Combinations - Kratom + MDMA + 2ce

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    *Swim will first note that not all substances were taken @ once. And Cannabis was present throughout the course of events* - 2 hits of Mdma (75mg each) are consumed. - telltale mdma effects present themselves. - rolling, rollin on the river. - 2 Grams of 15x kratom taken. - Usually at this time I would be feeling full effects of the kratom, but euphoria already present from the mdma is making it hard to tell. I am still getting a definite altering of his mdma buzz from the Kratom.. or he thinks.. maybe? - Mdma effects are almost baseline.. perfect timing for 12mg 2ce. Being swims first time ever taking a 2c-x, he opted for the standard dose... Party commence. - I am visually tripping pretty much the equiv of a hit of decent blotter acid, but not much more. Patterns are nothing special (until focus is put on 1 item.. then it moves / fractals a lil) but an overall psychadelic feel is very present in the form of bodyload. Every time swim closes his eyes he feels like he is actually falling backwards through hyperspace at a million miles per microsecond. Nothing like this has ever been experienced. Then as he opens his eyes really fast the ride stops and a quick fully body orgasm is felt starting from his toes and escaping through his ears.. fun was had with this for the next 2 hours. - Out comes the nitrous bottle with 10 remaining n2o cartridges.

    I could go on in great detail about the happenings from midnight - 2:45 am but will simply say it was spent travelling to the moon and back several times.
    Who needs N.A.S.A when you have N.I.T.R.O.U.S.

    3:00 AM - no signs of any let down of the 2 ce, however all other drugs have effectively played themselves out at this point. 100 mg Dipenhydramine is ingested to help curb the signs of nausea comin forth.

    *I do not remember the exact moment, but between 3:30 am and 5 am he fell alseep and awoke at 8:38 am, and was flabergasted to realize he was still feeling very noticeable 2-ce effects. More weed and a cig was had, which noticeably bumped up the feelings even more.

    After this swim drifted in / out of sleep till roughly 2 in the afternoon. He noticed the 2 ce had worn off fully by noon though. The psychoactive effects lasted roughly 10 hours but he should also note that afterwards 2 - 6 hours was spent on / off the toilet, mostly on, with some of the most intense gas/bloating/diahhrea he has ever had.

    Overall a very positive experience. The gastro-intestinal after effects would be the only factor stopping swim from taking future doses of 2-ce.

    *and as always, You should do some homework before attempting such combinations, and take the necessary precautions before hand just in case a fallout were to occur*
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