like someone has wrapped a warm blanket around him. Any anxiety I had previously has gone.

    21:00 I have another beer and another spliff, still very much feeling the effects. At a peak now. I find that weed is much better when under the influence of Kratom. The "high" seems a lot more defined and there is no paranoia at all. The combination of kratom and weed to produce its own distinct high. I have found this before on several occasions (on the occasions when the lower strength extracts had an effect) and concludes that the synergy between weed and kratom is fantastic; one of the best combinations out there. Erowid reports suggest the same.

    21:15: I have another two lines, which really make SWIM feel like he is on top of the world, but the kratom ensures that I am not bouncing off the walls. It is a strange combination, but certainly one I am pleased to have experienced. The kratom seems to take away the burst of energy coke gives you initially, but the characteristic coke high is still there along with the clarity and focus. It would seem that two drugs seem to produce a distinct euphoria of their own upon being combined. I felt completely at peace, serene and experienced a feeling of blissful contentment. It wasn't a really intense or overpowering high, but very pleasant. SWIM's mind was very contemplative.

    21:30: The couple leave for the rave and I go back to his place to chill. I feel stimulated and sedated at the same time; a very strange feeling. SWIM craves more coke, but the Kratom comes in soothing waves and eases the craving. Soon SWIM forgets about the coke and has a hit from his bong. He enjoys the fact that the weed hits him without the feelings of anxiety that SWIM often experiences when smoking weed nowadays (especally when by himself, not so much when with friends). SWIM rides the high and stares at the full moon from out of his window.

    21:45: SWIM puts on an old TV programme he used to enjoy as a kid: The Odyssey. I used to enjoy this programme too. SWIM and I have so much in common, it's amazing. It's quite a trippy programme, about a kid who goes into a coma and enters some parallel dimension whilst in his coma state. At the time, it ended in the middle of nowhere, which was really frustrating. Recently we found out that another series was made later and got hold of the torrent. It was really interesting to see how the whole series ended whilst under the influence of mind altering drugs. I was even experiencing very mild visuals (faintly breathing walls) and had entered a dream like state, which was making the story line hard to follow.

    22:30 I had another spliff. He was becoming slightly agitated now, pacing the room, feeling stimulated and sedated at the same time. SWIM's heart was pounding at about 120 - 140 bpm (he counted), though it felt faster than that. Still, the spliff went down nicely.

    23:00 SWIM lay down and tried to go to sleep. Wasn't happening. I get up again, paces about some more and surfs the net. I want to sleep now but can't, so takes one anti-hist sleeping tablet. SWIM starts to think about how bad coke is and starts to feel really guilty. This puts him on a bit of downer. He promises himself he'll never take it again.


    03:30 SWIM still hasn't managed to get to sleep. He lay in a semi dream like state for a while, dosing and thinking but not really sleeping. I was really frustrated by this. He doesn't like not being able to sleep whn he wants to. His heart was still pounding away, although a little slower now. He took another sleeping tablet and read a book until finally dropping off.

    Significantly, I found that from about 23:00 he was going to the toilet for a piss every 20-30 minutes, until he finally dropped off.


    The next day I had to wake up early. Although waking up felt horrible, he didn't feel as bad as he thought he would do subsequently. He had a nice cup of coffee and got about preparing for his friends who were coming to visit that day. He felt a bit groggy for a while, but soon picked up and felt good about himself for tidying, cleaning etc. Didn't feel at all tired throughout the day. Started drinking at around 14:00 and continued through the rest of the day (slowly and steadily, a pint every hour and a half or so, followed by a couple of bottles of wine in the evening). SWIM gave his friends a tour of the town during the day, had a spectacular curry for dinner and watched City of God afterwards, which is one of SWIM's favourite films. All in all the next day was very enjoyable and didn't seem impared by the previous evening. If anything I felt better for having spent some time by himself.
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